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Kratom and Weed: Differences & Similarities

Posted in: Weed & Wellness
July 13, 2023

Since marijuana legalization, there’s increased interest in other beneficial plants. Both kratom and weed are growing in popularity across the US.

Are you curious about how marijuana compares to kratom? Many aren’t aware of this herb or its potential benefits. Others want to know which is better.

Join us as we share our knowledge about the two plants. Discover the similarities and differences, and choose between weed and kratom to suit your preferences.

What is kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa, known as kratom, originates from a Southeast Asian tree. The leaves provide extracts with therapeutic properties.

Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia since 1836, initially renowned for providing stimulation in lower doses. Its prominence is due to its use in combating fatigue. Opiate-like effects from consuming higher quantities increase the herb’s popularity.

The supplement is now widespread across America as people discover the plant’s effects and potential benefits. Kratom is like marijuana in terms of facing various misconceptions and legal hurdles.

There’s no federal-level ban on the herb, but regulation is lacking in most states. The inconsistent laws around both substances are significant when discussing kratom vs. weed. Further progress in legislation is necessary for both plants.

Kratom has more in common with opiates. The herb is only similar to cannabis on a surface level. A person can ingest either plant to derive effects, but close comparisons end there. 

How much weed is too much? This question primarily concerns an individual’s tolerance to psychoactive compounds, as the plant isn’t toxic.

Research around kratom is ongoing, and there is some cause for caution. While the herb is popular, ensure to practice responsible consumption if you’re thinking about trying it.

kratom leaves

What are the key effects of kratom and weed?

Is kratom like weed? In some ways, yes. Both plants produce psychoactive and physical effects.

The high from cannabis is different from kratom in various ways. The two substances operate through separate mechanisms in the body.

Individuals have contrasting reactions to both plants. Some effects of kratom and weed are universal to most people.

Kratom: Key effects

A person’s response to kratom depends on tolerance and dosage. The substance usually provides stimulation in small quantities. Many claim a range of effects, such as:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Enhanced focus
  • Boosted libido

Higher dosages provide different effects, and some similarities between weed and kratom are more apparent. Users claim the benefits of consuming the supplement in larger amounts of up to 10 grams include:

  • Reduced pain
  • Relaxation and sedation
  • Euphoria
  • Sleep
kratom leaf

Cannabis: Key effects

Kratom and marijuana’s effects are similar in some ways, but the differences outweigh the commonalities. Marijuana comes in a vast range of strains with an array of unique highs and benefits.

The type of cannabis significantly impacts the effects. The concentration of various active compounds also dictates how it makes you feel. There are thousands of options with unique properties, from high THC seeds to CBD strains.

Comparing kratom vs. weed in these terms is challenging due to the latter’s varying types of highs. Some strains offer benefits such as relaxation, while others provide energy.

Here are some of the effects that marijuana may provide:

  • Elation
  • Creativity
  • Pain relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
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Kratom vs. marijuana for pain relief

Pain relief is a significant factor regarding kratom vs. marijuana. Both plants offer potential benefits for discomfort, but which is better?

The two substances relieve pain through different mechanisms. Weed interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), while kratom engages with opioid receptors.

Marijuana helps with the discomfort connected to inflammation and muscle issues. Kratom works directly by dulling acute pain, similar to many prescription medicines.

Is kratom better than weed for relieving pain? It depends on the cause of your soreness. Using cannabis for pain relief is generally suggested for easing discomfort related to inflammation and relieving chronic pain.

Kratom’s interaction with opioid receptors typically means it’s better for alleviating acute pain, such as a toothache.

Kratom vs. cannabis for sleep

Kratom and cannabis enthusiasts claim both plants provide improvements to sleep. The cause of your insomnia dictates which substance is better for helping the issue. 

Many people enjoy cannabis for sleep, and some strains are famous for inducing it. If your insomnia is due to pain or withdrawal symptoms from opioids, kratom may help.

Weed and kratom could both improve sleep. Aside from the cause, which is better depends on your personal preference.

Weed buds, joint and grinder

Kratom vs. weed for anxiety

Anxiety is an area of comparison where marijuana is the preferred choice overall. Kratom may help with stress, but marijuana is famous for alleviating it.

