The Ultimate Stoner Foods

Best Stoner Foods
December 28, 2020

For a stoner, munchies are companions that cannot be avoided, they go together like eggs and bacon!

However, this all depends on the strain of cannabis that you take and how well prepared it is. While a high THC strain is sure to get you hungry as hell, buds that are not well decarboxylated will not have this effect. There is a lot of science that goes into this. You will be learning all these in a short while.

Those who don’t have much knowledge about marijuana always harbour the notion that herb users tend to turn to snacks when they are high.

In most cases, certain cannabis strains make you very hungry. They have to get you always prepared with a snack within reach as you get high because if you get high, you probably are not going to walk to the store to look for food.

What does this mean? Simple. It means you need to have a standby stock of food within reach before you thing of getting yourself high. In this article, we highlight 5 ultimate foods for a stoner. The best to reach for while high. We will also have other honorable mentions.

To set us off, let’s first understand why weed makes you hungry.

Why Does Weed Cause The Munchies?

The hunger pangs that occur after one has ingested significant amounts of cannabis are called the munchies.

Why do they occur?

There are several theories to explain this phenomenon, but they are all linked to the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. THC binds to CB1 receptors in the brain and affects the region of the brain that is involved in regulating hunger. It also affects the region with olfactory senses, this makes food smell and taste better. Hence, the munchies are a combination of hunger pangs coupled with the intense desire to eat.

Cannabis Strains Likely to Cause Hunger Pangs

Although everyone reacts differently to cannabis, some strains are often associated in making you feel hungrier than others. This guide takes a scientific angle at how different strains relate to hunger when consumed. In a nutshell, it is based on the interaction of THC, a compound found in marijuana, with your brain.

The compound interacts with receptors in your brain and influences leptin and ghrelin hormones which are hunger-related.

This interaction makes these hormones stimulate appetite and therefore send a signal to the body that food is needed. This will create craving whether you are hungry or not. These are five cannabis varieties that will send you to the kitchen refrigerator involuntarily.

  • Critical Kush
  • Jack Herer
  • Lavender
  • Mazar
  • Afghan Kush

Marijuana Strains Less Likely to Cause Hunger

If you are watching your weight and therefore trying to avoid stocking snacks in your fridge so that you have a beach-body before summer, then some weed strains may come in handy. They may help overcome the crazy craving for those calorie-laden snacks and you try to shape up. Marijuana isn’t that bad as you thought.

It is normal to consume 1,500 calorie snacks when the craving comes knocking. Such are the times you will need to know the exact strains that will fight this feeling.

Cannabis strains that are high in THC and CBD compounds are the best choice for this job. Some recent research suggests that potentially, CBD is a good supplement for weight loss.

According to research, these non-intoxicating strains helps in this process through the following ways:

  • They lower your appetite making you consume fewer calories. 
  • They help your body to burn fats and this normalises the insulin levels.
  • They enhance your mitochondrial and metabolic health.

A study by Morgan et al., published in Neuropsychology, in 2010 focused on Appetite and marijuana suggested that smokers who used strains with high CBD and low THC had a low attention bias to drug stimuli and food. In the study, it was being compared with those people who consumed strains that are high THC and low CBD. It was concluded that the strains with high CBD will reduce appetite when consumed.

Another cannabinoid known for reducing appetite is THCV. However, there are only a few strains that contain high levels of the THCV cannabinoid. Most strains only have minimal levels of this compound.

These are some of the strains that have high levels of THCV.

  • Jack the Ripper
  • Power Plant
  • Moby Dick
  • Red Congolese

If you chose the strains that come with bundles of appetite, here are the ultimate foods for a stoner.

#1. Pizza – The Customary Snack

Do you ever wonder why pizza is so addictive? There is a scientific explanation for this. It is because people tend to be attracted to sweets, fatty and complex foods.  Piazza has meat toppings which are rich and fatty. The sauce is sweet while the cheese is fatty. A combination of these three ingredients makes pizza one of the most addictive foods.

Apart from these three ingredients, the toppings have glutamate. Glutamate is a compound often found in sausages, tomatoes, cheese, and pepperoni. Glutamate causes excitement to our brain as this compound hits our senses making us crave more of it. It is responsible for your salivation as you anticipate the next bite.

Interestingly, recent data indicates that on average, Americans eat about 350 slices of pizza every second!

Besides, tomato sauce and cheese have flavor compounds that taste good when combined. They are likely to have an independent appetizing and addictive effect. Turning brown and having that crispy effect is another reason why pizza is the favorite of many stoners. This happens in the oven as a result of two chemical reactions: Maillard and caramelization.

Pizza offers marijuana users a wide range of choices from the flavors to the fact that it can be delivered at the doorstep proves to be convenient. It is for such reasons that pizza tops our list.

#2. Ice Cream  

After you have satisfied your munchies with pizza, you may need to follow it up with a sweet dessert. Ice cream is creamy, wonderfully cold, and it is available in many flavors. It perfectly satisfies all your needs at this point. However, you have to be able to distinguish between high quality and poor quality ice cream. Going to reputable brands will be the best idea in this case.

