The 7 Stages of Being High

the 7 stages of being high
March 09, 2020

Marijuana effects differ from person to person. Some might take a longer time (or need more puffs) to feel the euphoria. Others may end up being paranoid. That said, you may go through the entire experience – or maybe less. Some, in fact, are fortunate enough to experience two or more stages. What remains the same, however, is how the smoke works its way into the body.

After taking a hit or two of the cannabinoid-rich cloud, THC directly enters the bloodstream via the lungs. The compound heads straight to the brain, crosses the blood-brain barrier, then attaches to the cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptor to produce its mind-boggling effects.

Within fifteen minutes, the effects will kick in. After another fifteen minutes, the concentration of THC will peak in the blood, resulting in a much stronger high.

Stage 1: A Slow Dip Out of Reality

Everything is ready. The toking device of choice – be it the good old-fashioned hand-wrapped joint, a bong, or even a vaporizer – is already loaded with dried herbs. Once lit, it is slowly passed around if in the company of other people. At any rate, your turn comes.

So, what happens next?

At first, there might be a bit of physical discomfort, especially after taking one too many puffs. The eyes might begin to water. The lungs feel might like they are on fire, causing you to cough and splutter. Suddenly, the high hits you like a blow. It grabs hold so fast that one can only say, “What the eff just happened?” as the mind starts sinking towards nirvana and away from reality.

Stage 2: A Rush of Euphoria

Upon snapping out of the daze, expect something more powerful to come your way. At this point, it will become even more apparent that you are knee-deep in an out-of-this-world ride.

In no time at all, a hair-rising surge of euphoria will blanket the mind. In this state of cloud nine, all the stress and worries fade away. You may also be unusually giggly and chatty, and it is not uncommon for a group of smokers to break into a fit of laughter.

In some cases, the sense of elation may melt into a glorious body stone. The limbs begin feeling limper by the minute. Physical relaxation also settles in, dissolving the most persistent of aches. The couch will tempt you, and you will most likely collapse into it in pure bliss. Sure, the body may be too leaden for you to move even a muscle, but you are way too high up in the clouds to care.

Stage 2.5: Drowning in Happiness

Before moving to the next stage, some people will first feel the happiness soaring to even greater heights. Everything is radiant. You feel as if nothing can go wrong anymore – and that every issue you have had is just too trivial. You feel grand, surpassing reality and society’s most twisted problems.

Your sensory perceptions may also take on a multidimensional turn. The world will look different than it did minutes ago. Not to mention a lot more interesting. Time might take on a distorted, somewhat fluid quality. There is an explosion of vivid colors, and music sounds clearer and more inviting. Make sure to savor these precious minutes before it slips away.

Stage 3: Profound Contemplation

After coming to terms with the electrifying euphoria and the surreal sensations, prepare as the mind does a complete 180. Now, it is time for some introspection. You are in for a cerebral journey, unlike any other.

During this stage, expect a barrage of thoughts. You may start reflecting on your place in the universe – realizing more than ever that humans are just a speck in the grand scheme of things. You may ponder on morality, or perhaps life and death. You may even start questioning reality, or start dissecting every little thing.

It may feel overwhelming. But there is no need to bottle up these ideas. Instead, engage in deep conversations with friends or channel the inner philosopher by watching and analyzing intellectual films.

Stage 3.5: The Climax

Not everyone is lucky enough to get laid while on a cannabis high. But if you have experienced it once, then you might not want to do the deed when sober ever again.

Marijuana can spice up things in the bedroom in many ways. For one, it helps relax the mind and body, making it easier to achieve the big O. In some, it may even heighten arousal and libido, which means that the sexual release will be mind-blowing when it comes.

To intensify the experience further, consider using some weed lube. It does wonders in stimulating the lady parts, and also helps men have a smooth, gratifying ride. Just note that it takes around twenty to forty minutes to take effect, which is ample time to indulge in hot foreplay.

Stage 4: Paranoia

Happiness, enhanced senses, deep contemplation, or maybe even a booty call – sounds too good to be true, right? After these enjoyable episodes, anxiety and fear may start taking hold.

During this stage, the world may transform into a frightening place. It might feel like everyone is out to get you. It rings especially true for stoners who are in public spaces.

Whenever someone glances your way, you are a hundred percent sure that they know you are high out of your wits. They are probably about to report you to authorities at this very moment. Upon hearing the distant sound of sirens, you are convinced that the cops have come to seal your fate.

All these, of course, are just in your head. It could be managed with some simple relaxation techniques and would go away in a bit.

Stage 5: It Is Time for the Munchies

Once the paranoia disappears, it will be replaced by gnawing hunger. Everything will look appetizing. You grab whatever is on hand, or you get creative with food, then start wolfing down as much as the stomach can handle. After a while, it might seem like nothing could satiate the cravings, so you eat even more to compensate. Upon sobering up, you finally realize how much you have eaten.

Stage 6: Repeat the Cycle

During this time, intoxication will start wearing off. Do you (and your friends) still feel unsatisfied? Well, there is nothing wrong with having another smoking session. So, pack a few more bowls or expertly roll more joints, sit back, and relive the previous stages all over again. Maybe a few more times, for good measure.

Stage 7: Satisfaction

After an eventful day of just tripping and getting zonked, you may start feeling exhausted and drowsy. This is normal. The fatigue, though, is but a minor discomfort, and will not even compare to the deep sense of contentment and happiness inside. You are still over the moon and do not feel the urge to reach out for more cannabis. And so, you just chill and relax until bedtime comes around.

Getting High Is Seventh Heaven

It is hard to define what it really feels to get high on marijuana. After all, the experience varies and depends on many factors.

The trip to THC paradise is also not linear. Some might encounter the full seven stops – or perhaps more. Some might skip a few, or backtrack several times before reaching the finish line. For others, the stages might be all jumbled, inviting paranoia first before the bliss.

But that is where the joy of getting blitzed on weed lies. There is no one way of doing things. And if the list above differs slightly from your experience, then feel free to make up and describe your own stages.

One thing, though, remains for sure. THC intoxication is a ride that is unlike any other and will send you to seventh heaven that cannot be taken from anywhere else. If you want to enjoy this high with the best marijuana strains, Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers you a wide range of highest THC strains that will make the most of it.