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Best Terpenes for Anxiety and Stress

July 31, 2023
best terpenes for anxiety

Are you aware of the best terpenes for anxiety relief? Or how these aromatic compounds make some cannabis strains stress-busting and thoroughly calming?

The entourage effect was a game-changing discovery.

In short, scientists found terpenes don’t only make weed fragrant and tasty. They also cooperate with the cannabinoids, tailoring the effects you experience upon toking. Many do wonders on the mind, reducing chatter and leaving you peaceful.

Join me to discover anxiety-busting terpenes in marijuana. I share my favorite strains dripping in these calming compounds and discuss some best avoided by anxious individuals.

Best terpenes for anxiety: Top 5


Caryophyllene is the compound responsible for the spicy scent of cloves and black pepper. It’s also the best terpene for anxiety.

According to studies, beta-caryophyllene (the variant found in weed) acts as a CB2 agonist. This receptor regulates anxious and compulsive behaviors, lending the terpene anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects.

caryophyllene terpene

Strains with high caryophyllene content

Here are three of my favorite strains with high caryophyllene levels:

  • Girl Scout Cookies feminized is a delectable hybrid with 24% THC and a multi-layered baked goods bouquet. The smoking experience begins with a mind-body uplift and ends in a peaceful pleasure state.
  • Chemdawg #4 feminized is an indica-dominant heavy-hitter with 25% THC and a sweet-and-spicy aroma. Blaze on these buds to mellow out your disposition while staying mentally alert.
  • White Widow feminized is an indica-dominant heavy-yielder with 22% THC and a piquant fragrance. The effect profile starts as energy-boosting, but laziness and an appetite spike soon come knocking.


Limonene is abundant in lemons, limes, and oranges. It’s a favorite for its anxiety-relieving effects that don’t leave you too sleepy to stay productive. We often find it in food, essential oils, terp sprays, and weed.

According to research, limonene regulates brain activities through the A2A receptor. Its effects reduce anxious behaviors and stress-related physical sensations. It also boosts dopamine for an antidepressant cherry on top.

limonene terpene

Strains with high limonene content

Citrus-smelling cultivars are plentiful, leaving you spoiled for choice. These three are personal favorites:

  • Amnesia Lemon feminized is an energizing sativa with 21% THC and scents of wood, earth, and lemons. It’s the top choice for wake ‘n’ bakers and afternoon tokers, leaving you energized and optimistic.
  • Garlic Breath feminized is an indica-dominant cultivar with 20% THC and a to-die-for pepper-pine-spice smoke. It makes your mind creative and carefree, but the body melts in complete tranquility.
  • Black Runtz feminized is a balanced hybrid and a heavy-hitter. It boasts 25% THC and a mouth-watering sugar, berry, and orange flavor. The mental effects are euphoric, and the body relaxes without getting couch-locked.


Linalool is perhaps the best-tasting entry on my list of terpenes good for anxiety. This aromatic compound smells like fruit and flowers, adding that characteristic scent to lavender and jasmine.

It’s also an ingredient of most strains that relieve stress and depression.

Researchers found linalool may reduce aggressive behavior and promote positive social interaction. It also has effects similar to SSRI antidepressants, helping tokers battle the blues.

linalool terpene

Strains with high linalool content

Gentle-tasting linalool-rich cultivars are much-loved among sweet tooth tokers. I enjoy indulging in these three:

  • Bubba Kush feminized is an indica with 18% THC and an aroma of coffee, chocolate, and hashish. It’s intensely calming, making it suitable for after-work toking. You enjoy several hours of TLC and have an early night post-blunt.
  • Dank Duchess’ Fat Mazzy feminized is an exclusive sativa with 24% THC and smooth, bubblegum-tasting smoke. Smoking this strain is akin to a spiritual, psychedelic journey of self-exploration and self-acceptance.
  • Lavender feminized is an indica super-soother with 20% THC and a herbal, floral bouquet. It feels like a treat, uplifting your spirits and encouraging self-care. You eventually become one with your couch and drift off to sleep.


