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17 Fun Things To Do While High

March 7, 2022

Looking for things to do while high? We've got you covered. 

We all know that getting buzzed comes with its fair share of amazing effects. Not everyone wants to lay on the couch without moving when enjoying some premium cannabis, though. 

Fortunately, there's a comprehensive list of activities you can do safely while high. These suggestions are sure to blow your mind or tingle your physical senses. 

Enhancing the marijuana experience is what it's all about, so read on to find out about the top 17 cool things to do while high. 

Smoking cannabis joint
Smoking cannabis joint

17 fun things to do while high

There's an abundance of fun things to do when high. 

Take your pick from our carefully curated list of physical activities or something more chilled that requires less movement. If you like to stimulate your brain, why not choose to go to places that offer intellectual fun? 

Whatever you do, you're sure to have a surreal experience that boosts your enjoyment of cannabis. Now, grab a pen and paper, sit back, and choose your favorites!

1. Listening to music

While it seems like a no-brainer, many people haven't had the magical experience of listening to their favorite tunes while high. They mostly forget to turn on the songs or can't find the music once they're smoked up. 

Prepare your favorite tunes in advance and push play just as you're lighting up. You'll find that the music you think you know takes on a completely different perspective when you're puffing away. Mellow tunes can make your experience more colorful as they stimulate your brain. 

It’s a popular thing to do while high with friends. There are many stoner songs that you can include in your playlist. 

Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 by Bob Dylan
  • One Toke Over the Line by Shipley & Brewer
  • Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

2. Play video games while high

Playing video games is one of the top things to do while high at home. Depending on the strain you're enjoying, you'll find that playing games has you in fits of giggles or engrossed in a fantasy adventure

Exploratory type genres are the best as your reaction times are slower, so you won't be very effective in fast-paced action scenes. It doesn't mean you can't play them, though—if you don't mind being blown to smithereens every few seconds, play on.

Playing games and smoking marijuana from a bong
Playing games and smoking marijuana from a bong

3. Paint the next stoner masterpiece

One of the more creative things to do while high is to pick up a paintbrush and become Picasso. Put the artistic juices to work, which shouldn't be a problem with some strains. 

If the inspiration strikes, draw or paint anything that comes to mind. You'll likely be attracted to colors and patterns that later on you won't have a clue you even knew existed. It's a wonderful way of expressing inner emotions while showing your talents to the world. 

4. Go to the movies

If you've never seen the movie Cheech and Chong, where have you been? Catching up on some classic stoner movies is a real trippy thing to do when you're high. 

Granted, you may think that these kinds of flicks are a bit weak when you're sober, but it's a whole different ball game when you're stoned. If you feel that you might be too relaxed to go anywhere, stay home, get the popcorn, and watch from your couch. 

Some suggestions include:

  • Scary Movie
  • Beavis and Butthead do America
  • How Weed Won the West  

5. Dance

If couch lock hasn't got you nailed down, then rise up and move that body. It's probably one of the best things to do when high. With the music pulling you to your feet, you'll enjoy this activity a lot more than you anticipated. 

Crank up the volume and get the sweat flowing. Picking up some new moves is mentally stimulating. Some people claim you don't remember what you learned when stoned, but research contradicts that theory. 

Either way, you experience music differently when you're high, and it's a blast.  

6. Read a book

Alright, we know that this one might sound a little dull as a top suggestion of things to do while high. However, if you choose the right type of book, you'll find yourself engrossed in a fantasy world that's super-enhanced by your imagination

Cannabis heightens the senses and also boosts cerebral function. This effect helps you enjoy books from a different perspective. You might even ponder and reflect on some of the information on a deeper level. 

If you're looking for light-hearted fun, read Alice in Wonderland or The Hobbit. The stories are bound to have you in hysterics, even if you’re not precisely sure what exactly is so funny.  

7. Clean 

Usually, this mundane activity is avoided, but here's your chance to abolish stoner stereotypes of being lazy when high. Some strains give you a zing of energy that you'll find difficult to ignore. Use that boost to get your home sparkling clean or to reorganize your office. 

It’ll be easier to be pedantic when high, and you'll most likely clean every nook and cranny as if you’re a person possessed. If you're the type of person to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning, then this is one of the things to do while high that you'll thank yourself for later on. 

8. Get a massage

Many marijuana strains deliver a physical sensitivity when used. Getting a massage only enhances the pleasure gained from your already heightened senses. Imagine lying on a massage bed, taking in the pleasant scents of the oils. 

As the zen music plays, your skin tingles with the physical sensation of touch. Not only is it a mind-blowing experience, but it helps to unwind and relax your body. Just try not to snore if you fall asleep during the session.  

