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Worst Strains for Anxiety: 10 Cultivars to Avoid If You’re Anxious

May 22, 2023
worst strains for anxiety

Are you trying to find the worst strains for anxiety? Many report that cannabis helps with high levels of stress, but not all strains are created equal. 

The key to finding cultivars that are good for anxiety lies in the THC to CBD ratio. High levels of THC may cause unwanted side effects like paranoia, dizziness, and racing thoughts.

Let’s discover some of the cultivars you should avoid when anxious.

10 worst strains for anxiety: the list

Most cannabis strains have a negligible CBD ratio, aside from those that are specifically bred to contain high amounts of cannabidiol. A soaring THC range with the typical low CBD content can either make for an electrifying experience or pure paranoia

We’ve compiled a list of ten marijuana strains with high THC levels. These buds could either give you the trip of your life or make you trip.

1. OG Kush

Also known as Premium OG Kush, this cultivar is best reserved for the gangster smokers out there. Sitting at 16% THC and less than 1% CBD, OG Kush may be among the low THC strains, but it has powerful euphoric effects. 

This hybrid delivers a gust of chattiness and cheerfulness. Higher amounts may cause nervousness or paranoia. OG Kush may boost the mood and increase dopamine and serotonin, possibly benefiting those with anxiety. 

If you decide to give it a try, puff in moderation. It isn’t named coincidentally, it really is the OG of weed strains. 

OG Kush feminized
OG Kush feminized

2. Green Crack

Weed lovers looking for an extreme energy boost usually reach for Green Crack. Coined by Snoop Dogg himself, this strain isnot for the faint-hearted‌

It averages at around 17% THC with less than 1% CBD. It delivers a powerful head buzz showcasing the effects of THC

Green Crack has a reputation for causing its users to trip out if they overdo it. It’s one of the worst strains for anxiety, because the energizing effects may cause overstimulation and racing thoughts. 

Green Crack (aka Green Crush)
Green Crack Feminized

3. Northern Lights

Euphoria is the name of the game with Northern Lights. Also known as NL, it delivers a powerful psychedelic buzz enveloping you in a warm blanket of calm. Go overboard with this indica and your brain will dance like the aurora borealis.

This cultivar packs around 18% THC and less than 1% CBD. In low to medium doses, it may uplift the mental state and deliver a sense of cheer.

Fans of NL claim it has psychedelic effects that brighten colors and create visual distortions. Using this marijuana for anxiety could easily trigger a panic attack or paranoia, so toke cautiously. 

Northern Lights Feminized
Northern Lights Feminized

4. Gorilla Glue

Don’t be fooled by the coffee and mocha aromas; this is one hard-hitting strain. Gorilla Glue, also known as GG4, is a hybrid that’s garnered a reputation for being one of the most powerful tokes. 

Even the smallest hit can send you straight to couch-lock. As an indica-dominant cultivar, it has strong sedating, relaxing effects, making it one of the strains that are bad for anxiety.

The high THC levels of up to 27% can send you through spirals of paranoia. Consume low doses for the best results. 

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized

5. Phantom Menace

This indica-dominant strain has reported anxiolytic properties, so it should be a good pick for anxiety, right? Well, the 29% THC content may prove otherwise.

As the effects kick in, a powerful mental buzz slaps you awake, which could cause racing thoughts and paranoia. The high-energy effects don’t last long. Soon you’ll be floating on pillow-soft clouds as the indica buzz kicks in. 

Phantom Menace spreads calming sensations throughout the body and comforts the mind with a warm, relaxing buzz. As the effects fade, the eyelids get heavy, and dreamland isn’t far away. 

Phantom Menace Feminized
Phantom Menace Feminized

6. San Fernando Valley OG

Also known as SFV OG, this strain could be the best or worst thing for your anxiety. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid known for delivering a powerful, cloudy buzz. 

As an indica, the effects are soothing, which could relieve racing thoughts, but the high THC range may be overwhelming. 

Some fans of San Fernando Valley OG report that the anxious effects are short-lived while others have no negative reactions. The soothing caress that hits when this toke peaks is unbelievably relaxing, floating away stress on its pillow-soft indica clouds. 

With around 22% THC and less than 1% CBD, the initial effects may be too much to handle for some. As the buzz fades, a gentle wave of calm flows through every muscle, relieving tension and stress. 

San Fernando Valley buds
San Fernando Valley buds

7. MK Ultra

Does indica make anxiety worse? Not always, but this powerful strain may be too strong for beginners or sensitive users. It has around 20% THC and less than 1% CBD. 

The effects are mainly euphoric and relaxing. MK Ultra is best reserved for those treating conditions like chronic pain, as the full body buzz may be intense for people with anxiety

For some, this indica-dominant hybrid may relieve anxiety, and for others, it could trigger the symptoms. It’s best to consume it in small doses and have methods to calm yourself down if it backfires. 

MK Ultra feminized Bud
MK Ultra feminized Bud

8. Moby Dick

Living up to its name, Moby Dick knocks you out if you overdo it. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with around 18% THC and less than 1% CBD. 

Moby Dick has high levels of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), which delivers strong psychedelic effects that may create psychoactive sensations. It could cause paranoia in people with anxiety, as the spacey feeling may trigger overstimulation. 

This strain may also have medical benefits, as it has deep, relaxing effects that could calm anxious feelings and uplift the mood.

Moby Dick Feminized
Moby Dick Feminized

9. Triangle Kush

Also known as Triangle OG, this indica-dominant strain could be the cure or the cause of your anxiety. 

With around 20% THC and less than 1% CBD, Triangle Kush delivers intense effects that may overwhelm some people. 

It provides a strong relaxing buzz that may be excellent for relieving stress, tension, and pain. Some report intense euphoria which triggers anxiety symptoms, while others say the energizing effect makes them chatty. 

Triangle Kush Feminized

10. Sour Cookies

As controversial as this may sound, you could smoke more of this strain to reduce the possibility of anxiety. Sour Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs around 23% THC and less than 1% CBD. 

In low doses, the effects are euphoric and deliver cerebral stimulation which could trigger various anxiety symptoms

If you smoke medium to high amounts, the indica buzz intensifies. Sour Cookies delivers warm, soothing waves that flood your body with pure relaxation. It’s best for the afternoon as it causes couch-lock and the munchies. 

sour cookies feminized
Sour Cookies Feminized

Find the best strain for you at Homegrown

Take this list of the worst strains for anxiety with a pinch of salt. Usually, high THC strains trigger anxiety when overused, but this may not be the case for everyone. Some may find that the potent levels help their condition. 

Here are some tips to consider: 

  • Instead of completely avoiding these strains, try them in low doses. 
  • Keep a batch of CBD oil ready in case any unwanted side effects set in.
  • Puff slowly and allow 20 mins for the effects to kick in before consuming more.

We hope you find the strain that suits you best. Shop our selection of high-quality weed seeds and grow your favorite cultivars today.

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