Most of the time we buy ice cream brands without knowing the ingredients and process involved. Then there are some considerations you have to make when making your ice cream.

To begin with, first of all, after putting together all the ingredients, is pasteurization. You must get it right because any mistake will make you produce an overdone flavor. Problems that occur during the homogenization process are the ones that make your ice cream have those undesirable crystals. You don’t want your ice cream with some granules in it.

Do you?

Commercial brands add chemical proteins that help to prevent the formation of these crystals. However, if the company allows air to get into the cream, there will be some flaws that will result in the ice cream to have some bubbles or crystals. You could also have lactose molecules expanding as a result of freezing and thawing.

To this point, you must have an idea of the ingredients and effort it takes to make that cream you always crave when you are high. Next time you go for ice cream when you are high, you will appreciate the process and also understand why it doesn’t taste good when frozen after being thawed.

#3. Potato Chips – The Salty Treat

The salt content in potato chips is one of the logical reasons why you will keep snacking on them just like pizza. In March 2016, a study by Bolhius et al., published in The Journal of Nutrition, studied the impacts of salt on your appetite. The study involved 48 volunteers to assess their taste sensitivity levels.

For four weeks, the group ate different meals with varying salt and fat levels once a week. It was found out that the participants thought the food was pleasant when more salt was added. Adding 11% more salt made the volunteers eat more of the food. This was regardless of the amount of fat in the meal.

The crunchiness of chips gives you more reason not to continue eating the next one. For stoners, eating potato chips lowers inhibitions and interferes with your self-control.  That is how you can find yourself having eaten a king-size packet of potato chips, and yet feel so good afterwards.

#4. Chocolate  

This is a must-have snack for most stoners. 

Do you know that allowing chocolate to dissolve in your mouth slowly will enhance brain activity and increases your heart rate as a passionate kiss! Amazingly, this sensation can last up to four times longer than a kiss.

A feel-good chemical called anandamide naturally found in the brain is also found in chocolate. This is similar to the THC compound found in cannabis. Therefore, the anandamide in chocolate makes its effect last longer in the brain. Combining this sensation with the high feeling of cannabis is so pleasurable.

Dark chocolates tend to have extra antioxidants which is an added benefit. Ranging from caramelly notes, earthy, smoky, nutty and many others, chocolate is one of the most flavourful foods in the world. It gets you covered when you are high.

Some people find great pleasure in combining cannabis and chocolate. For some cannabis consumers for example combining marionberry Kush with milk chocolate gives them an immeasurable pleasure. Another matching pair is that of Super Lemon Haze with white chocolate.

#5. Cheeseburger – The King of Stoner Munchies

Buggers and pizza have several common reasons to make us adore them. The combination of cheese, fatty meat, sauces and a bun is worth the craving. We are not ignoring the fact that buggers come in a variety of standards.

Regardless of the low-quality ingredients, many people are still attracted to fast foods and snacks. Stoners are not an exception.

Buggers have made some chains very popular in the market and for cannabis consumers whoever does it best will have won their loyalty. Out of the over 15 available toppings that may have over 250,000 combinations, beef is outstanding.

Are you a vegetarian or maybe you just don’t like beef? Don’t worry, there is a wide range of tastes to choose from. A burger is one of the best run-to options when you are getting high.

Final Take on Cannabis and the Munchies

If you ever plan to have a marijuana get-together, make sure you have these ultimate lifesaver foods around unless you want to have a bunch of disappointed and hungry stoners in your backyard.

Not just for the group, even when you are alone, you must go through this list and make sure you have at least one of these options within your reach while you bake yourself way high. Many stoners make the mistake of getting high in a house with empty cupboards and refrigerators.

Stocking up on some of the ultimate stoner foods will save you the desperation that may arise once the munchies come calling.

To widen your options, there are 10 other wondrous foods that we suggest you also try when high. The tag lines may give you an idea of the ideal situation when you can use the foods.

  • Cinnamon Rolls – They are best for tackling cottonmouth
  • Oreos – They are not limited to a specific occasion, they are amazing at any time
  • Pop-Tarts – You can use this as a substitute for bread. For a naughty feeling, you can add Nutella.
  • Cheez Wiz – This is your ultimate saviour when you are too high that you can barely move!!
  • Cookie Dough – If you frequent the pizza places, you will realize that they are served as dessert. They are a good follow up to any food you choose.
  • Nutella – Here is where you should be when you crave for something sweet with some bread. Nutella will not disappoint.
  • Donuts & Ice Cream – Get prepared for a food coma.
  • Kraft Dinner – here is a quick fix for you. Instant rejuvenation. 
  • Top Ramen – When you want to pretend to be a chef
  • Chocolate Brownies – Take this when you intend to fire up THC even more. This will take you to the next level.

This wraps up our discussion on the ultimate stoner foods. We have to admit that this list is not complete, it could be infinite based on personal preferences. However, it pretty much covers the foods that are likely to satisfy the deep foods cravings experienced by most stoners when they get high on weed.

Happy indulgence peeps!