Top 10 Wake ‘n’ Bake Strains

Best Wake n Bake strains
December 03, 2020

Cannabis users Wake and Bake for a multitude of reasons.  Maybe it’s a burst of energy and they find it in weed, rather than their morning coffee?  Artistic pursuits might be enhanced by the surge of creativity a user may find in weed?

Perhaps it’s the search for enthusiasm and positivity, lending motivation to face a day of drudgery and repetitive boredom?   It could be their morning toke rids them of the anxiety they feel, knowing that they’ve got to face an obnoxious boss.  Or, more simply, they may just hate their jobs?

Why Wake and Bake?

It is reported that a 2017 Gallop Poll found that of the USA’s 100 million (approx) full-time employees, 51% are lacking engagement at work and feel no real connection to their jobs, resulting in them doing the bare minimum for their employer.  A further 16%  are “actively disengaged”,  resenting their jobs, griping to co-workers, and dragging down office morale.

With disillusionment in the workplace at such high levels, perhaps the urge to wake ‘n’ bake is more than understandable?

smoking marijuana in the morning

Whatever the reason, if you’re going to hit a bowl in the AM, before work, pre-gym or weekend yoga class, you’re going to want to hit the right strain, or you’ll be going nowhere.  As the song says “ If you’re going to do it, do it right”!

Sativa strains are generally more uplifting, energizing and positive, than an Indica; although a balanced hybrid can give a beautiful balance to your high and sort you out, for the start of your day.

What are the best cannabis strains to Wake and Bake with?

Below, we list 10 of our favorite strains of grass for a morning high, the best weed for wake and bake.

Sour Diesel 

If you’re looking for a head rush and a boost of energy that can last for hours, Sour Diesel could be just the bud you’re looking for.

The buzz will quickly uplift you and engulf you with inspiring, free-flowing creativity. Deadlines, meetings, and impressing your boss are all within your grasp; ingenuity and creativity are the bywords of this strain.

A 10% Indica content also plays a major role in the overall effect of this 20-25%, THC forward, weed. Its soothing effects are unlikely to cause couch-lock or sedation, in moderate doses, but it balances out the sudden burst of vigor.

Not for the faint-hearted, Sour Diesel packs a mighty punch, and inexperienced users are, without any doubt, better off with a lighter strain.

Blueberry x Jack Herer

A first-class daytime toke!  The Blueberry x Jack Herer high starts with a mild yet satisfying cerebral buzz.  Immediately uplifting, a subtle kiss of bliss will brighten your mood, as stresses and worries dissipate. The real surge in energy will help keep you active for hours, and artistic minds may experience a boost in creativity.

A mellow, physically high follows and its calming, relaxing, tension busting touch will prevent you from feeling overzealous or jumpy.  It’s unlikely to cause couch-lock, but it’s recommended that you keep the dose low, especially if you have things to get done.


One of the oldest Sativa strains around and cultivated since the ’60s, this classic cannabis is possibly the perfect wake and bake.  Like a hot jolt of Java, one toke of Haze will enliven you. Its cerebral buzz is euphoric and uplifting and sure to bring a smile to your face.  Haze is quick to boost energy and creativity.

After Auto Haze’s marathon of mental stimulation staggers to a close, you’ll find yourself surfing wave after wave of relaxation. Far from couch-locking, the overriding feeling of calm will ease tension, without debilitating. Haze’s comedown is gentle and soothing, perfect for a post-work bliss-out.

Maracuya Feminized 

Even though this is a firm wake and bake favorite, don’t be tempted to overdo it with Maracuya.  It tastes more like a tropical fruit than a cannabis plant, but this rare Sativa-heavy strain has a THC strength of around 20%!

Maracuya will launch your mind into an uplifted state with increased motivation, heightened focus, and boosted creativity.  Simultaneously, an enlivening, blissful feeling spreads through the body, helping users to maintain composure and productivity.  

A toke of Maracuya can promote a change in sensory perception, with color, visuals, and sound taking on subtle, psychedelic dimensions. This comes hand-in-hand with an improved mood and demeanor, with worries and inhibitions melting away.  This high lasts for hours and is great for alleviating conditions of stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Heightened creativity, motivation, focus, and vitality will suit artistic souls, perfectly.  The high is also a relaxing one, so the energized body does not become hyperactive or overzealous.  Deep and meaningful conversations flow with ease, under the tropical spell of this weed.

In high dosages, Maracuya may have different effects. The cerebral buzz may become more spacey and disconnecting. Couch-lock is not unknown.