Many are speaking out about using marijuana for anxiety. Numerous strains exist where people report mental relief as the primary effect.

If you’re debating kratom vs. weed, easing anxiety for so many is a win for weed.

Kratom vs. weed for mood

The effects of kratom or cannabis on mood are subjective. A person’s state of mind is dependent on significant variables.

Many kratom users claim it boosts their mental state and relieves stress. In terms of weed vs. kratom for mood, the former may offer more benefits. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. It can boost your state of mind in various ways. There are also some specifically bred strains with high cannabidiol (CBD) content, but most are THC-heavy.

This double-offering is a significant difference between cannabis and kratom generally and in terms of improving mood.

The non-psychoactive ingredient is now a whole industry. Many who don’t enjoy smoking weed love CBD-infused items. Numerous people speak about the calming effects of these products. CBD weed seeds are available for those who want to grow buds without psychoactive effects.

Kratom vs. weed: Comparison chart

kratom vs weed

Let’s further compare kratom and weed:

Typical Dosage2.5 to 10 grams daily5 mg to over 45 mg THC daily
Potential side effectsHeadaches, nausea, and acid refluxLightheadedness, nausea, and increased appetite
OriginSoutheast AsiaIndependent origin points on various continents
Addiction riskPotentially addictive if abusedLow possibility of addiction
MechanismInteraction with opioid receptorsInteraction with the endocannabinoid system
Legality in the USALegal on a federal level, state-dependent, and minimal regulation.Illegal on a federal level, state-dependant, and stringent regulations.
Primary active ingredientsMitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynineCannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
Product typesRaw leaves, powders, capsules, and extractsBuds, edibles, concentrates, and CBD products

Can you mix kratom with weed?

The two substances don’t directly interact, but the effects of both combine, and the outcome is unpredictable. 

We don’t recommend large doses of marijuana and kratom if using them simultaneously. The effects of both could feel overwhelming. There’s no toxic clash between the two substances, but over-indulgence may cause an unpleasant experience.

Can you smoke kratom with weed? We don’t recommend smoking kratom. There are significantly better ways to ingest it. Moderation when combining the two is crucial to having a safe and fun time. Ensuring you have high-quality products is essential.

We recommend purchasing kratom from regulated online vendors. Premium cannabis is easy to find in legal states, but why not try growing your own? Buy from a trusted weed seed bank to maximize your chances of success.

Preference is key between kratom and weed

When discussing kratom compared to weed, it’s primarily about personal preference. The only way to know what suits you is to try them both. 

There are plenty of ways to get high, but nothing beats the buzz of growing plants. Cultivating cannabis is therapeutic in itself. Why not experience the joy of nurturing and blazing your own buds?

Check out the Homegrown Cannabis Co. store to see our incredible range of premium weed seeds. Discover the best strains to suit your preferences and start growing today.

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about kratom vs. cannabis with our expert answers.

Is kratom dangerous?

Conclusive research around kratom is minimal. There’s some anecdotal evidence of bad reactions. These rare cases could be due to the lack of regulation.

The DEA and other elements of the US government haven’t proven any dangers of kratom. The failure of their attempts to show the plant as harmful is why it’s federally legal. 

There’s evidence suggesting the supplement’s similarities to opiates carry risks. Ensure you’re knowledgeable and responsible if you’re considering experimenting with kratom.

Does kratom feel like weed?

As the plant gains popularity, many tokers ask if kratom feels like weed. There are some similarities in how both substances make you feel, but the differences are more noticeable.

Both plants energize and relax you, but each offers unique sensations. Weed interacts with the endocannabinoid system, while kratom targets opioid receptors. These separate mechanisms are why the two plants feel different.

What are the key effects between kratom and weed?

Is kratom or weed better for effects? Kratom generally provides an energy boost in small doses. Larger amounts typically deliver sedative effects similar to opioids. Marijuana offers various benefits depending on the strain, from improving focus to sleep. There are crossover effects between kratom and weed, such as pain relief, but the distinction is still evident. They both serve unique purposes.

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