The 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity

Top 10 cannabis strains for creativity
December 10, 2020

10 best cannabis strains for creativity 

From Lady Gaga to Bob Dylan, from The Beatles to Snoop Dogg, musicians the world over have vocalized their enthusiasm for weed and the creative benefits they have derived from it.

In fact, many musicians have written songs about marijuana, possibly high at the very time they wrote the tunes.  What about Kaya by Marley, Because I Got High by Afroman, Legalize It by Peter Tosh, Cypress Hill’s Hits From The Bong, or even Dooo it! by Miley Cyrus?  These are just the tip of the iceberg.  

One particular song, often interpreted as a love song, is actually an ode to pot.  The Beatles’ Got to get you Into my Life, was written by Paul McCartney and he went to press as saying that the song is actually about cannabis.

Does weed help with creativity?

Perhaps these quotes can answer that question best?

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

– Bob Marley

Marijuana is a useful catalyst for specific optical and aural aesthetic perceptions. I apprehended the structure of certain pieces of jazz and classical music in a new manner, under the influence of marijuana, and these apprehensions have remained valid in years of normal consciousness.

—Allen Ginsberg

Marijuana enhances our mind in a way that enables us to take a different perspective from ‘high up’, to see and evaluate our own lives and the lives of others in a privileged way. Maybe this euphoric and elevating feeling of the ability to step outside the box and to look at life’s patterns from this high perspective, is the inspiration behind the slang term “high” itself.

― Sebastian Marincolo

It’s not just the musicians we listed who have reported and used the creative lift that marijuana can provide.  Picasso was a fan, Carl Sagan, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Brad Pitt, Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, and even William Shakespeare is rumored to have been a smoker.  

Creativity cannabis

It’s not solely the domain of guys, either.  Whoopie Goldberg, Kirsten Dunst, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Roseanna Barr, are all on the record as enthusiasts; you get the point?  Cannabis has been used for creative purposes, by artists, musicians, actors, philosophers, mathematicians, and countless other professions, for centuries.

Why does weed make you creative?

The science linking weed with creativity is thin.  Little outright ‘proof’ exists, to link the two.  One study will say one thing, another, the polar opposite.  An interesting conclusion, drawn from a 2017 study, was cannabis users tend to be people with open minds and, therefore, open to new experiences.  Perhaps, that is a true reflection of the individual’s source of creativity?  Openness and acceptance of new things and new ways to look at existing things?  Is this not the essence of creativity?

Perhaps it is the altered cognitive perception of sound, color, flavor, or emotion, or just a change in thought patterns, that gives flight to new ideas and thinking?  What is indisputable, however, is that cannabis users themselves report heightened creativity and awareness.  This alone, given the stature of some of these tokers, is surely reason enough to experiment?

And experimentation is the best way forward.  Try it.  Try another.  Find the strain that works for you, if any.  You may be looking for the best weed for music, or the best strain for producing art; it’s likely you’ll find the best creative strains at Homegrown Cannabis Co.  Some people rely upon their creativity for a living, so approach your ‘research’ as a business.  Make notes.  Some strains will couchlock you, others will give you a distracting high.  Everyone is different, so find the strain that unlocks your creative genius.

What are the best strains for creativity?

Creative weed

As a guide, we list a whole bunch of cannabis strains that are claimed to imbue creativity boosting properties on our site.  Alternatively, we have selected a shortlist of some of the best cannabis strains for creativity, below.

LSD Feminized

Just like the hallucinogenic drug from which it takes its name, LSD Feminized provides an extreme, psychedelic, and trippy high.

This weed’s THC level has measured as high as 24%, and the effects can be on the extreme side.  Be prepared for euphoric mental stimulation which can quickly become overwhelming. Because of its potentially narcotic effects, LSD is not recommended as a beginner’s choice.  Those with a higher THC tolerance are likely to experience a heightened sense of focus, together with enhanced creativity. 

