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Outdoor Autoflower Seeds: A Complete Guide & Top Picks

Photoperiods do better under direct sunlight; autos are for controlled setups, right? In most cases, but not always. Outdoor autoflower seeds are changing the game.

These resilient ruderalis crosses flourish in pots, gardens, and empty stretches of land. Get the timing right, and you can fill your mason jars twice between Easter and Halloween!

Can you pick any cultivar and plant as usual? Not quite.

Join us to learn about non-photoperiod open-air cultivation and discover the best autoflowers for outdoor setups.

Can you grow autoflower seeds outdoors?

There’s a debate in the 420 community on whether you should grow weed from autoflowering seeds outdoors. The straightforward answer is that you can and you should, but there are caveats to consider. After all, autoflower cannabis is a peculiar beast.

On the one hand, its ruderalis genetics makes the crops small and sturdy, lending themselves to unpredictable natural setups. On the other hand, it takes mere weeks from pop to crop. There’s little time to address health issues, and harvests can suffer.

What should a grower do?

They should choose outdoor autoflower seeds with suitable growth traits. Once you have a cultivar of above-average hardiness, the question comes down to your climate and skill levels.

Cultivators in harsh climates—heavy rainfall, wind, and cold nights—face issues with non-photoperiod gardens. Those in sunny, dry, and balmy environments see greater success.

Experience also matters for autoflower seeds outdoors. Plant stress prevention is your number one priority. So, learn the signs of plant distress and ways to solve it.

Cannabis seeds germinating

When should I plant autoflower seeds outside?

Growing autoflowers outdoors centers around condition optimization, and that starts with timing. We’re dealing with two scenarios here.

If you’d like to collect two harvests per summer in the Northern Hemisphere, plant outdoor autoflower seeds in early May. Late April is acceptable in regions with Mediterranean-style climates. The point is to avoid the last hints of frosty weather.

If growing a single batch, wait longer to take advantage of summer in full bloom. Sowing in June for an August harvest gets your buds even fatter, larger, and stickier.

Marijuana outdoors in flower

What do the best outdoor autoflower strains have in common?

There’s no one best autoflower for outdoor setup, but growers agree the finest specimens share the following traits:

  • Autoflowering strains for outdoor setups are stress-resistant. For that reason, we mostly discuss indica-dominant strains and particularly hardy sativa paired with ruderalis.
  • The highest-yielding autoflowers outdoors can compare with prolific photoperiods. They originate from fruitful indica or sativa parents.
  • These weed seeds are genetically modified for added ease. Grow from autoflowering feminized seeds outdoors to avoid males in the ranks and accidental pollination.
  • Top outdoor autos match photos in terms of potency. The strongest autoflower strains reach insane THC levels despite their short life cycle.

5 best outdoor autoflower seeds to grow in 2023

Here are the five top autoflowering outdoor seeds according to our standards.

Note: We’ve noted the time these strains spend in the vegetative stage. Once they flower, it’s another five weeks before collecting the buds.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a potent indica cultivar with an intense flavor profile. It’s the perfect nighttime smoke for deep relaxation.

These outdoor autoflower seeds enjoy well-aerated soil mixed with coco coir. Hefty nitrogen feedings and a dash of calcium and magnesium aid the root system.

The only actual concern is moisture. Bubba Kush prefers dry climates and could get moldy if the air is too humid.

Trim the top or let the crop reach its full five feet in natural soil when it hits flowering. Colder nights in late summer bring a striking purple hue to its buds and foliage.

TypeIndica-dominant hybrid
AromaEarth, incense, citrus
EffectsRelaxing, sedative, stress-busting
Outdoor yield3.5–5 oz./plant
Time to flower8–9 weeks
Autoflower cannabis - Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush autoflower cannabis

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf is one beast of a herb, plastering a grin across your face in one toke. Its mysterious origins and diesel-forward bouquet make it much-loved among old-schoolers and connoisseurs.

This strain is among the highest-yielding autoflowers outdoors. Plants do well in any medium, displaying incredible resistance to pests, mold, and mildew.

Waterings should be frequent but limited to avoid overwatering. Also, since Gold Leaf is taller and slimmer than your usual auto, be extra careful when trimming to avoid physical harm.

Defoliation and heavy phosphorus feedings help the buds fatten in flowering. The crop doesn’t mind some cold, but consistent sunlight exposure elevates the results to impressive levels.

TypeIndica-dominant hybrid
AromaDiesel, earth, pine
EffectsUplifting, euphoric, relaxing
Outdoor yield15–17 oz./plant
Time to flower7–8 weeks
Cannabis flower = Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf Auto

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a sativa that rejuvenates from the inside out. Ideal as a wake ‘n’ bake or a daytime toke, it’s a favorite among go-getter tokers.

Crops from these autoflower outdoor seeds stretch to around 3.5 feet without space restrictions. Branches are lanky with scarce foliage, letting you skip trimming and still get fat, sun-grown buds.

Choose organic soil and stick to light fertilizer, as this one is prone to nutrient burn. Water generously and install protection from pests and wind.

Once flowering begins, increased phosphorus helps flowers emerge and get sticky with trichs. Tie bamboo sticks around the branches if you notice bending.

TypeSativa-dominant hybrid
AromaSpice, citrus, floral
EffectsUplifting, motivating, euphoric
Outdoor yield4–6 oz./plant
Time to flower8–9 weeks
Super Silver Haze autoflower
Super Silver Haze autoflower

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth distinguishes itself with incredible flavors. Its mellow cerebral punch and full-body comfort are something any toker can appreciate after a long day at the office.

