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CBD For Menopause: How Does It Help & How To Use It

CBD for menopause

CBD for menopause might not be the first way that comes to mind to replace traditional hormone therapy. It’s more common than you think, though. Natural medicine causes fewer side effects and delivers effective relief, making premenopausal and menopausal life more comfortable. 

Would you like to try an alternative cure for those irritating symptoms as your periods come to an end? Let’s explore the relationship between menopause and marijuana. We’ll also share actionable tips for using CBD-rich pot and discuss the top strains to help you feel your best in the face of the dreaded ‘Big Change.’ 

High CBD cannabis
High CBD cannabis

Does marijuana help with menopause?

Hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety, weight gain, vaginal dryness… The symptoms never seem to end! These signs of a reproductive change make life challenging for many women. Conveniently, many become more bearable with the help of our favorite green plant.

How does marijuana help menopause? Primarily through symptom management. Most women go through menopause in their late 40’s and early 50’s. The severity of these symptoms differs from person to person, but these twelve issues often befall ladies:

  • Period irregularity
  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Digestive problems
  • Bloating from food and water
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep problems
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased libido
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Increased anxiety

Using cannabis for menopause can soothe or heal many of these issues. If there’s a symptom marijuana doesn’t directly solve, it can alleviate their severity. Many people took note. 

What do recent studies say about marijuana and menopause? 

Marijuana for menopause isn’t a new trend. Ancient civilizations from the Middle and Far East used cannabis for women’s reproductive health, up to and beyond the point of menopause. Like many other historical uses of weed, this one saw a revival in recent years. 

A 2020 study by the North American Menopause Society reports that roughly 27% of women asked, use cannabis for symptom management. An additional 10% would be interested in trying it. 

No scientific evidence currently exists to support the anecdotal reports of the cannabis product benefits for this stage of women’s lives. We can rely on the extensive studies on marijuana and menopause as separate phenomena in general, though.

Why are women turning to natural medicine for menopause treatment? Why are they more commonly finding that cannabis is the way to go? Let’s see how using weed, particularly CBD oil for menopause, helps you feel young and free deep into your 50’s.

CBD oil
CBD oil

Does CBD oil help balance hormones?

Cannabis and menopause have a fruitful relationship when we look at the entire plant. For this purpose, we’re discussing CBD, as it’s the compound that carries the weight of these therapeutic properties.

This non-psychoactive cannabinoid has shown the potential to cure various conditions in the mind and body. It’s supremely beneficial for people struggling with hormonal changes. 

Cannabis directly interacts with our endocannabinoid system, a structure responsible for mood, metabolism, pain, and sleep, among other processes. Marijuana chemicals influence the production and perception of hormones like cortisol (stress), melatonin (sleep), and estrogen (women’s reproductive health).

CBD for menopause interacts with your cannabinoid receptors, altering the secretion of hormones. It balances them out, helping maintain homeostasis (optimal functioning) of the body. It can strengthen or weaken your perception of a hormonal message. For instance, it reduces your reactions to stress and pain.

How this influence gets realized differs from hormone to hormone. In our marijuana and menopause discussion, we’ll focus on the one responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system—estrogen.

How do CBD oil and estrogen interact?

Your body starts producing less estrogen as menopause draws near, in what we call the premenopausal period. 

Your menstrual cycle becomes irregular with this decrease, and after a while, it stops. The drop also causes physical changes in the body, as it adapts to different hormonal levels after around 40 years of regular periods.

These fluctuating estrogen levels sometimes lead to significant discomfort. Anecdotes suggest that using CBD oil for menopause can help. CBD reduces estrogen production by boosting enzymes that help break down the hormone. It regulates the variations in the premenopausal period, alleviating your symptoms. 

CBD and menopause: how does it work and what does it help with?

The jury is still out on the specific topic of CBD for menopause, but that doesn’t mean you have to rely only on anecdotal evidence and trial-and-error. Instead, we can look at it symptom-by-symptom.

Note: Apart from the well-corroborated areas we discuss below, there are other potential benefits of cannabis for menopause. Consider the following:

  • CBD oil for menopause reduces anxiety. It also improves digestion by reducing your levels of gut-wrecking cortisol.
  • THC alleviates pain from aching limbs and joints. It also enhances libido and makes menopausal intercourse more enjoyable.
  • Both cannabinoids relate to relaxation, which helps ease discomfort from menopause.

Note: Both THC and CBD are non-addictive, natural options for relief. They carry fewer risks than addictive drugs and hormone replacement therapy.

CBD for menopause: Sleep problems

Between increased stress and anxiety levels, night sweats, and general discomfort, it’s no wonder that menopause leaves you exhausted. The lack of sleep can cause irritability during the day and make you more prone to unhealthy habits.

Using CBD for menopause sleep problems can improve your rest. CBD lengthens phases of deep sleep at the cost of shorter ones. It also reduces pain and calms anxiety, leaving you comfortable as you’re getting in those healthy eight hours.