The flip side of this creative strain is that, for most people, the mental buzz leads to confusion and visual distortion, followed by a numbing physical stone that locks people on the couch for hours.

Gelato Autoflower

With a THC level of up to 24%, Gelato Autoflower serves the body with an abundance of relaxation and a good topping of productivity, making it favorable for an afternoon or early evening session.  As the euphoric high kicks in, stress and anxiety, simply melt away.

The strain’s powerful, cerebral blow hits without delay and, with it, comes an increase in sensitivity to sounds and visual stimuli, along with a feeling of time deceleration. There’s also a seemingly endless cascade of thoughts and ideas, which makes this weed an excellent choice when there’s a need for creative thinking.

There is also a stealthy physical high, which creeps up and leaves a sense of calm that doesn’t couch-lock or cause sluggishness. Instead, it encourages undemanding and non-strenuous activities, the type that allows the body to express the whims of the mind. Pursuits such as painting, playing music, or cooking are entirely possible if you feel so inclined.

The strain’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties may also relieve conditions such as migraines and arthritis.

M8 Feminized

This rare strain boasts a 20 – 23% THC content, meaning it is more than capable of delivering an unbelievable high and plenty of mental stimulation.  It shares a powerful euphoria that immediately stops negative thoughts and uplifts, instilling a positive emotional state.

Users of M8 Feminized are still able to carry out numerous physical activities, but since it gets the creative juices flowing, it’s often used to promote artistic endeavors. The boost in vigor makes it easy to pursue creative projects and can be paired with hobbies, or professions that require vast imagination and innovative thinking.

Physically, it brings a calming yet energetic sensation that makes it excellent for daytime use.  Thanks to its gregarious and giggly nature, it can be enjoyed in light social settings too.

The high levels of THC do mean that this is a strain best consumed in moderate doses and by seasoned users if a pleasurable experience is to be enjoyed.

Cinderella 99 Fast Version

Thanks to its one-of-a-kind buzz, ‘Cindy’ has amassed a huge following, making it one of the most sought-after Sativa strains on the market. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because the cerebral journey can take up to 15 minutes to launch, when it does, the soaring, euphoric rush is phenomenal.

The takeoff happens modestly, at first, but gently ascends to stratospheric heights as the minutes pass by.  Uplifting with a boost in mental vitality and creativity; before long, the positive vibes will have you grinning from ear to ear.  Cinderella 99’s dreamy high is not too overwhelming though and you won’t lose your grip on reality or the task at hand.

Great for daytime use, it is perhaps the best Sativa for creativity and productivity.  Any Artist can benefit from its certain ability to get the creative juices flowing.  A little bit of this weed goes a long way.  One bowl is usually enough to give you a determined mindset and a focus to get things done. 

As Cindy’s focused high begins to leave you, you’ll be left feeling euphoric and relaxed at the same time.  Negativity and physical tensions will have faded, bringing a much-needed Sativa energy shot, perfectly balanced by a touch of Indica.

Fire OG Feminized

Containing the perfect genetic makeup for quality, end-of-the-day ‘me time’, this hybrid is the offspring of the Indica royalty, OG Kush. Balanced with Sativa qualities and an intense THC level, Fire OG brings a euphoric and creative high. 

The first thing users will notice when they light it up is a blissful and mentally stimulating high.  Since this strain can boost creative thinking, it’s likely the user will experience a free flow of ideas and a rush of seminal thoughts. Having a notepad to hand, might be a good idea?  Take a toke and make a note! 

True creativity requires mental wellbeing and good rest is a big part of that. Fire OG’s 70% Indica content works wonders when it comes to relaxing the body and ushering you to sleep.

After a few hours, the seemingly psychedelic high will fade, being gradually replaced by an overwhelming feeling of serenity and tranquility.  The urge to stretch out into a restful position may be too much to resist.  This is the top of a slippery slope that will have your eyes beginning to feel heavy and your limbs weighing more than is seemingly possible, as you slide down into a long, deep, and restful sleep.

