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How To Use CBD For Menstrual Cramps

CBD for menstrual cramps

As a woman, you probably fight numerous battles every day. Having to contend with your monthly period is something you could do without, right? Then you’ll be happy to know that you can use CBD for menstrual cramps with great success

Whether you’re a mother, career woman, or a student, you’re regularly slaying dragons. Yet, your menstrual cycle surpasses any horror movie on your favorite streaming service.

It’s like being on a rollercoaster for a week with no option to get off. Because of that, women globally have explored various options seeking relief from cramps and pain. Are you one of them? 

If using CBD for menstrual cramps is foreign to you, continue reading. We bring you all you need to know about effectively using CBD for cramps, mood swings, and the rest.

cbd oil
CBD oil

Understanding menstrual cramps

Since time began, women have been waging war against their menstrual cycle and all that comes with it. So, does CBD help with cramps and the associated symptoms of menstruation? 

To answer this, we first need to learn more about your monthly visitor and its associated pains.

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A woman’s monthly period has many nicknames and is an event that disrupts many females’ lives for any amount of time between 21 and 40 days.

Every month, extra tissue forms within the womb in preparation for pregnancy. When an egg isn’t fertilized after ovulation, it “notifies” the womb and then starts disintegrating. 

The extra tissue also starts shedding, which results in bleeding. However, before this process starts, there’s the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) phase. A female’s body is overcome by a host of feelings during this stage.

The PMS symptoms include mood swings, irritability, anxiety, cramps, among others. So, a considerable amount of women have started using CBD for PMS with positive results.

Menstrual cramps explained

A hormone in the uterus triggers the muscle to contract to expel the lining or tissue. The contraction cuts off the oxygen supply in nearby blood vessels resulting in the cramping feeling.

CBD can help these menstrual cramps and alleviate the monthly disruptions. CBD has been known to relieve many conditions which are present during your period.  

Besides pain in the belly area, other discomforts are lower backache, sore hips, and painful inner thighs. Where there are severe cramps, you may even experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and loose stools. 

Although CBD products for cramps can bring much-needed relief, it’s important to note that sometimes the discomfort during your menstrual cycle can also be a result of other ailments. Cramps can be associated with endometriosis or uterine fibroids.

While period pain may affect most women, they’re more common in the following individuals:

  • Those younger than 30
  • With a family history of menstrual cramps
  • Who have heavy bleeding during their period
  • Those who have an irregular period
  • Who are smokers

Identifying a suitable treatment

Countless women resort to an assortment of treatments to alleviate the agony they find themselves in. What they don’t know is CBD can help period cramps in the same way prescription drugs do but more safely. 

Alternative therapies include heat compressions to the stomach area, lower back massages, acupuncture, and dietary supplements. Medical professionals recommend regular exercise, dietary supplements, and a diet that excludes caffeine, salt, tobacco smoking, and alcohol.

Meanwhile, using a herbal option like CBD for period cramps is safer than the side effects experienced with taking strong painkillers.

Cannabis CBD oil
Cannabis CBD oil

Does CBD help with cramps?

There hasn’t been much research done on CBD, but the results we have are very encouraging.

Many users attest to CBD being a natural remedy for many conditions. It specifically appeals to those looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. 

CBD for pain is really effective, as it has been proven. The advantage of using CBD products for cramps is that you can experience the rewards without any feeling of euphoria. 

In addition, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties and, when applied topically, can be quite beneficial. 

Some studies show that CBD can also reduce anxiety and depression. These benefits are helpful if CBD is used for PMS. It can alleviate the stress and tension during this stage of your period. 

These are all fantastic advantages, but does CBD help with menstrual cramps?

During your menstrual cycle, your hormones create an imbalanceand disrupt your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates your immune system response, your appetite, your sleep, and pain.

When the CBD interacts with your ECS and its receptors, it creates a balance. CBD oil has proven to be effective in people suffering from insomnia and children struggling with PTSD.

It’s, therefore, possible to experience relief when using CBD for your menstrual cramps. If you’re a CBD novice or currently using other medication, consult a physician before using CBD for period cramps or PMS.

How to use CBD for menstrual cramps

CBD is available in various forms, which gives its users the freedom to consume it in a way that best suits them and their lifestyle. Just as the forms vary, the way the body absorbs them and their effectiveness also differ.

The following are CBD products you can use for cramps:  

  1. CBD oil for menstrual cramps

There’s a range of CBD oil products on the market. An important fact to remember is that not everyone responds similarly to the effects of CBD. The effectiveness of CBD oils can vary depending on how it’s manufactured.

The good news is you can make your own CBD oil for your menstrual cramps—more on that later. When using CBD oil for heavy periods, there are a few ways to consume it.

  • Sublingually: Place a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for about a minute to allow absorption. It’s quite a fast-acting method, and you should be able to feel the effects within 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Beverages: As you use CBD oil for your menstrual pain, you could add a few drops to your morning smoothie or favorite beverage. You could even add it to a cocktail that you enjoy after work.
  • Bath: Adding a few drops of CBD oil to your bath allows it to interact with your skin and bring much-needed relief. Not only do the effects of the warm bath soothe you, but the CBD can help with menstrual cramps.
  1. CBD cream for menstrual cramps

Like CBD oil, there’s also a range of creams or gels that you can apply to relieve cramps or pain associated with your period. These topicals, infused with CBD, can help your menstrual cramps when you apply them to the pain-affected area.

You could even apply CBD oil to your skin. While the CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system in your skin, you feel the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Each individual will respond differently to the CBD cream for menstrual cramps. You may feel immediate relief, while others may see results within an hour.

  1. CBD edibles for menstrual cramps

Another alternative is CBD edibles for your menstrual cramps and pains. There’s a range of products to choose from to appease your taste buds.