CBD for menopause: Weight loss

Many women experience weight gain during menopause. It happens for several reasons:

  • Hormonal fluctuations causing water and fat retention
  • Reduced physical activity due to joint pain
  • Unhealthy eating habits due to anxiety and poor sleep

CBD for menopause weight loss assists you directly and indirectly. Directly, this cannabinoid speeds up your metabolism. It doesn’t cause weight loss, but it reverses the influence of hormonal imbalances on the rate at which you digest food.

Indirectly, it reduces pain and anxiety, promoting healthy habits. It’s much easier to eat well and get in your exercise. There’s no tension in your mind and body affecting your efforts to maintain your premenopausal figure.

CBD patches for hot flashes

Hot flashes are a dreaded manifestation of menopause, making you feel hot and sweaty without any external reason. Like many other unpleasant symptoms you might encounter, this one results from hormonal fluctuations in your body.

Ingesting cannabis with CBD, pure oil, or transdermal CBD patches for hot flashes helps balance these hormones. It’s one of the main reasons why people in menopause use CBD, and it works.

High CBD buds
High CBD buds

How to use CBD for menopause?

You now know why you can and should use CBD for menopause symptoms and why it’s a safer alternative to hormonal treatments and addictive medication. Let’s discuss the practical details. 

The first essential factor is knowing the law. If weed is legal where you live and you don’t mind a mind flight, pick a strain high in THC and CBD for extra relaxation. In that case:

  • Choose a cultivar with at least a 1:1 THC-to-CBD ratio for best results.
  • Know your terpenes. Myrcene and limonene are especially good for a physical release and mental uplift.
  • Start slow. Smoke only as much as you need to feel relief. Cannabis for menopause does wonders but know that you’ll get high from too many puffs.

If weed isn’t legal, stick to pure CBD for menopause. In that case, you can grow your own or purchase dispensary products. You’ll find:

  • CBD oil for menopause. You ingest pure oil sublingually or vape it for instant relief.
  • Edible CBD for menopause. Gummies and other weed treats have a delayed onset, but they provide more long-term relief. 
  • CBD patches for menopause. These work transdermally and help you with pain in specific parts of the body.
  • CBD lubricant for menopause. This product relieves soreness in your vagina as you’re having intercourse.

When you use your treatment depends on the method you choose. As a rule of thumb:

  • Topicals, patches, and weed lube are excellent for momentarily healing a specific discomfort. 
  • Inhalation is excellent for quick overall relief. 
  • Edibles work as preventative care if you expect your symptoms to worsen in the next couple of hours.

Note: These same rules apply whether you use a psychoactive or non-psychoactive product. The only thing that changes is how your body reacts.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different methods. You can also mix and match until you’ve found your preferred method of relief with cannabis for menopause. 

How long does marijuana for menopause take to work?

Okay, you’re sold on the positive relationship between marijuana and menopause. You’re ready to try it, and you’re eager to feel its benefits. How long do you have to wait for relief after consuming CBD? What can you expect?

CBD for menopause promises relief, but its timing depends on the ingestion method. Your reaction also depends on your tolerance, body composition, and the severity of symptoms you’re experiencing. 

Here’s what you can expect in general:

  • Transdermal medication takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  • CBD lube delivers immediate relief.
  • Inhalation CBD leaves you waiting up to five minutes.
  • Edible CBD provides relief after an hour or two.

Note: If you’re looking to reap the benefits of the interaction between CBD oil and estrogen, you’ll need to consume it for longer. This cannabinoid isn’t a one-time treatment. Keep taking it for as long as your hormone levels are fluctuating to alleviate symptoms.

Are there any side effects associated with CBD oil for menopause?

These benefits of CBD for menopause sound fantastic! It’s so much easier, cheaper, and more effective than other treatments. It sounds almost too good to be true. Is it that good, or will you now have to struggle with the side effects of consuming this cannabinoid?

CBD for menopause, or any other purpose, is safe for most people. Still, most CBD products aren’t regulated by the FDA, allowing significant variation in quality and safety. Here’s what you can do:

  • Only purchase products from dispensaries after looking into the manufacturer and the seller.
  • Track your reactions and stop taking CBD if anything seems off.
  • Talk to your doctor if you’re taking any other medication, especially anti-seizure drugs and blood thinners.

Using cannabis for hot flashes or any other symptom of menopause can have some side effects. People often experience dry mouth, reduced appetite, drowsiness, and stomach issues such as diarrhea. 

If you feel any of these,give it a few dayswhile focusing on your hydration, nutrition, and healthy living. If the side effects continue after your body gets used to CBD, stop taking it.

High CBD marijuana flower
High CBD marijuana flower

Best CBD oil for menopause: how to choose the right product for you?

You’re now aware of the why and the how. The next step is to hop on the bandwagon and find relief. How can you tell which product on the market is the best CBD oil for menopause? It all depends on picking quality. 

Many people wonder, does CBD oil help balance hormones, relieve pain, and cure anxiety? It does, as long as you find a pure product.