This weed is immensely potent and not suitable for first-timers. Veterans with low THC tolerance may even struggle.

Power Plant Feminized

If you want to sleep, don’t use this weed just before bedtime!  Suitable for daytime use, or pulling an all-nighter, a toke of this kicker will have you buzzing for hours. 

This Sativa-dominant strain has THC levels that can reach up to 20%, making Power Plant a strain that truly lives up to its name.  Users will first experience a strong, energetic, blissful, and clear-headed high, after which a state of euphoria will take hold and uplift any mood.

As Power Plant’s high begins to soar, the user will experience an increase in creativity and vigor.  There is no need to worry about the high becoming too vertiginous, however, as a strong, physical sense of calm balances the impact nicely.  These balanced effects make the strain an amazing pre-work or pre socializing smoke.

Skunk #1 Autoflower

With an average THC load of 14%, Skunk #1 delivers euphoric, mind-blowing cerebral stimulation that does not overwhelm. Moreover, it provides an energy boost, enhances creativity, and improves appetite, while easing stress and anxiety.

Skunk #1 Auto is a subtler version of the original Skunk. Its high induces a sense of happiness and uplifts the mood, while the body is enlivened.  For the most part, it leaves one in a tranquil physical state, unlikely to couch-lock.

This hybrid strain promotes creative thinking and helps with focus, encouraging those with an artistic bent to get down to it. 

Pair this weed with an afternoon coffee or a light social setting, and you’ll truly see the benefit of the intense hunger, giggly fits, and strong urge for conversation it encourages.

Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights has up to 18% THC content, but instead of blowing the mind with intense psychoactive high, it produces a dreamy, ecstatic, feeling of serenity.

Stronger mental stimulation follows and, as the gates of creativity open, a deluge of ideas and original thoughts will come rushing in, making it perfect for the artist in search of inspiration.

Northern Lights is a strong relaxant, though, and head-to-toe bliss is the forte of this legendary, night-time strain, together with alleviation from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

So, whilst the conception of your new masterpiece or invention might be promoted by its use, working on any ideas will likely have to wait until the next day!

In the meantime, enjoy the cotton-wool coated high and comfortable laziness, while stranded on the couch, in anticipation of a deep, long sleep.

Platinum Cookies Feminized

Take a profoundly relaxing hybrid, OG Kush, and mix it with the energizing, uplifting South African Sativa, Durban Poison, and you have a potent creative recipe.

Platinum Cookies gives an immediate rush to the head, quickly followed by an uplifting buzz that rushes in, helping clear the mind and dusting away any cobwebs.  Creativity is given an almighty boost and focus is sharpened.

The first rush of the high can invigorate and make the user feel revitalized; this is the time to get any jobs and tasks finished!  Half an hour later, the story is a little different. The Indica properties start to cast their spell, with a soothing sensation that massages tense muscles and promotes a full relaxation of the body.

With THC levels ranging from 17% to 28%, careful dosing is advised.  Even at a low dosage, the effects can be rather intense. Couch-lock is a virtual certainty! 

Maracuya Feminized 

Maracuya tastes more like a tropical fruit than a cannabis plant. This rare Sativa-heavy strain has a THC strength of around 20%; don’t be tempted to overdo it.

In moderate dosages, it will launch the mind into an uplifted state with increased motivation, focus, and creativity.  Simultaneously, an enlivening and blissful feeling starts to spread, helping users to maintain composure and productivity.  It is an enduring high that lasts for hours and is said to be great for alleviating conditions such as stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

After taking a toke of Maracuya, users will begin to notice a change in their sensory perception. Color, visuals, and sound can take on subtle, psychedelic dimensions. This comes hand-in-hand with an improved mood and demeanor, with worries and inhibitions melting away.

Artists may experience heightened creativity, motivation, focus, and vitality.  The high is also a relaxing one, so the energized body does not become hyperactive or overzealous.  Deep and meaningful conversations flow with ease, under the tropical spell of this weed.

In high dosages, the strain can produce a different set of effects, so be warned.