How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

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Author avatar By Nate Hammer
April 02, 2020

You’ve found your favorite strain, and you’ve got your sights set on being a pot grower

Everyone starts somewhere, right? Usually at precisely the same point, germination. Is there anything more exciting than seeing the fruit of your labor? Being able to harvest something you’ve seeded and grown and either light it up or use it in some righteous edibles is impressive. 

In the beginning, you’ll wonder how to germinate cannabis seeds, but once you’ve done it once or twice, it’ll be second nature.  Read on for the dos and don’ts of how to germinate marijuana seeds

What is germination?

Seeing those weed seeds pop brings joy to any budding grower. 

“Germination refers to the process by which an organism grows from a seed. The most common forms of germination include a seed sprouting to form a seedling.”

Preparing to germinate cannabis seeds 

Before starting the germination of weed, check whether your seed is viable. It should be brown with stripes, dry, and hard to the touch. If they’re green or white, they’re not likely to produce a healthy plant. 

Marijuana Seeds
Cannabis seeds

Place your weed seeds in a sealed bag in the fridge before you plant them. Remove them once you’re ready to start the germination process. This clever trick mimics the weather change when marijuana plants sprout and promotes germination. 

You can get marijuana seeds in various ways. Growing top-quality plants is only possible when you use top-of-the-range ones, such as those from Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

Do you need to germinate cannabis seeds before planting?

Cannabis seeds are on the fragile end, and you should germinate them indoors. Once they have sprouted roots, replant them in decent soil or a hydro setup. 

Be careful not to touch your pot seeds’ roots, as this may negatively impact plant growth.

Best way to germinate cannabis seeds: paper towel method

We have found that the paper towel method is the best way to germinate cannabis seeds. 


  1. Two dinner plates
  2. Bottled or purified water
  3. Paper towel
  4. Homegrown cannabis seeds
  5. Tweezers

Step 1

When germinating pot seeds, place them in a glass of water for about 12 hours. Be sure not to let them soak for over 24 hours as they might suffer from oxygen deprivation and rot. 

Step 2

Moisten two paper towels and carefully ring out any excess water. 

Step 3

Put one wet paper towel onto your plate. 

Step 4

Place your Homegrown seeds about one inch apart on the moistened paper towel.

Placing cannabis seeds on moistened paper towel
Placing cannabis seeds on moistened paper towel

Step 5

Place the second paper towel over the cannabis seeds. Add just enough water to keep everything damp with no excess water. 

Step 6

Check for excess liquid by lifting one end of the paper towel. Drain any freestanding water. 

Checking for excess liquid
Checking for excess liquid

Step 7

Cover with a second plate and put in a warm and dry place. On top of your fridge or in a cupboard should work well. 

Step 8

Keep the temperature between 70°F – 77°F (21°C – 25°C).

Temperature between 70ºF - 77ºF
Temperature between 70ºF – 77ºF

Step 9

Keep the cannabis seeds moist for about 24 to 120 hours or until they have popped a tap root. If nothing has happened within five days, discard them. 

Step 10

Your weed seeds are ready for planting once they have a healthy taproot. 

Cannabis showing their tap root
Cannabis showing their tap root

How long do cannabis seeds take to germinate?

Sprouting time varies greatly, but you’re usually looking at between two to five days. Germinating old cannabis seeds can take longer to pop, but you can discard any that haven’t sprouted after five days.

The gist of it 

Here’s what you need to remember about how to germinate marijuana seeds.

  1. Dark seeds will almost always sprout whether they are hard or soft. 
  2. Try not to touch them with your bare hands. 
  3. Keep the area warm when sprouting.
  4. Make sure neither the paper towels nor the seeds dry out. 
  5. Plant them into your preferred medium before it’s 0.2 inches. 

So, now that you’re ready to take the plunge and become a Master Gardener, pop on over to Homegrown to buy premium quality seeds

Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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