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The Lowdown On Sun Rocks Vs. Moon Rocks

sunrock vs moonrock

Sun rocks and moon rocks may sound like a galactic playoff game, but the truth is much more down-to-earth. Many regular cannabis users might already know about lunar pebbles and their epic THC values, but solar ones are the latest addition.

These new rocks on the block are known as highly potent cannabis infusions. Read on to learn more about these shining stars and what thelatest additions to the marijuana marketcan do for you.

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What are sun rocks?

Most knowledgeable cannabis connoisseurs have heard of moon rocks, but what is a sun rock? This potent solar weed is an update of the lunar version, boasting top-shelf quality and maximized effects

These rocks are the apex of robust cannabis consumption, presenting a product with THC levels reaching a mindblowing 80%. These solar masses combine A-grade marijuana dunked in top-quality cannabis oil, often coated in a thin layer of weed kief

The sticky, extremely potent sun rocks glow like their namesake, contrasting with their moon rock predecessors. The latter looks more like a green, mossy clump. From afar, they seem like regular buds, but close-ups reveal the concentrate covering.


How do I make sun rock weed?

You can make these solar boulders from the bud and concentrated oil of many famous cannabis families. The most popular sun rock weed strain is OG Kush, grown with high THC seeds or feminized marijuana seeds.

If you make one of these rocks, the cannabis flower and the oil should come from this cultivar. Read up on the OG Kush strain information to understand why this mysterious blend is a universal favorite.

Pick out your flowers and concentrate of choice from your local dispensary or your homegrown stash. Most providers use BHO extraction, the most efficient and cost-effective method of separating oil from plant matter.

Lightly cover the nug with the concentrate. A mini-brush works well, although some people dunk it. The resulting gold or amber bud will rock your world.

How do I smoke sun rock weed?

Smoking sun rock weed is slightly more complicated than regular marijuana. Breaking the rock into manageable chunks requires more work than standard buds grown from OG Kush seeds.

Grinders are a no-no as the concentrate clogs it up. Scissors or tweezers get the job done, but it’s messy and a mission. Some use their fingers.

Once you’ve broken your rock into smaller pebbles, you’ll notice the stickiness makes it tricky to use rolling papers. Glass pipes may be easiest, but it’s no cakewalk to light the nugs nor keep them lit. 

Many tokers find it most straightforward to add a dash of the sun rock strain to their joint. It makes smoking easier and smoother and dilutes the incredible potency. To maximize flavor, mix with a similar cannabis cultivar.

Always exercise caution as their strength is otherworldly, and you all know how THC affects the brain and body. On top of being one of the most potent cannabis products, they’re also among the most expensive weed available. 

how to smoke sunrocks

How do sun rocks make you feel?

Sun rocks make you as stoned as you’re ever going to get. THC percentages vary from 50‒80%, meaning they’re celestial and make you incredibly high

Measuring your reaction to concentrate and understanding the effects is prudent. Restrict your intake even if you’re an experienced smoker. Take it slow, as some people are easily overwhelmed by the potency.

The taste is much more intense than with straight concentrated oil, and a single puff of sun rock weed is usually sufficient for most tokers.

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are tightly packed buds covered in cannabis oil and then blanketed in kief. The ingredients can be any strain or combination. While OG quality is the focus of solar stones, moon rocks combine whatever is available.

Moon rocks look like green stones covered in moss; you can’t distinguish the weed encased within. Combine any strain of bud, concentrated oil, and kief to make a moon rock. Most creators utilize high-THC ingredients.

This blend also has a high THC content reaching over 50%, so only educated smokers should test out these lunar rockets. 


Sun rocks vs. moon rocks

Both are highly potent cannabis products, and even experienced users should take care. Moon rocks came out first, but the solar versions are updated, improved, and classier, with unheard-of THC levels.

Check out our moon rocks vs. sun rocks comparison table below:

Sun rocksMoon rocks
50–80% THCUp to 50% THC
Thin layer of organic kief, sometimes noneThick outer coat of kief
Typically made from OG KushMade from any strain 
All three layers are OG KushAny cultivar combination will do
Core bud visible Core bud hidden under kief
Extra potent and top-shelf qualityStill very potent but lower cannabis quality

These solar rocks are one of the most potent cannabis products available, and rookie users shouldn’t trifle with them. Conversely, if you’re someone who struggles to get pleasing effects from regular consumption, these are just the ticket.

FAQs about sun rocks and moon rocks

While moon rocks have been around for ages; sun rocks are a much newer phenomenon. We answer a few of the most common questions below:

How long do they take to kick in?

Like with most cannabis products, the effects kick in instantaneously. However, it may take some time for the pinnacle of the high to arrive. Give it time, and be careful not to overdo it.

Are there any risks in consuming sun rock or moon rock?

As long as you buy from trusted and trustworthy sources, using sun rocks and moon rocks is safe. If you’re making your own, ensure the ingredients are clean and lab-tested, especially the concentrate.

You may encounter challenges if you get these rocks from a less trustworthy outlet. They’re easy to fake, you only find out when you open them up, so the effects may disappoint.

This weed variant is incredibly potent and may cause some users to feel overwhelmed. Keep some pure CBD oil handy to negate the effects of too much THC.

If you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, source the sun rocks strain from your local dispensary or a reliable online seed bank and enjoy the experience.

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