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What to Do With Kief: Top 10 Ideas to Try at Home

May 16, 2023
What to do With Kief

You might wonder what to do with kief while searching for ways to take your weed experience a notch higher. This substance contains trichomes that produce sticky resin filled with terpenes and cannabinoids.

Kief is highly potent since it contains large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in marijuana. How do you get it? 

Most tokers collect this substance by grinding properly cured and dried flowers. Depending on the grinder, the powdered weed typically falls through a mesh screen into a kief catcher. Any product caught in the sift can be ground again.

A recommended grinder is one with three chambers and a fine screen, as it ensures that the material collected at the end has an even consistency.

Read our detailed guide and learn how to use kief to enjoy the effects of cannabis creatively

Let’s hop in.

10 things to do with kief

Marijuana is a wondrous plant with numerous means to enjoy its medicinal and recreational benefits. Kief is among the best ways to get the most out of this herb. How do you incorporate this substance into your marijuana consumption routines?

Here are the nine best uses for kief to apply at home for a memorable experience alone or with friends.

1. Add kief to your joints

Are you looking for ways to make your joints hit harder and deliver long-lasting effects? The first tip is using potent buds with high THC levels. Adding kief to your doobies is a unique way to experience powerful sensations. 

After grinding the weed, take a pinch of the trichome powder and sprinkle it over the herb. Mix it well and roll the joint using your preferred method. Light the doobie and enjoy the extra kick that the substance delivers.

Wondering what to do with kief stuck in the grinder? Place it in the freezer to make the trichomes loosen from the walls and accumulate in the chamber. You can also use a bristle paint brush to scrape off the powder.

If these two methods don’t work, place the different parts of your grinder in the top of a double boiler. Cover it with milk and adjust the heat to 150°F, maintaining this temperature for a few hours. The result is weed-infused milk which you can use in cooking or in a hot drink.

Wash the various components in warm, soapy water to remove any excess residue.


A tip: Don’t use Isopropyl alcohol. It can leave harmful residues, leaving the dried kief unsuitable to smoke.

A popular method of smoking kief is by sprinkling it in your joint. Although this is an acceptable way of inhaling your treat, there’s insufficient airflow.

Instead of lining your entire joint with ground weed, consider placing your desired amount close to the mouthpiece. The heat from the front end vaporizes the THC, allowing you to enjoy it more and prevent it from combusting.

Use small amounts of these doobies, as they burn quickly and can lead to wastage.

Another one of the best ways to use kief is to coat it on your joints. Wet the spliff a little by licking or waxing, then roll it in the bowl with the trichome powder. Let it stick, light the doobie, and enjoy the uplifting sensation.

2. Top your bowls 

Though lighting joints is the most common consumption method, bongs can be better, especially when smoking with friends. Elevate your stoning sessions by topping your bowls with kief. 

Take the substance and sprinkle your desired amount on top of the buds. Enthusiasts refer to this technique as “crowning the bowl.”

What is kief used for in this method? It increases the potency of the smoke, leading to an intense high within a few minutes.

Experienced weed smokers recommend “cornering the hits” to get the most out of the pack. This technique entails lighting a small part of the bowl instead of burning it at once. It allows you to enjoy more since it lasts longer. 

To gain the full benefits of the THC, try hovering a flame from a lighter or match to create a vapor. Inhaling it this way gives you maximum pleasure compared to direct heat, which will burn it faster. 

How To Corner A Bowl & Why

3. Dry-herb vaporizer

Many weed enthusiasts have also consumed kief in their vaporizers. A dry-herb vape is an ideal choice for this method. As with the other smoking styles, it’s best combined with some cannabis flower. 

Vaping kief on its own will turn it into a sticky substance and result in wastage. Some believe inhaling the product this way is a healthier option for medical marijuana patients.

4. Make moon rocks

What can I make with kief? Use this substance to prepare moon rocks, marijuana flower buds covered with hash and trichome powder. They pack an impressive high and are easy to create at home.

Heat the concentrate lightly to liquify it, then apply it to the buds using a brush or dropper. Another method is dipping the nugs into the concentrated oil. 

Cover the buds with kief by sprinkling them or rolling them in a plateful of trichome powder. Let the moon rocks dry for several minutes until they become solid and hard. Smoke or use a bowl to enjoy them.


5. Create cannabutter

Wondering what to do with excess kief? Infuse it into cannabutter and use it while making various dishes. 

