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Best Grow Tents for Weed: A Guide & Best Brands to Try

best grow tent for weed

The best grow tents let you raise a thriving closet-sized garden without sacrificing space. They optimize the cultivation environment, reduce space and electricity usage, and increase the yield potential. Low-quality ones are more trouble than they’re worth, though.

Are you looking for top tents and getting overwhelmed by the brands, jargon, and number of options? You’re in the right place.

Today, we bring you a complete grow tent buyer’s guide. We discuss desirable features, the highest-quality brands in this niche, and ideal tents for various cultivation styles.

Key benefits of choosing a grow tent

A cannabis growing tent is a purpose-built structure for plant cultivation. It’s opaque on the outside and shiny on the inside, functioning like a tiny, enclosed grow room.

People employ tents to produce sticky buds without permanently modifying parts of their homes. Besides convenience, a well-functioning grow tent setup:

  • Minimizes the space requirements. Grow tents contain your plants, lights, and supplies. You need much less room to set up a full weed garden.
  • Cannabis Odor Control. Tents have attachment points that let you easily employ exhaust fans and carbon filters. This will help eliminate the strong smell of flowering cannabis, keeping your grow op discreet.
  • Promotes plant health. The design of grow tents helps draw air and heat up and away from the plants. The ability to control the environment reduces the risk of mold formation. Pests and pathogens can’t enter, making crop disease much less likely.
  • Optimizes light exposure. Grow tents are typically lined with mylar, a highly reflective material which helps direct more photons back to the canopy. It diffuses and reflects light, making tents incredibly efficient.
  • Reduces power consumption. Tents limit the size of your grow space and optimize the functioning of each device. They tend to be more efficient than larger grow rooms and can greatly reduce the amount of electricity required to cultivate weed.
  • Maximizes the harvest potential. The features discussed all lend themselves to a well-controlled growing environment. This will help you have a productive harvest.

Want to reap these benefits? You’ll need the best grow tent set up for marijuana.

Indoor grow tent

What to look for when choosing a grow tent

What features make up the best grow tent for cannabis? Here’s what to look out for:

  • Grow tent size. The ideal dimensions depend on your harvest ambitions, lamp type, and available space. Larger tents let you upscale, but overly large ones waste resources. As a rule, here’s how many plants a tent can fit:
Grow Tent SizeIdeal Plant Count
2′ x 2′1 – 2
2′ x 4′2 – 4
3′ x 3′3 – 5
4′ x 4′4 – 6
2′ x 8′5 – 12
5′ x 5′4 – 10
2′ x 10′9 – 16
8′ x 8′9 – 16
10′ x 10′10 – 20
  • Fabric strength and density. Dense materials increase durability and prevent light leaks. Don’t settle for under 600D (deniers, a density measure) on an entry-level tent. Expert cultivators may go for 1500–2000D. 
  • High-quality zippers and stitching. Zippers and stitches keep the canvas in place, so they must be durable. Look for metal or heavy-duty plastic and double-stitched seams.
  • Frame strength. The internal frame holds the canvas and equipment in place, so look for metal poles and hardy corner joints. Check if it can carry the gear before bringing in your plants.
  • Ventilation ports. Grow tent ventilationeliminates stale air and prevents plant health issues. Typically, there are a couple of fan ports higher up, with passive vents lower to the ground. This design extracts hot air as it rises, and draws fresh, cool air past the plants.
  • Viewing windows. Constantly opening the tent flap disrupts the microclimate and causes light leaks. A window lets you check on plants without disturbing the garden.
  • Accessory pockets. Growing weed requires tools for feeding, watering, and trimming. A sack on the side of your tent is super-handy, keeping all items in place.
  • Removable tray or spill tray. Lingering runoff damages electrical tools, increases humidity, and lets pathogens breed. Trays let you easily remove the excess water, so don’t skip them.

Steer clear of PVC and PU canvases. They release toxic gasses that harm you and your plants. Also, avoid cheap tents (under $100), as their affordability is usually due to low-quality materials that may break and leak light.