Besides giving hops, basil, and lemongrass their herbal flavors, myrcene is the dominant aromatic chemical in cannabis. It’s also among the top terpenes for anxiety and pain relief.

Scientists consider anxiolytic effects the main myrcene properties. It’s sedative, calming restless minds and bodies in one fell swoop. It modulates THC, making the high longer-lasting. You may also use it for sleep.

myrcene terpene

Strains with high myrcene content

It’s rare to find a strain that doesn’t have myrcene. These three are my go-to’s:

  • Blue Dream feminized is a dreamy, wellness-boosting sativa with 20% THC and creamy flavors of berry and vanilla. It awakens your senses, uplifts your mood, and infuses your body with calm energy.
  • Sour Diesel autoflower is a sativa-dominant booster with 23% THC and an eye-watering lemon-kerosene flavor profile. Its influence is energetic, leaving you chatty, sociable, and eager to move. No negative thoughts reach your brain space.
  • Skunk XL fast version is an iconic sativa with 18% THC and the recognizable smell of earth, fuel, and acid. It induces fast-acting cerebral stimulation and a bone-deep body stone that leaves you glued to a seat.


We can’t disregard alpha-pinene while discussing anti-anxiety terpenes. This terpene is plentiful in pine trees and various marijuana strains. It smells like a forest in the fall and might heighten cognitive function, soothe stress, and alleviate depressive symptoms.

An experiment has shown that inhaling alpha-pinene may offer stress relief. According to anecdotes, it may also reduce the anxiety related to consuming too much THC.

pinene terpene

Strains with high pinene content

Wood-smelling strains taste and feel amazing. These three are the prime examples of their relaxing, rejuvenating power:

  • Critical Jack feminized is the ideal sativa for wake ‘n’ bake. It has 19% THC, a refreshing lemon aroma, and the effects of espresso, minus the jitters. The brain and body awaken, and positivity streams through your system.
  • Pine autoflower is a modern sativa with 20% THC and the quintessential pine flavor. Both its scents and effects are rejuvenating. Your mind is invigorated in minutes, and the body feels bouncy, alive, and limber.
  • Northern Dawn feminized is a psychoactive powerhouse with sativa genes. It has 33% THC and scents reminiscent of overripe fruit and pine forests. The cerebral effects arrive first, banishing worry from your mental space. Indica-like relaxation later overcomes you.

Which terpenes to avoid if you have anxiety

You know what cannabis terpenes are, how they work, and which ones soothe anxiety. Are there any with opposite effects? Unfortunately, yes.

Some terpenes are too stimulating for folks going through stressful periods. They may leave the mind running and the body full of nervous energy. I enjoy them on productive days but avoid them when I’m already on edge.

Notably, these terpenes often occur in weed that causes anxiety:

  • Guaiol is a rare cannabis terpene with a distinctive pine, wood, and rose aroma. Unfortunately, it may elevate anxiety in predisposed individuals.
  • Terpinolene smells and tastes like citrus and ripe flowers. It may increase your heart rate and enhance the physical signs of anxiety.
terpenes and cannabinoids

Don’t write off these chemicals. The experience depends on the full terpene and cannabinoid content of your chosen strain.

For example, some say limonene causes anxiety after smoking it through hyper-energizing sativa. Terpinolene may benefit anxious folks if included in a relaxing formula.

Strains with the highest terpene content contain a complete cocktail, and you feel their interplay while high. So, check the overall composition to determine the expected effects.

I should also mention cannabinoids. Moderate doses of THC help you unwind and get out of your head, but excessive amounts could cause panic, sweating, and paranoia. CBD tends to be anxiolytic in most quantities.

Not saying you can’t get seeds with high THC content and grow a socks-off stash, but proceed cautiously.

Find serenity in anti anxiety terpenes

Anecdotes and scientific research agree on the stress-busting effects of terpenes. Why not harness nature for anxiety relief?

Knowingwhat terpenes are good for anxiety lets you tailor your experience to your needs. Note the strain’s overall composition to determine its effectiveness, and don’t hesitate to experiment until you find your fit.

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