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Exploring The 7 Stages Of Being High On Weed

February 22, 2022

If we were to describe them in a few words, the stages of being high are wild, boisterous, unexpected, and ambivalent. It's time to go on a ride. While here, you'll land in places of pure bliss, the likes of the Utopia you only hear in tales and songs. 

Let your body feel relaxed and euphoric. Allow your mind to wander and lose track of time. You see things differently. The colors seem brighter. Sounds are louder. Everything appears more beautiful.

THC affects your perception of reality. By increasing your sense of empathy, you become more compassionate. You also experience less anxiety, depression, stress, and paranoia. 

Take a few moments and feel yourself floating through the clouds on a summer afternoon. Watch yourself think clearly and make decisions without hesitation. You feel free from all worries.

As the stages of highness get bumpier, a sense of dread snuffs your joy; this is only momentary and minor to all the glorious feelings. Soon enough, you grow tired yet happy about what your body just underwent.

What do you think? Are these the kind of sensations you’d like to experience? Well, you’re in luck!

Dive in for a comprehensive walkthrough about what you encounter, physically and emotionally, as you savor your weed in whatever form you fancy.

Smoking weed with friends
Smoking weed with friends

What does high feel like?

What is being high? When stoned, it feels like you're in another world. You can see and hear things clearly, even though everything around you is slowing down. Your mind becomes more focused, and you begin to think about things you wouldn't normally think about. 

You find yourself pondering about something that happened months ago or something that you read in a book years before. While high, your thoughts don't often relate to anything happening around you.

As you become more familiar with marijuana, you'll learn what effects each type of cannabis has on you. Some strains make you feel mellow and happy. Others make you feel energetic and talkative, and some make you want to go out and party. 

Couch-lock weed momentarily steals your will, giving your body time to rest and forget everyday troubles. When you know what effect you prefer, you can choose a strain that gives you that particular sensation.

Depending on the amount you take, the length of time you do so, and the potency, you can expect to feel the effects of marijuana for anywhere from 1-24 hours. After that, your body clears everything from your system.

How do I know if I'm high?

You can tell whether or not you are getting high by how you feel and looking at your body. Picture the stoner stereotypes. Does that match what you’re feeling and doing? When you're sober, you probably won't look any different than anyone else. 

When you smoke, your eyes usually turn redder and appear dry. Other signs include cottonmouth, increased heart rate, and sweating.

It takes seconds for THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) to reach your bloodstream after you ingest it. Once there, the drug begins to affect your brain and nervous system. Depending on your tolerance level, you may feel the effects within 5-15 minutes or even later.

Here are key indicators that you are high:

  • Losing focus while chatting: You can't keep up with your pals talking about the latest match. The makeup line or series you were raving about in the morning isn't important at this point. You lose concentration while talking because your attention span is short. This happens because of distractions from other things in your head.
  • Intense appetite: Eating more than usual is an indicator of getting high. You generally eat faster too.
  • Losing motivation and energy: Sometimes, you don't want to play or work. You only wish to relax and revel at the moment.
  • Intense happiness and uncontrolled laughter: Your mood becomes happier and less controlled. You laugh at the tiniest of things.
  • Paranoia: You start thinking about things that aren't real. You think that you’re under someone's scrutiny. You may be more anxious than usual.

What are the stages of being high on weed?

It's possible to get high quickly, but it is also possible to get high slowly for hours. The effects of marijuana vary widely among people. Some people take longer to feel the effects than others.

If you’re just starting, try taking smaller amounts of marijuana until you figure out how fast you feel the effects. Then gradually increase your intake.

Here are the seven stages of being high.

Smoking weed
Smoking weed

Stage 1: Easing into the high

The fix is now circulating, and it's your turn. If observing weed etiquette, you should be ready to toke without worries. 

The onset of the levels of weed high kicks in after a few puffs. You struggle not to cough the crap out of your lungs. Your eyes are watery while your lungs are razing, disappearing into the shreds of your existence. 

Don't worry too much about these symptoms. They are only temporary, lasting too short ever to discredit the supernova you are about to experience.

The very first time you get backed up, you'll likely experience a few different sensations all at once. You feel like an electric shock is coursing through your body. 

If you are new to smoking weed, this could be the point where you start to notice how much better you feel when you toke than when you don't. How long this feeling lasts depends on your tolerance level and what strain you smoked.

Getting high usually kicks in after you inhale the smoke and begins within minutes. When it does, it knocks your mind for a good second, slamming down like the hammer of Thor. As soon as you begin to feel the effects, you should expect them to last for hours.

In the beginning, you notice that you are happy, relaxed, and mellow. Your mood is at its best, and you feel great about yourself and everything around you.

Stage 2: Euphoria

Euphoria is the second stage of being high on weed, which usually begins within minutes of ingesting THC. 

At this point, you feel happy and excited. You feel great. A broad smile or uncontrollable laugh is only a heartbeat away. You have a lot of energy and feel light-headed and giddy.

You feel like dancing. Singing along to your moves with occasional laughter or happy crying is a possible occurrence. You feel like hugging everyone you meet, and a sense of invincibility sets in. You want to jump off a cliff, fly into the skies, or float on the sea. 

At this moment, you can do anything. Your high is driving you in all kinds of ecstatic moods.

Stage 3: Deep thinking

Contemplation comes third amongst the stages of getting high. You find yourself thinking deeply about life, love, and everything that matters. This is when you begin to ponder what you want to achieve in life and how you can go about making it happen. 

About now, you become introspective and think about who you want to be. You come up with ideas and plans, and you see them through to fruition.

You can use this state of mind to your advantage. By becoming aware of your thoughts, you can control them and direct them towards positive outcomes. Some people say that they found their purpose in life during this stage.