You could use this list to look for the best cannabis grow tent, but why would you? We’ve already done the legwork, and here’s what we found.

Best grow tent brands

A successful grow op requires top-notch seeds, nutrients, and equipment. We’ve composed a list of the five best grow tent brands that meet the standards of our expert cultivators.

Top tier: AC Infinity Grow Tents

AC Infinity is a climate control system company. Its line of the best weed grow tents reflects its tech expertise.

These tents have hardy builds with 150 lb-capacity steel poles. They use 2000D oxford canvas with inner light-proofing layers to isolate the interior. There’s a pass-through for cable routing and an aluminum plate for mounting sensors and controllers.

AC Infinity tents are perfect for tech-savvy cultivators. They’re sleek, modern, and optimized for automation, letting you employ devices to boost your yields.

The company also produces complete grow kits. These tents have climate controllers, fans, full-spectrum grow lights, and carbon filters. They even come with pots and pruning snips.

2nd place:Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tents are premium structures at reasonable prices. This Californian company offers top-quality tents that can last for years.

The tents have 100% metal interlocking poles with fasteners for frame sturdiness. The canvas is 1680D threaded, reflective fabric. They have a patented height extension technology, which vertically increases your space from seven to eight or nine feet.

Gorilla is all about stability, durability, and adjustability. With that in mind, it produced the longest-lasting and best grow tent set up for experts.

3nd place: AgroMax Grow Tents

AgroMax is a one-stop shop for cultivation supplies, and its tents tick all the boxes. They’re the ideal all-in-one product for folks who prioritize longevity.

These tents are hardy and light-proof, with steel interlocking frames, 600D ballistic nylon shells, double-stitched seams, and velcro-flap covers. The interior consists of reflective Mylar liners to ensure optimal light consumption.

These tents have convertible pots for various ventilation configurations and climate-preserving view windows. They’re the best grow tents for intermediate cultivators, letting you seamlessly scale up or down.

4th place: Spider Farmer Grow Tents

Spider Farmer tents are no-nonsense grow spaces for newbies and budget shoppers. They aren’t particularly advanced but offer durable builds and have everything you need to get started.

The tents use hardened steel poles with metal connectors to keep the frame sturdy. The canvas is 1680D oxford fabric with a diamond reflective Mylar layer. There’s a viewing window, and the vents adjust to any-sized fans.

Like the previous brand, Spider Farmer also produces tent kits. These consist of the frame and flap, LED lights, inline fans, carbon filters, thermometers, and hygrometers.

Shot of cannabis plants growing in a grow tent during flowerin

5th place: Mars Hydro grow tents

A leader in the hydroponic cultivation industry, Mars Hydro produces the best cheap grow tents for entry-level growers.

These tents have iron frames that can support 110 lbs of weight. They’re covered with 1680D oxford fabric and lined with 98% reflective mylar. Extra features include a detachable floor tray, circular vent holes, and a mesh window.

Mars Hydro tents aren’t sleek or super-modern, but they can take years of daily use. The kits are excellent for beginners, delivering a budget-friendly assortment of everything you need to grow weed.

We have the brands and the desirable features, so let’s bring the information together. Here are the best grow tents for specific types of cultivation.

The best indoor grow tent setup for beginners

best indoor grow tent set up

A beginner tent setup should be relatively small and require minimal upkeep. They should also leave room to refine your approach as you gain experience.

With these factors in mind, we name AC Infinity’s Advance 2×2 Grow Tent System the best grow tent setup for beginners.

The grow tent kit offers a fully automated setup for raising a single cannabis plant. Its integrated climate control tech manages air circulation and ventilation. There’s a full-spectrum LED light for weed, too.

AC Infinity’s tent is 100% accessorized. Apart from seeds and nutrients, it contains everything you need to raise a thriving weed plant.

The company’s CONTROLLER 69 technology is available via Bluetooth, letting you remotely adjust the climate. The historical charts help you learn as you grow.