That’s why home growing is such a good idea—you always know what you’re getting. If you prefer store-bought products, look for reputability, reviews, independent lab tests, and other proof of quality

You’re not limited to CBD oil. For some issues, localized relief works best, while others offer more generalized assistance. For example:

  • CBD capsules for similar full-body relief to CBD oil for menopause. They’re excellent for those struggling with anxiety and preparing for stressful situations. 
  • CBD edibles have a prolonged onset. Use them when you need to sleep or struggle with more severe pain. 
  • CBD topicals for localized relief, ideal for joint pain. 
  • CBD bath salts for dry skin and skin problems caused by hormonal imbalances. 

What is the average CBD for menopause dosage?

Like all cannabis products, it’s best to start low and only increase your dose if you’re no longer feeling any relief. How do CBD and menopause interact, and which dosage is ideal for your purpose?

CBD for menopause dosage depends on many factors and differs from person to person. Some aspects that play a role include:

  • Your body weight
  • Your body composition (amount of fat and muscle)
  • The type of symptoms you’re treating and their severity

Ideally, talk to your doctor before starting any treatment. If they recommend a dose, stick to it or discuss the idea of changing it with them. In case you can’t consult with a physician, start with20 mg of CBD. If there’s no interaction between CBD oil and menopause symptoms, increase by 5 mg.

CBD oil for menopause
CBD oil for menopause

Want to grow your own? Meet 4 good strains for hot flushes

Many people are fine with dispensary-bought products for their fight with the nasty symptoms of menopause. Home cultivation is the way to go for aspiring gardeners and those of you already enthusiastic about weed growing. Pick good strains for hot flashes, headaches, and anxiety to double the benefits from this magical compound.

Any strain with CBD does the job, but not all are made alike. Some terpene profiles, especially those present in medicinal strains, help more than others. THC levels are another factor to keep in mind. Not everybody likes getting high while curing symptoms. 

If you’re a stoner who doesn’t mind a mental flight, get your favorite high-CBD cannabis seeds and go to town. Otherwise, here are some of our favorite low-THC strains of medical marijuana for menopause.

1. CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass is a gentle strain for novice cannabis users looking for assistance. Its low levels of both compounds relieve pain and tension in the mind and body without overpowering you

Making CBD oil for menopause symptoms from this cultivar is an excellent way to soothe mild symptoms. You can smoke day or night for a light head and body high that doesn’t impede your ability to function.

FlavorsWood, fruit, citrus
EffectsRelaxing, pain-free, creative
Growing difficultyIntermediate
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield15 oz./m² indoors / 42 oz./plant outdoors
CBD Critical Mass
CBD Critical Mass

2. MediBerry

MediBerry is potent in both departments, offering a mind flight together with full-body relaxation. Use this strain of CBD for hot flashes, insomnia, and anxiety to feel instant release.

This one works your body, reducing cortisol levels and eliminating discomfort. At the same time, it’s very gentle on the mind, subduing negative thoughts in your mellow, therapeutic high.

FlavorsEarthy, berry, lemon
EffectsCalming, happy, sleepy
Growing difficultyIntermediate
Flowering time6–8 weeks
Yield16 oz./m² indoors / 18 oz./plant outdoors

3. Sister Act

Sister Act is ideal if you’re looking for the best strain for menopause that’ll leave you 100% sober and clearheaded. Its aromatic buds produce effective pain relief without any psychoactive action in the brain. 

Physical tension and discomfort releases with this strain of cannabis for menopause. Your digestive issues are no longer a barrier to feeding your body with wholesome, delicious food.

FlavorsEarthy, floral, tropical fruit
EffectsUplifted, calm, hungry
Growing difficultyIntermediate
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield18 oz./m² indoors / 28 oz./plant outdoors
Sister Act
Sister Act

4. Carmen 2.0

Carmen 2.0 is an indica-dominant specimen that delivers a light cerebral buzz and significant comfort. Its sweet smoke uplifts, leaving you anxiety-free and focused on the task at hand.

Choose this strain of CBD for menopause if you’re facing increased stress levels due to the changes in your body. Use it for your daytime tasks to live your best life free of any mental and physical discomfort.

FlavorsSweet, berry, orange
EffectsEuphoric, relaxed, focused
Growing difficultyBeginner-friendly
Flowering time6–8 weeks
Yield12 oz./m² indoors / 12 oz./plant outdoors
Carmen 2.0

Final points about menopause and marijuana

CBD for menopause has a lot of healing potential. We hope to see targeted research into this relationship in the future. Still, the plethora of anecdotal evidence and general studies we have for now are enough to point you in the right direction. 

This cannabinoid can help you combat symptoms, from joint pain to vaginal soreness and anxiety. It increases your quality of life and makes this stressful change in your body transpire without affecting you physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Pick a good product, or even better, grow your own from the good strains for hot flashes and other symptoms we suggested. Use in moderation and track your symptoms. You’re more than likely to feel a positive change with nature’s medicine in your corner.
Stay tuned to our blog for more handy guides on all things cannabis. Our educational resources are here to help everybody explore the wondrous weed world and reap its numerous benefits.

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