Before using kief for cooking, ensure you decarboxylate it. This process involves heating the cannabis at 220–240°F for about 40 minutes to convert THC acid (THC-A) into THC.

Once done, mix the kief with marijuana and butter to make cannabutter. Store in the fridge or freezer to preserve it. 

6. Add it to coffee or brew tea

Are you looking for things to do with kief to elevate your mornings? Start your day with energy and motivation by sprinkling this product into your hot coffee. Add the correct amount depending on how strong you want the drink to be.

The hot coffee decarboxylates the kief, activating the cannabinoid responsible for delivering a cerebral buzz. Add about one gram of trichome powder per six ounces of your beverage for the best effects. You can start with a smaller amount, and gradually increase until you reach the desired effect.

While this is a suggested dosage, start with a smaller amount. The 420 community believes in starting low and going slow. Assess the effects of the lower quantity and then gradually increase the dose until you reach the desired quota.

The cannabinoids and caffeine may stimulate dopamine release, leaving you feeling motivated and happy. 

Who said only coffee lovers could enjoy the extra kick? Add kief to your tea and experience a long-lasting euphoria that kicks in within 15–30 minutes after drinking it.

Another genius thing to do with kief is to decarboxylate it and then mix it thoroughly with your tea leaves. Brew it any time of the day and enjoy.

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7. Get creative in the kitchen

With some creativity, you’ll find various ways to use kief in the kitchen. Since it has a subtle taste, it’s a great addition to several meals. If you prefer a CBD infused meal, try creating ground weed from a high CBD strain or hemp.

What can I do with kief in the kitchen? Use it to make cannabutter for brownies, cakes, dressings, or other dishes. 

8. Make e-liquid and vape it

Use kief to make some e-liquid that you can vape at home or on the go. You require the following items to prepare the e-juice:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Coffee filter
  • Cooking pot or double boiler
  • Metal or glass bowl
  • Propylene glycol
  • Several syringes

If you lack a double boiler, improvise by filling the pot with water and placing a glass bowl on top. 

Pour vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol into the double boiler using a 1:1 ratio. Add kief, turn on the heat, and wait for the mixture to melt and achieve a smooth consistency. 

You can add flavors like strawberry to make the kief in vape juice taste better. Ensure you do prior research to confirm that the product is safe for consumption.

After melting, transfer the mixture into a coffee filter to sieve out any plant matter. Allow your juice to cool, then use a syringe to add the liquid to your vape pen. 

9. Make hash

What can I do with my kief? There are numerous ways to use this substance, especially if you have it in surplus. 

You can make hash from kief and smoke the potent product as a joint. Some consumers opt to use a bong, dab rig, or pipe. This stuff produces intense psychoactive effects that last for hours, regardless of the consumption method.

To make hash, you need a sizable amount of kief to compress into a solid block. The final product has a golden or chocolate color and a harder consistency.

You can create this by simply pressing it together with your fingers. The heat from your hands can melt the oils. As you continue to roll and press it, you’ll form little spheres from the resin, which is hash. Be sure to thoroughly clean your hands afterward. 

Once it’s fully compressed, it’s ready for use. What can you do with kief hashish? Keep it in an airtight glass container and place it in a cool, dry place to keep it fresh. 

If you’re an experienced stoner, smoke the product on its own to achieve your desired effects. For beginners, mix the hash with flowers before lighting it. Kief can pack up to 70% THC or more, which may overwhelm novice users. 

How to make hash

10. Make rosin

Are you looking for other uses for kief? Besides making hash, you can also prepare potent rosin using this substance. 

You need parchment paper and a hair straightener or clothes iron to make this DIY product at home.

Start by placing some kief in the paper, then fold it properly. Apply heat and heavy pressure using the clothes iron or hair straightener. Avoid high temperaturesthat can destroy the THC content

Press the package using the heating device until the kief hash is fully compressed (rosin is the sticky resinous substance exuded after heat and pressure is applied). Consume the final product by lighting in a bong or dab rig.

Discover new uses for kief & unlock new experiences

What do you do with kief? Use the methods in this article to explore this potent marijuana substance. Whether you’re a coffee lover or a veteran stoner, there’s something for you to unlock a memorable experience. 

Grow your cannabis at home and have a surplus of kief come harvest time. Grab potent weed seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and cultivate your favorite strains.

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