What Are CBD Crystals And How To Use

What Are CBD Crystals And How To Use
January 08, 2020

Among the most valuable byproducts of cannabis are Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts. Highly sought after for its therapeutic benefits, the market for CBD is expected to balloon to up to 700% in the following years. With the growing demand also come several new merchandises. One particularly gaining popularity today is the concentrate called CBD Crystal.

CBD Crystals

CBD is one of the 104 chemical components, known as cannabinoids, found in cannabis. Unlike the more popular Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not produce the “high” often associated with cannabis. It is, however, mostly responsible for a lot of the health benefits of the herb – which is why some people turn to CDB as an alternative therapy.

CBD Crystals Pure

Currently, CBD crystals are the extracts with the purest Cannabidiol content. The white powdery substance, also known as isolates, has a CBD concentration of about 98 to 99%. For a solid dose of the beneficial property, an increasing number of enthusiasts are turning to this purified material.

Health Benefits

Naturally packed with health benefits, CBD crystals can help palliate numerous ailments. With the proper dosage, the extract may:

  • Relieve pain and inflammation
  • CBD for anxiety
  • Alleviate cancer-related symptoms
  • Relieve chemotherapy side effects such as nausea and vomiting
  • Boost heart and circulatory system health
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Help treat neurological disorders
  • Reduce seizures
  • Enhance bone growth
  • Help with insomnia
  • Reduce acne


CBD comes in various forms, the most common being oils and tinctures. Compared to these variants, crystals are relatively new. However, this does not mean that CBD crystals are inferior to the former.

Among the advantages of CBD crystals over other forms of CBD include:

  • Purity. Every gram of the extract is virtually pure CBD. No other CBD product has the level of purity these crystals possess.
  • Convenience. Crystals do not need any special equipment or preparations before consumption. At the very least, it can dissolve readily under the tongue for easy ingestion.
  • Versatility. Cannabisseurs can use CBD crystals with almost any mode of marijuana consumption. Users can vape, smoke, dab, or eat it.
  • Dosing. Because of its pure composition, dosing CBD crystals is pretty straightforward. No need to compute for CBD percentages – just take the amount needed.

Using CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are perhaps the most convenient and versatile of all forms of the said compound. It is effortless to use as it requires no apparatus or special concocting. Moreover, users can enjoy the substance in various ways. Apart from providing all the benefits of Cannabidiol, it also offers flexibility.

Proper Dosage

As with any medication, the right dosage is essential to ensure the efficacy of the product. CBD crystals are no different, though users need not worry about overdosing. Since the compound is non-toxic, the worse one can experience with having too much is lethargy. While some mistake it as a body high, it should be noted that CBD is non-psychoactive and does not get anyone high.

The right dosage will depend on several factors such as the user’s age, weight, and metabolism. Experts recommend starting between 5mg and 25mg per day. As a general rule, consumers should start low, slowly working up to achieve the desired effect.

After taking the crystals, users should listen to their body and take note of any effect. Depending on the mode of consumption, the outcome may not fully kick in until after a couple of hours. It is best to log one’s overall health, mental state, and energy level throughout a week of using the same dosage. After a week, review the result and evaluate whether to adjust the dosage.

Different Ways To Use

Cannabis enthusiasts can administer CBD crystals in almost any method preferred. As the substance is without fragrance or flavor, many choose to incorporate it with other ways of consumption to enhance the experience. One can even use it to make creams and healing balms for skin application.

Below are some of the common ways to use CBD crystals.

1. Dissolve Under The Tongue

Also known as the sublingual method, this is the easiest way of ingesting CBD crystals. One can simply let it melt under the tongue. Another way is to mix the substance with coconut oil and hold it in the same area for 60 to 90 seconds. The latter allows users to feel the effects of CBD faster as it goes directly to the bloodstream, instead of going through metabolic digestion.

2. Mixing With Edibles

Cannabis Cake

A good number of CBD crystal consumers prefer to enjoy it with a meal or snack. Because the material has no odor or flavor, it does not alter the taste and consistency of the recipe. Compared to oils, the isolate makes for easier dosing as well.

To cook with the powdery substance, infuse it to butter, coconut oil, or any other fat-based medium. Melt the fat in a pan under low heat, and add the crystals. Stir continuously for five minutes or longer to dissolve the extract. Once done, the user can already add it to the preferred recipe. Like all cannabis edibles, though, the effects may take up to a couple of hours before kicking in.

3. Dabbing

Another popular method of consuming CBD crystals is by dabbing. Simply put, the technique entails melting the isolate and inhaling the cloud of smoke it emits. To dab, however, users need to invest in a variety of accessories such as an oil rig, torch lighter, and a dabbing tool.

The procedure is popular as it allows users to consume cannabis products at higher potencies. Those who are not satisfied with the effects of oils, topicals, or edibles turn to dabbing for better results. Moreover, CBD dabs provide quicker relief than most other methods of consumption.

4. Vaping

Vape Juice

Similar to dabbing, vaping also delivers CBD directly to the bloodstream through the lungs. It allows the user to feel the soothing effects of the concentrate almost instantly. To vape CBD isolates, users can dissolve the crystals to their favorite vape liquids. 10 ml of e-liquid can dissolve up to 200 mg of CBD crystals. Heat the mixture until all of the powdery substance are fully absorbed into the fluid. Consumers can then vape the resulting CBD juice mixture like any other liquid.

5. Making Therapeutic Cream

Cannalovers can also turn CBD crystals into therapeutic creams. The chemical compounds is an excellent anti-oxidant, which makes it great for the skin. Additionally, it can also provide relief from chronic and acute localized pains. By turning the isolate into an ointment, users can harness the benefits without relying on typical methods.

To make a simple DIY CBD cream, mix the extract to shea or cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, and a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. For added aroma, users can also incorporate their favorite terpene into the mix.

6. Mixing With Carrier Oil

Cooking Oil On Jars

Handy cannabisseurs may also infuse CBD crystals into carrier oils such as hemp, olive, or coconut. The method produces a DIY CBD oil, but a much potent one. It is also economical as a gram of isolate dissolved in 10 ml of oil makes a concoction with 10% concentration. Consumers may also get a variety of health benefits from this method, depending on the oil used.

To create the mix, put the oil and the crystals together under low heat for about 10 minutes. Stir constantly until the extract has thoroughly blended into the oil. Remove from heat and let cool before pouring the mixture into its containers.

Purity Paired With Versatility

Since ancient times up to this very day, people turn to cannabis for its numerous health benefits. While it has faced harsh stigma and persecution in the past, the growing acceptance of the herb today paved the way to a deeper understanding of the herb and its effects. It also led to several new products that aim to benefit the user in the best way possible.

Crystal CBD isolates

Among the products guaranteed to provide users with unparalleled experience is the CBD crystal. These concentrates offer users a wide array of health benefits from cannabis without any of the associated high. Its purity, rivaled only with its versatility makes it a must-have for any CBD user wanting to get the most out of every gram.

Since CBD crystals contain virtually no THC, using it is perfectly okay in over 50 US states. However, while it can provide users relief from various ailments, it is still best to consult a physician for any major illness before administering CBD.