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We’re Growing Live with Kyle Kushman on Wednesday, January 27th!

Growing Live with Kyle Kushman January 28th
January 25, 2021

Happy New Year Homegrowers! We know last year was tough, but we were happy to provide you with top quality cannabis seeds, cannabis education and all-round cannabis entertainment. Because we know how much you love it, we are delighted to tell you…

Growing Live returns for the first installment of 2021! That’s right, Kyle Kushman is back to bless us with his knowledge once again, in the form of a live Q+A. The master of indoor growing, Kyle Kushman has a lot of information to give and, if you’ve never watched Growing Live before, you should know that he never fails to deliver!

On January 27th at 6pm (PT) Kyle Kushman will join everyone’s favorite host, Nate Hammer for a live Q+A full of information, fun, and insider stories from a cannabis industry legend. When you’ve been a prominent figure in the cannabis industry for over 30 years, as Kyle Kushman has, you know he has some stories to tell!

How Do I Watch Growing Live?

If you’ve watched Growing Live before, you should know how it works, but if you’ve forgotten or are new to this event, then here’s how it works:

Why Should I Watch Growing Live?

Growing Live has become somewhat of an event for members of the Homegrown community, a time where we give our customers the chance to interact in real-time with a living legend. We love being able to provide this service to our beloved Homegrowers and we’ve been loving the feedback we’ve had from our past events.

We love every chance we get to reunite the team from our A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman series of videos. Kyle and Nate never disappoint when it comes to Growing Live!

This is a perfect opportunity for members of the growing community to come together for a night of education and entertainment (edutainment??) and best of all, it’s completely free!

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