Homegrown Cannabis Community: people like us doing things we love.

Homegrown community
June 03, 2021

We were lucky enough to catch up with two prominent members of the Homegrown Community, Bryant and John. They kindly gave up their time to talk to us about their experiences with the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

We grilled them on all sorts of things including their favorite grows and their love of cannabis. We also got some juicy tips on how to improve as a grower.

This is people like us doing things we love. It’s what the cannabis community is all about.

Introducing… John and Bryant.

John and Bryant have been Homegrown customers for many years, growing dozens of plants, pound after pound of amazing, Homegrown weed. They understand the power of community better than most, and are always keen to share what they know with less experienced growers.

As Bryant explained, never be negative to a fellow medicinal user or cultivator. Help and embrace others with good practices. Have an appreciation for the plant and for the people that have fought for cannabis to come this far.

Cannabis seedling

This sentiment isn’t lost on John, who has a deep, personal connection to the herb.

John: I’ve not had many lows in my growing career except for the outrageous laws demonizing cannabis, but, being an understudy of my uncle who grew all his life, growing has always come natural to me. He passed away when I was 18 years old and this was probably my biggest low, but I continued his legacy with all he has taught me. Over the years, progression in cannabis has increased so much for the benefit of a home grower. 

While they’ve both achieved great things with Homegrown seeds, Bryant in particular had a LOT going on in the tent.

Bryant: I’m currently growing Gelato Feminized, White Widow Feminized, Blueberry Auto, Black Jack Auto, Kyles Cherry AK, and LSD Feminized all from Homegrown Cannabis Co. I also have Steve’s Alien OG, Kyle’s Sweet Island and Amnesia Purple waiting to be grown next, after my current grow has finished.

John: The Purps Mix Pack is an absolute beast of a buy, not to mention the Gelato and Bubba’s Gift I am currently growing. Each cultivar is full of flavor and very potent. If I were to pick a favorite, it would have to be Purple Kush. The Purple Kush smells of true grapes and tastes as it smells.

Bryant: My all time favorite strain would have to be Blue Dream. It’s a classic strain that’s pretty hassle-free to grow; perfect for novices AND connoisseurs.

John: The first ever strain I grew was GDP. Granddaddy Purple has always intrigued me with its nice heavy indica high, wonderful scent profile and the beautiful colors she can produce during flower.

I’ve been growing cannabis steadily for 18 years. I have dabbled in outdoor and indoor grows. Each one has their pros and cons but for me and my needs I prefer indoors. I have more control over the environment, height of the cultivar and the biggest benefit in my opinion is pest control.

Pests can make or break a grower, especially an all-organic grower, I’ve been fortunate enough to have only dealt with Gnats a few times, which was a lot easier to handle than some pests, but can be a pain if you have seedlings.

veg cannabis in pots

Bryant: I grow indoors with coco coir and rockwool. The first strain I ever grew was Red Poison Auto. It was a delight to grow and extremely purple. The highlights of being a grower so far have been the people I have met and learned from, I really can’t thank them enough. So, with that in mind, thank you Derek and Mike!

If there’s one thing we’re super-proud of at Homegrown, it’s the help and partnerships we’ve forged with key industry figures and educators.

John: There are two people I’d absolutely love to smoke with, just to see how they’d interact. That would be Kyle Kushman and Willie Nelson. I truly believe that would be a great smoke session!

Bryant: My Fav Cannabis Celebrity,  well there’s a few, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong,  Swami Chaitanya, Kyle Kushman, and my good friend and mentor Kronic (@thecannabiskronicles).

While Kyle was visibly delighted to read these comments, they highlight something we are really busting a gut to achieve. We want beginners to become teachers, students to become masters. We want growers to learn from all our free articles and videos, to practice the art of growing and to share what they’ve learned with others. Using platforms like the Homegrown Community Forum and Homegrown Diaries.

John: I do have some hints and tips for beginners. I’m a very strong believer in Kushman Chiropractics, I also like to low-stress train, and to supercrop. I believe growers who have not tried these techniques could double their yield easily. 

Vegetative cannabis

This last one is not for everyone but I also religiously lollipop before flipping to flower. I only leave the top 3 nodes on each branch. In my experience, I’ve found that the plant concentrates more of its energy on its colas rather than concentrating on lower branches equaling popcorn Nugs.

Bryant: You have to learn and take the time to advance in your journey to grow better.  Keep an open mind and grow with love for the medicine and the culture of cannabis.

And what do these guys love about Homegrown?

John: The awesome Homegrown genetics. I have grown 5 strains from Homegrown and my germination success has been phenomenal with every one germinating 100% successfully. 

Bryant: My Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed germination success rate is 90%  With 45 out of 50 germinating into healthy plants. 100% of the seeds that haven’t germinated have been replaced by Homegrown. 

I love that Homegrown back their seeds and offer replacements in the event of any defects. One thing I possibly regret about my life as a cannabis grower so far is not learning more about horticulture faster.

Nothing makes us happier than hearing our customers talk about their love of weed, their passion for growing and their positive experience with Homegrown seeds. On that note, we’re going to leave the last word to one of our favorite customers…

John: My Biggest advice to a new grower is good genetics is more than half the battle. If you start with a good cultivar you’re already on the road to success.


Start your next grow with friends by starting a journal at Homegrown Diaries. Feedback, friendship and FUN!