Stage 4: Slight Paranoia

After some time passes, you notice that you're starting to feel anxious. Paranoia is the uncomfortable one of the stages of a high. 

You may start thinking about things that could go wrong in your life or that something bad is going to happen. Your mind starts racing, and you find yourself obsessing over every little detail. You may feel unsure what'll happen next.

You see someone staring at you and wonder if they're going to steal your stash. When you hear footsteps behind you, you jump and wonder who it was. You worry that law enforcement is nearby.

Don’t worry! This is all in your mind. None of it is real, and it passes almost as quickly as it arrives.

Stage 5: Did I Eat?

Ravenous hunger is the weirdest amongst the phases of being high. You realize that you haven't eaten since breakfast, and food comes galloping into your thoughts. You start craving junk food. From pizza to burgers, ice cream, chips, and chicken, you’re ready to scoff down anything in your way.

Some revive their taste for sweet things. You order your favorite brown cookies, candy, and a chocolate cake. You’re so hungry; it's almost like you didn't eat the entire week.

For people who generally struggle to eat enough, this stage is an extremely welcome one.

Marijuana munchies
Marijuana munchies

Stage 6: Rewind Please

After eating, you start feeling relaxed, and the effects begin disappearing. There's nothing wrong with another smoke. 

Why not roll some more joints or grab more laced cookies, relax, and recapture the previous phases? Maybe several repeats are perfect for your total enjoyment. While at it, learn things, revamp your home, among other things to do while high.

This stage encompasses all the above feelings, but you notice some differences. Your body starts feeling heavy and sluggish, then reverts to your energetic, bubbly self. It's almost like you were running a marathon. You feel tired but energized. 

Stage 7: Satiation

Well, this is the final stop amongst the levels of being high. It's the point at which you feel satisfied and happy. You feel like you’ve had enough, and you’re ready to go home.

That's why we say that getting high is seventh heaven. Because once you reach this level of satisfaction, you know that you experienced everything that you could ever need from cannabis.

If you take too much, you feel sleepy. You get heavy eyelids, slurred speech, and sluggish body movements. You might find yourself nodding off during conversation or when you try to focus on something. Your mind starts wandering and shutting off, and you can't seem to concentrate. 

Give in and have that restful sleep. A peaceful nap is a perfect way to end things and prepare your body for tomorrow's chores.

Frequently asked questions about getting high

How high can you get on weed?

There are different levels of high weed provides. The high depends on several factors, so every "too high" experience is unique. Some feel super exhausted, while others are extra energized beyond control

Cannabis affects people differently. Some individuals are extremely sensitive to weed's effects, while others aren't.

Your reaction to marijuana and how high you can get depends on:

  • Dosing, potency, and variant
  • Ways of smoking weed, vaping or eating
  • Your gender, age, and genetics
  • If you mix cannabis with alcohol and other drugs

If you trip on weed, consider yourself lucky. It's not simple and doesn't occur often. Physical and mental energy skyrockets, causing some people to have manic behavior.

How to get out of being high?

There are multiple ways to get out of being high, beginning with taking in CBD. Surprising, right? You can also relax, drink something, eat black pepper, or grab a lemon. Some pine nuts while patting your pet do the trick too. Try shifting your focus or talking to a friend.

If these aren't helping, walk half a mile and back. Doing that allows you to distract your mind, improve your mood, and cut the excess energy driving you wild. When done, get a quiet room to chill while embracing breathing exercises. Have some music you know by heart and sing-along to it to keep you focused on the present moment.

It seems ironic to get out of your high by using CBD. CBD counters the effects of THC, which is what causes your high. Since you can lower the high by drinking something, it may be an excellent time to fix yourself some CBD tea. Avoid alcoholic drinks.

How long do you stay high when you're high?

You can stay high on weed for as little as an hour to an entire day. The biggest determinant of your high's duration is your method of consumption. Vaping and smoking last about 1-3 hours though the high sometimes linger for eight hours. Eating and dabbing can last up to 24 hours.

The amount of THC in the plant also determines how quickly you experience its psychoactive effects. If you consume a strain with a low concentration of THC, you may find that it takes longer to feel the effects.

How long you take the weed also impacts the duration of the different stages of being high. You stay stoned for a longer period if you take small doses over a long conversation than someone who takes everything at once.

Another factor is your body's ability to metabolize it. Some people are naturally fast metabolizers, which means their bodies break down cannabinoids faster than others. 

On the flip side, some people are slow metabolizers, meaning they process cannabinoids slower than most people. It's important to note that genetics play an important role in determining whether or not you are a fast or slow metabolizer.

The third factor that affects the length of the stages of being high is the frequency with which you use it. If you smoke every day, you tend to feel the effects of the drug for a shorter period. 

Someone whose only exposure to weed comes from occasional binges is likely to get their stash to work just as they want it. Try out new types of weed. Focus on finding out what works best for you. Try different combinations of strains to see what kind of results you get.

Can you feel weird after a benign high?

You can't feel weird after a benign high. A good buzz relaxes you. Intense flavors and brighter colors are the norms. You can focus and get the motivation you need. 

A slight high prepares you to tackle the boring troublesome tasks that would otherwise bother you when sober. On the bright side, you won’t experience the troubles of the stages of high intoxication.

Lighting marijuana joint
Lighting marijuana joint

The ride is awesome; whatever route you use

You may have more highlights or skip a couple of stages of weed high, but you’re still enjoying yourself. You know exactly what you’re doing and how to keep going. 

After consuming marijuana, you’re aware of everything around you. You can see things clearly, sounds and smells are enhanced. Everything seems crystal clear. You’re happy, peaceful, and content. You feel like you could live happily ever after.

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About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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