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How To Become A Cannabis Master Grower: Everything You Need To Start

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Did you know that learning how to become a master grower and earning cannabis certifications is now attainable in American universities? Master growers are in high demand, especially with the United States marijuana industry sales to exceed $30 billion by the end of 2022.

Are you new in the industry and ready to discover how to become a weed grower? Let’s dig deeper into this career path and how you can get your hands dirty.

What is a master grower?

Master growers are individuals responsible for cannabis crop cultivation and growing facility management. They work with a team of agronomists, botanists, and horticulture specialists to develop and manage new crops.

With in-depth plant production knowledge, they can identify and proffer solutions to cannabis leaf problems. Their skills and knowledge of plant research, development, and growing cycles allow them to run commercial marijuana operations.

Kyle Kushman and Parker Harvesting Cannabis Outdoors
Kyle Kushman and Parker Woking on Cannabis Outdoors

Duties of a master grower

Are you a new cultivator seeking to become a grow master but don’t know the duties involved? We’ve compiled a list of responsibilities:

  • Providing adequate cannabis crop maintenance, including watering, fertilizing, germinating, transplanting, and harvesting crops.
  • Developing irrigation systems implementation and design.
  • They manage the cannabis farm’s daily operations, including HVAC systems and equipment.
  • Monitoring plant development to identify and solve growth problems such as mold and mildew.
  • Become a grower to identify the industry’s emerging trends with proper market research.
  • Breeding marijuana cultivars based on the farm’s specifications.
  • Creating a growth plan and providing technical support to farm workers.
  • Training farm employees on plant maintenance and cultivation techniques.
  • Ensuring the farm does not violate the state marijuana policies and procedures.

How to become a master grower: required education, experience & skills

The primary education required to become a marijuana grower is a master’s or bachelor’s degree. The individual may require a certificate in plant physiology, agriculture, biology, botany, or horticulture.

A degree is vital but not the only required education to become a weed grower. Employers also emphasize traceable crop cultivation experience.

Ready to learn how to be a weed grower for medical or recreational purposes but don’t know the required skills? Below are a few:

Watering skills

Knowing how to water cannabis is a skill for every grower as it determines your plant’s success. With this knowledge, you can properly water plants to promote healthy growth.

Harvesting and processing

Harvesting and processing are vital when becoming a master grower as they involve extracting cannabinoids and storing the products.

Derek LaRose Harvesting Cannabis
Derek and autoflower plant after harvest

Problem-solving skills

Pest and disease control is a crucial skill for cultivators in the marijuana industry to prevent issues before they occur.

Regulatory compliance

Following state and federal laws and regulations guiding marijuana cultivation is essential weed-growing expertise.

Technical soil skills

This weed growing skill is for anyone learning how to become a cannabis grower to kickstart a career. With technical soil expertise, growers create the best soil texture and composition for plant growth.

Nutrient management skills

Understanding the nutrients required for each stage of a crop’s life cycle is crucial when growing weed. With this skill, you can determine the proper nutrients for the cannabis growing stages.

Environmental control

When learning how to become a master cannabis grower, environmental control is a significant experience to gain. Controlling the environment means maintaining consistent airflow, humidity, and temperature in the grow room.

How to get experience in cannabis growing

The ideal way to gain experience in cannabis growing is to purchase and grow the seeds. Are you considering where to buy quality seeds or how to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. not only has a vast selection of the highest quality seeds around, but we also provide valuable growing insights. 

Kyle Kushman with Marijuana seed
Kyle Kushman with Marijuana seed

Before you learn how to become a legal grower, the first thing to consider is the legality of cannabis in your state. The next step is to obtain the required paperwork.

Applying for a cultivation license

States and local agencies may demand documents detailing your cultivation project before issuing a permit. After documentation, some municipalities require you to become a legal weed grower by filing paperwork through the agriculture department or local licensing agencies.

Although the requirements differ in many states, most licensing applications require an odor control, security, and operations plan. Growers may provide adequate cultivation facilities with land use and business permits to obtain local and state approval to grow weed.

Getting a cannabis grower’s license in your state

Whether cultivating weed indoors or outdoors, get a grower’s permit in your state with the following procedures:

  • Visit your state’s agriculture department and local licensing agencies’ website for requirements before filing your application.
  • Learn your state regulations for cultivating cannabis.
  • Gather necessary documents and application information for filing.
  • Visit your state licensing agencies or the agriculture department for your application.
  • Fill in the required fields and provide the necessary documents to complete your application.
  • Make the application fee payment and submit it.
  • Provide answers to emails from the licensing team promptly.
  • After your grower’s approval, pay the licensing fee.
  • Get your license.

Get a job as a grower in a local weed-growing company

As marijuana cultivation popularity grows, the master grower’s job becomes more available. Although formal cultivation education and knowing how to buy weed seeds are crucial for growers, a license improves your credibility.

After getting your permit, apply for jobs in local weed-growing companies. You may start as an assistant grower or bud trimmer.

It’s best to gain experience from lead growers regardless of job type. Consider engaging experienced cultivators to hear their thoughts about becoming a master weed grower.

Trimming Marijuana Bud

Wrapping up

After learning the skills and education required from master growers, it’s time to kickstart your career. A beginner can become a cultivation master with education and practical experience.

Are you a new cultivator ready to unlock the secrets of successfully growing weed indoors or outdoors? Learn about the best marijuana growing techniques from our in-house experts at Homegrown Cannabis Co. The more you read, the better equipped you become to master your craft.

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