Become a Homegrown Brand Ambassador and Earn Free Seeds!

September 18, 2020

Turn your followers into seeds!

If you’re looking for weed seeds and the opportunity to represent one of your favorite brands, then complete missions on our ambassador app to redeem gift card points up to the value of $200! And better still, it could not be easier, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up using our Homegrown Ambassador app
  2. Complete missions to redeem gift card credit
  3. Use your gift card credit to purchase seeds from us
  4. Start growing!

Every time you complete a mission, you will receive a discount code drop in the app and see gift card credit added to your account!

We already have some great missions that will be easy to complete, Here is an example of some of the current missions:

  • Invite a Friend – $10 Gift Card – It’s as simple as clicking a button and it earns you $10, why would you not do it? Seriously, by inviting one friend to sign up for the app you will earn yourself a gift card, this is probably the easiest $10 you’ll ever make!
  • Leave us a Review – $5 Gift Card – Head over to Homegrown Cannabis Co. and find the page of any product you have purchased from us, leave a review of the Homegrown Cannabis Co. product telling us why you love it! Make sure you remember to take a screenshot of your review, after you’ve done that, head back to the app and upload your screenshot.
  • Send us a photo of your Plant – $5 Gift Card – This one is pretty simple, take a photograph of your amazing plant(s), ideally against a white background, upload the image in the app and claim your $5 prize.
  • Share our Instagram Page on your Story – $1 Gift Card per 100 Views – Screenshot our page on Instagram and post it to your story alongside a caption encouraging your followers to check out the page, make sure you tag @homegrownworld – take a screenshot of the story and upload and then take another screenshot after 24 hours and upload that. Doing both of these will earn you $1 for every 100 views on your story!
  • Share our YouTube Video to your Story – $1 Gift Card per 100 Views – We upload content to the Homegrown Cannabis Co. YouTube account regularly, and we love all our latest content, if you think your followers might love this too then why not share it on your Instagram story? Upload the video by copying and pasting the link and sharing to your story, take a screenshot of the story and upload and then take another screenshot after 24 hours and upload that. Uploading both screenshots will bag you $1 for every 100 views on your story!

By using our ambassador app, Homegrown customers can get involved with our brand and help spread the message! The app will be updated with new missions on a regular basis, meaning that there is basically no end to the number of free seeds you can get!

(** Please note – this is not related to our Homegrown Stash loyalty scheme. Gift card credit rewarded from these activities have no impact on your stash loyalty membership.)

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