Plant these outdoor autoflower seeds in a sunny and breezy spot. Organic soil and feeds leave these crops humming in delight. They remain under 3 feet tall, but the vigorous foliage calls for a careful trimming hand.

Basic gardening practices are enough for this charmer. When it comes to feeding, you’re good with a simple NPK solution.

Given its swift life cycle, Sweet Tooth barely ever requires training. Ensure plenty of sunshine, provide food and water, and look forward to flowers.

TypeIndica-dominant hybrid
AromaTropical, floral, berry
EffectsRelaxing, uplifting, focused
Outdoor yield2.5–7 oz./plant
Time to flower6–7 weeks
Sweet Tooth Auto
Sweet Tooth Auto

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a classic, appreciated world-round for its balanced effects and delectable aromatic bouquet. A puff elevates your mood, washes away concerns, and puts you to sleep.

These crops remain tiny, rarely stretching past 3 feet in height. Discreet cultivation and branch management are no issues with GSC, and neither is mold. Foliage density could prevent light from reaching the buds, so start trimming early.

Crops from these autoflower outdoor seeds appreciate organic fertilizer. Worm castings in the soil feed your plants and boost bud flavor.

Well-aerated media strengthen the roots, while sunshine encourages countless bud sites to pop along the plant stem.

TypeIndica-dominant hybrid
AromaFruit, nuts, incense
EffectsEuphoric, relaxing, creative
Outdoor yield2.5–5 oz./plant
Time to flower8–9 weeks
Autoflower weed plant - Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Durban Poison

Durban Poison autoflower seeds are sativa-dominant and produce nugs with notable enlivening effects. They come from a South African landrace and a house ruderalis, resulting in stable genetics.

This cultivar’s THC peaks at approximately 17% for an irresistible punch. It’s perfect for mood elevation, as a few tokes leave you euphoric, energetic, and creative. Some users report relief from anxiety, depression, and pain.

A rich flavor profile featuring pine, woody, spicy, and earthy notes makes for fragrant puffs.

Although cultivation is beginner-friendly, avoid high-stress training and over or underwatering. Durban Poison flowers within 8–10 weeks and yields around 14–18 oz./plant outdoors. 

The strain is feminized, eliminating the stress of male chromosomes. During long summers, you may manage two harvests in one season.


Do-Si-Dos autoflower seeds are indica-dominant and revered for their massive yields and potent buds, producing powerful relaxing effects. They descend from Do-Si-Dos and a ruderalis strain.

This powerful cultivar boasts whopping THC levels up to 22%, enough to punch hard with energy, euphoria, and upliftment. Medicinal users report relief from pain, seizures, and arthritis. 

If you’re after sweet-smelling marijuana, Do-Si-Dos strain meets the profile, oozing berry-like, spicy, and earthy notes. 

Big, pinecone-shaped nugs characterize the bloom stage, followed by a thick coating of white trichomes. Exposing the flowers to colder temperatures a couple of weeks before harvest gives them a purple hue. Do-Si-Dos flowers in 8–10 weeks and yields 15 oz./plant outdoors.

Where to find the best autoflowers for outdoor growing?

All autoflower outdoor seeds we listed are available at Homegrown Cannabis Co. So, you’re already in the right place to buy seeds and set yourself up for success.

Genetics are the cornerstone of healthy plants, so we deliver expertly-sourced American seeds to each shopper. Follow our growing tips, and you’ll achieve an abundance of dispensary-level buds at home.

What’s more, these five outdoor autoflower seeds are only the tip of the iceberg. We stock hundreds of non-photoperiod strains. You’re free to explore our library and find other herbs that fit your taste.

Autoflower outdoors
Autoflower outdoors

Autoflower outdoor seeds: Frequently asked questions

Let’s finish with some common questions about this cultivation style.

Are autoflowers worth growing outdoors?

Many growers keep their non-photoperiods indoors to optimize yields. That said, growing autos outdoors can be very prolific.

You won’t see photoperiod-tier harvests without extreme climate control and training, but auto crop output is nothing to scoff at. Results are even better with the best outdoor autoflowers from our store.

How much does an outdoor autoflower yield?

Yield size depends on the strain, setup, care, and training. There’s no single answer to this question—amounts range from under 2 to over 20 ounces! We can tell you that autoflower yields are usually smaller outdoors than indoors.

Indoor growers optimize conditions and train their crops, sometimes doubling harvest size. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Between our outdoor autoflower seeds and proper care, you get considerable amounts of weed without setting up an entire grow room.

How big do autoflowers get outdoors?

Like harvest size, plant height depends on your strain and training techniques. Generally speaking, crops from outdoor autoflower seeds stay pretty small.

Most autoflower phenotypes remain under 2 feet in height, even without vertical space restrictions. Some sativa breeds stretch taller, but rarely past 4 feet.

Marijuana Plants Outdoors

Autoflowering outdoor seeds: Easy, fast, productive

Thinking of launching your next cultivation adventure in natural conditions? Our outdoor autoflower seeds are a must. Tasty, potent, robust, and high-yielding—what’s not to love?

Watch for signs of plant stress, use the summertime sunshine, and enjoy a seamless cultivation season. Fill your large garden with tiny crops, or have your small balcony host one magnificent herb.

Now that you know about autoflower outdoor seeds, hop to our shop to get some for yourself. Stay tuned to our blog for guides on all things cannabis.

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