The best small cannabis grow tents

Small tents are perfect for first-timers and small-scale growers. They’re compact and easy to organize, helping you get high yields from one or two plants.

Spider Farmer® 2’x2’x5’ is easily the best small grow tent for cultivators of all levels. The no-frills build ensures a stable environment for marijuana.

This tent’s dimensions already speak of its convenience. Only two feet broad and five feet tall, it easily fits into closets and corners. Setting it up requires no extra skill or equipment.

The thick frame and reflective materials create an isolated environment, and you can automate the grow tent temperature and humidity. The hanging equipment belts are a delightful addition, accommodating folks who like keeping equipment within the tent.

The best large cannabis grow tents

On the opposite extreme are enthusiastic growers who want double-digit plant numbers in their tents. XXL indoor cultivation requires additional equipment, like multiple lamps and vents. It also increases the need for walkability.

We suggest Gorilla Grow Tent 10×10 as the go-to pick for ambitious cultivators. It has a lofty interior and a sturdy, weight-bearing frame that bears disturbances

The all-steel build of this best indoor grow tent prevents rips and tears. The canvas is super-thick and reflective, minimizing the utility bills while maximizing light exposure. All elements are industrial-strength: this structure won’t break any time soon.

Besides an easy-view window, this tent has a rear door for easier plant access. It also boasts adjustable height tech, ensuring you can cultivate stretchy sativa within its confines.

grow tent
Large grow tent

The best budget grow tent

You don’t have to pay a fortune to get a good-quality indoor setup. Spider Farmer® SF1000D is the best budget grow tent whose basic specifications match the pricier alternatives. It eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment, too.

This tent system is an all-in-one solution for one or two plants. It contains a LED light, inline and exhaust filters, and gadgets for easy climate control. The structure is a metal frame with sturdy connectors, reflective mylar, and oxford cloth.

This tent is perfect for starting a garden with a small investment. It also eliminates the headache of additional equipment purchases, and you can upgrade it with time.

The best weed grow tents for perpetual harvesting

A perpetual harvest lets you maintain a steady bud supply. You keep one plant batch in the vegetative stage while the other blooms and ripens. When you harvest the latter, the former is immediately ready for flowering.

This method requires multiple self-contained chambers. Vegging and flowering plants need different temperatures, humidity levels, and amounts of light: they can’t thrive in the same space.

Multi-chamber tents address this need. They have divided rooms, and you can maintain separate conditions for vegging and flowering plants without buying two tents.

AC Infinity’s Cloudlab 632D 2-in-1 advance grow tent is the best-quality grow tent for perpetual harvests.

It has a sturdy frame, reflective materials, and two chambers separated by light-proof mylar. Lined zippers prevent light leaks from the outside or between rooms. Its four-plant capacity, combined with the perpetual harvesting schedule, is perfect for most recreational users.

The best grow tents for autoflowers

Growing autoflowers is all about minimizing climate imbalances and maximizing light exposure. These plants don’t need much room, but they require an ideal environment to thrive. As a result, the tent material doubles in importance.

For this reason, we once again turn to our top brand. Gorilla Grow Tent 5×5 is perfect for autoflowers, keeping them safe and prolific.

Gorilla’s best grow tents for autoflowers have an industrial-grade build that doesn’t wear and tear. The inside is isolated, so every beam goes to the canopy. The mylar evenly distributes the light, limiting the appearance of popcorn nugs.

Key takeaways

The best grow tent for weed is a relatively low investment and a boon to your gardening game. Home growers love them for their yield-boosting and versatile properties.

As a bonus, the selection is more comprehensive than ever. From tiny structures to multi-room mansions, from basic to decked out, modern tents cater to everybody.

All that’s left is to find your fit, and we ensure you don’t settle for less than the best.

The brands above offer exceptional durability, quality, and readymade convenience. Our list contains an item for every person’s budget, needs, and ambitions, and you can confidently pick your tent.

Then buy cannabis seeds, hang your equipment, and get growing.

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