9. Tease the taste buds

Not sure what to do when you're high? Why not enjoy your heightened senses by trying out new foods. Tantalize the taste buds with something spicy or some sweet delights. Prepare them upfront because it's not advisable to cook when stoned. 

If you couldn't precook, then order something interesting for delivery. You'll find plenty of different takeaways that cater to anything from desserts to savory cuisine. Since your tastebuds and nostrils are more sensitive, it's best to get a little bit of everything. 

See if you find a mixed platter containing both sugary and salty snacks. The mix of the two will help to appease the munchies. 

Salty snacks and candy sweets
Salty snacks and candy sweets

10. Get crafty

There's no limit to the level of creativity you can reach when you're high. Playing with paints, clay, or jewelry is fun to do while high. Try your hand at making a new ashtray, or string some pearly beads and make a few bracelets. 

It's even more satisfying to use the items later and wonder where your fashion sense went while matching orange and fuschia. Working with your hands also stimulates your mind, helping channel some of that energy. 

11. Go for a walk

Depending on how much time you have before you succumb to a deep slumber, you could go outdoors for a ramble. Enjoy mother natures' bounty through new marijuana-colored glasses. Tiny insects seem fascinating, and simple flowers become intricately beautiful. It also does your body good to exercise and get some fresh air. 

Remember: Leaving the house isn't always recommended when you're high, especially if you might have overindulged. Check your tolerance levels if you want to know how much weed is too much for you. If you can't keep your balance or feel disorientated, then going outside isn't one of the best things to do while stoned.  

12. Take a bubble bath

Suppose you need to unwind after a long day, then there's nothing better than a hot bath and an aromatic puff. It's one of the best things to do while high. The soak enhances the relaxing effects of a marijuana experience, soothing tense muscles and tired bones

Add some bubble bath or crystals to the water, and tune into relaxing songs and sounds. Grab a glass of bubbly if you want to, and simply let the worries soak away. 

13. Take a nap and let go

Perhaps your reason for indulging in some cannabis at the end of a rough day is to take the load off. There's nothing wrong with just chilling, and it can be one of the best things to do high. 

Light up and enjoy the effects spreading through your body until you fall into a gentle slumber. It might be just what you need to reset your mind to face new challenges the next day.

14. Practice blowing smoke

A smoke ring or ten is certainly amongst the best things to do stoned. Practice creating the perfect circles of smoke and see how many you can puff out at a time. There are several different tricks to try your hand at. A few include ghost inhale, bullring, or atomic bomb. 

Make it a challenge, when with friends, to see who can do the most tricks within an allocated time frame

If you're trying new things at someone else's house, remember that it's good weed etiquette to offer some of your cannabis to the host. Marijuana is expensive, and no one likes to enjoy puffing the magic dragon tricks with people who mooch.  

15. Go to a Museum

Visit a museum if you're still looking for something fun to do when high. Even if you aren't a fan, there's always something interesting to see. Taking a close look at some modern art pieces may conjure up emotions that are usually suppressed. Your heightened state opens your mind to other levels of awareness

If that's not your thing, go check out the Natural History Museum. Looking at dinosaur skeletons in a heightened state brings a new perspective to the exhibits, especially interactive features.  

16. Go to a theme park

While some strains completely relax you, others boost your energy levels and heighten your senses. Using the latter allows you to go out and enjoy theme parks and remain alert the entire time. 

If you love carnival rides and the bustle of people, imagine how much more fun it is when you're high. There’s a lot of stuff to do while high at the theme parks. The kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and scents create a wild ride for your mind. Going with friends is even better so you can share your joy in a crowd.

17. Surf the web

Hanging out at your PC and surfing the web is something you usually do but have you tried it while you're high? Your brain enjoys the flow of energy and relaxation, making it curious about the most random things. 

Surfing the net will have you look at cat pics, bounce to the Grand Canyon images with its deep colors, and then on to recipes. The list is endless. The fun is that you can let your PC take you to any place your mind imagines with the click of a button

You might even learn something new or land up staring at llama memes all day long. Either way, it's one of our favorite fun things to do high. 

Smoking weed
Smoking weed

No shortage of things to do while high

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do when you’re high. If you prefer something quiet and mellow, try watching movies or listening to music. 

On the other hand, there's dancing or taking a long walk outside for the energetically charged. To stimulate your senses, get a massage done, then order a platter of nibbles to snack on when you the munchies kick in. 

No matter what you choose to do, you'll experience everything from a different perspective than you usually would. Don't keep this experience to yourself; share this article with your friends and plan to have some smoking fun together. 

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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