Jack Herer

Another popular wake and bake weed strain and firm favorite in the Amsterdam coffeeshops, Jack Herer’s strong Sativa kick produces a long-lasting and happy buzz. 

The euphoric high remains clear-headed, uplifting, and never overpowering. This feelgood marijuana produces a feeling of positivity and bliss, making it one of the most revered and awarded strains of all time.

Users may also benefit from a much-needed energy boost that can keep them going for hours on end. Hyperactivity should not be a concern, though, as the best of both Sativa and Indica worlds, Jack Herer’s robust head-buzz is balanced with a mellow and manageable physical high. Its relaxing effect is strong enough to tone things down, but is not overwhelming and is unlikely to cause couch-lock. 

A great pre-work or pre-social bowl of delight.

CBD Super Lemon Haze

The high CBD levels in CBD Super Lemon Haze make it perfect for consumers who would like to medicate while enjoying an energizing high. With THC levels of around 10%, it gives a manageable and typically uplifting buzz, together with a boost of energy that offers heightened focus and lasting motivation.  It’s medical properties are said to ease conditions such as anxiety and depression.

As the invigorating high softens, things will ease to a relaxing conclusion, softening the limbs and soothing stress and fatigue.  CBD Super Lemon Haze is rarely overwhelmingly soporific, so is unlikely to couch-lock, allowing the user to remain functional.

Despite its high levels of medicinally potent CBD, it’s still best to go easy on dosage.

Blue Dream

Suitable for use by newbies and those with low tolerance levels, Blue Dream is still potent enough to impress seasoned veterans.  Its smooth, mellow toke, if taken in moderation, gives a strong, fulfilling high, but is rarely overwhelming. 

Blue Dream Feminized Buds

A wonderful mood-enhancer that packs a punch, Blue Dream‘s buzz is euphoric and uplifting.  Perfect for AM use, it can awaken the mind, clearing it of worries and concerns, and keep it running with a boost of energy that helps creative juices flow.

Blue Dream offers an enduring lift that can keep you going for hours, without the high ever becoming overwhelming.  Goals are easily achievable, thanks to Blue Dream’s clear-headed nature, and its motivation is seemingly endless; a perfect weed for daytime use.


Better than a cup of coffee in the morning, Chocolope is a very popular strain among creatives looking for something to stir the creative juices.  A big boost of energy will send you head-first into your day; taking it easy and chillin’ is just not an option.

The fast-hitting euphoric, carefree, and uplifting high is a calm one, however, remaining clear headed and unlikely to be cloudy or hazy.  Chocolope’s buzz doesn’t last very long, but it leaves users happy, motivated, and optimistic. As a result, productivity is quite enduring. 

Heralded as a hero wake and bake cannabis strain, users shouldn’t shy away from use at other times during the day; although, it is perhaps best avoided late at night, unless the intention is to carry on, through it.

The plant’s hard-to-resist scent and taste are a big draw!

Green Crack

This predominantly Sativa powerhouse was named by Snoop Dogg; a vocal fan of this prized variety.

A potent stimulant with an enduring, active high, this now legendary strain is renowned as a jaw-dropping wake and bake strain, who’s effects can be felt all day long.  Providing a major boost to energy levels, it also brings mental clarity, emotional lift and puts the pedal to the metal when it comes to productivity. 

Green Crack’s Sativa is balanced with a kiss of Indica, providing the perfect blend of sensory, cerebral magic, with the slow creep of relaxation, which works its way down from the head.  It is sure to release tension and angst, leaving you physically and mentally serene, without locking you to the couch.

It is, without doubt, one of the most popular varieties on the market and is renowned for its potency.  Even seasoned smokers should be careful not to go overboard with this strain.

Strawberry Cough Feminized

Widely acknowledged as one of the best Sativa-dominant strains on the market, this fruity bud really lives up to its Strawberry moniker and delivers a very distinct flavor profile.  It is a perfect wake-and-bake strain, due to the high THC levels that lend it a happy and energizing high.

Making users feel brighter and more cheerful, the blissful high is married to a surge of energy that makes it a great morning and daytime weed.  

Strawberry Cough Feminized Buds

Strawberry Cough is a great choice for both recreational and medical purposes, bringing a happy cerebral high coupled with physical relaxation.  It is reputed to be beneficial in the treatment of a number of conditions, both physical and psychological.

Again, go low and slow with this strain.  The THC levels are, perhaps, more suited to experienced users.  Couch-lock is a possibility…well, bed-lock, if you haven’t even got to pull back the sheets!