If you enjoy cooking or creating culinary masterpieces, then you could add CBD to your dishes. Many individuals use canna-oil or canna-butter as a base for many recipes. 

Edibles are also more convenient as they can be consumed at any place and time without you feeling exposed. If you use CBD edibles for your menstrual cramps, you may have to wait a little longer to experience the effects.

Even when you add CBD oil to your food and beverages, it can take 40 to 90 minutes for you to see any results. This delay is due to it making its way through your digestive system and being absorbed into the bloodstream.

On the bright side, the effects last much longer, and you’ll be able to feel the relief for 8 to 10 hours.  

  1. Vaping CBD for menstrual cramps

When ingesting edibles, some of the potency gets lost in the liver. However, a greater percentage of CBD is absorbed when you use vaping or smoking to consume your CBD for period cramps. 

The absorption via vaping is much faster as it’s absorbed into the bloodstream when it reaches your lungs. The effects can be felt within 5 to 10 minutes but only last approximately 3 to 4 hours.

If you suffer from a respiratory condition, it’s best not to use this method. 

  1. CBD tampons for menstrual cramps

CBD tampons are regular ones covered in CBD. They may even have cocoa butter and natural oils that melt inside your body for easier absorption. Once absorbed into your vagina’s mucosa, it enters the bloodstream.

Although some tampons on the market are infused with CBD for menstrual cramps, they aren’t FDA approved. This approval is something that various companies are currently pursuing.

The response from those who’ve used tampons with CBD for period cramps has been overwhelmingly positive. Some felt the effects within 8 minutes and anything between 30 to 90 minutes for others.

There’s the possibility that these CBD products for menstrual cramps may cause some vaginal irritation in certain women. It’s best to discuss this side effect and others with your physician or a medical practitioner specializing in CBD.

  1. CBD suppository for menstrual cramps

CBD suppositories work similarly to tampons with CBD for menstrual cramps. They, too, may create an irritation in the vagina, but this reaction varies from one woman to another.

The relief experienced from using suppositories laced with CBD for PMS and period pains is almost immediate. The effects last between 8 to 10  hours. However, the effectiveness and its duration are dependent on the dosage and your tolerance to CBD.

Medical CBD oil
Medical CBD oil for pain

How much CBD should you take for menstrual cramps?

The exact amount of CBD you need for cramps is difficult to determine as it differs from one person to the next. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for CBD consumption.

Exercising caution is important when you use the various forms of CBD as the content varies between products and manufacturers.

Unless your physician prescribes a recommended dosage or the CBD package indicates one, it’s best to start with a small amount and gradually increase it over time.

The following is worth considering when you’re using CBD for PMS, menstrual cramps, or pain:

CBD ProductEstimated dosage based on common forms of CBD
OilBottles of CBD oil usually come in 1mg per drop concentration. So you can use this as a guideline to increase or decrease the dosage.
EdiblesAn edible like gummies is usually 5mg per individual unit. Best to check the packaging first.
VapeVaping oil is harder to estimate as each user inhales varying amounts, and it depends on the concentration level of the oil.
CreamEach individual’s application is different. Again, rather start with applying small amounts and determine the effects as you increase the dosage. 

Extracting CBD oil for period cramps at home

Making your own CBD oil for menstrual pain or cramps at home is possible and relatively easy. The benefit of doing this is that you know exactly what’s going into the product.

Producing your supply also grants you easy access without having to run to the dispensary—you have everything at your fingertips.

In addition, you won’t just have CBD oil for period cramps and pain but also for any other ailment that you may develop. There aretwo simple ways of extracting CBD oil at home.

The first uses oil and the second method uses alcohol. However, before you start with the extraction, you need to decarboxylate your cannabis. The following is a decarboxylation method:


You need to roughly grind your hemp flower or cannabis bud. Then spread it on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Bake it in the oven at 225°F for an hour. 
This heating process activates the CBD in the plant. Some individuals use a precision cooker (decarboxylator) for this procedure as it maintains a more accurate temperature.

If you’re planning to make CBD oil for PMS and period pains, then it’s worthwhile investing in a decarboxylator. The bud’s color changes to a light brown once it’s done.

The following are two examples of extraction methods.

CBD infused coconut oil

The oil you use to infuse with cannabis is called a carrier oil. You can use hemp seed or coconut oil, but an edible plant-based oil is also acceptable.


Ground hemp flowers (28g) and coconut oil (450g)


  • Double boiler
  • Cheesecloth or coffee filter
  • A glass jar with a lid


Place the flowers and oil in the top of the double boiler. Fill the bottom container with water. Simmer the mixture for about 2–3 hours without the temperature exceeding 302°F. 

Maintaining this heat prevents the terpenes from escaping. The end product should have a brownish-green color.

Ethanol method

When using alcohol, you should ensure that the area you’re working in is well ventilated and take extra precautions when by a flame.


Ground hemp flowers (30g) and high proof, food-safe grain alcohol.


  • Bowl
  • Fine strainer or cheesecloth
  • Container
  • Double boiler
  • Wooden spoon
  • Spatula
  • Funnel
  • Plastic syringe


Place your hemp flower in a bowl and ensure it’s covered with alcohol. Using a wooden spoon to stir it for 5–10 minutes. This process extracts the CBD and terpenes.

The alcohol turns a dark green color. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth and repeat the process a few times until the alcohol is clear.

Pour the alcohol extract into the top of the double boiler and gently heat it while stirring for 15–20 minutes. Applying heat allows the alcohol to evaporate.

Stirring helps the mixture to become sticky and almost resemble tar. While it’s still warm, draw it up into as many syringes as necessary. It can be stored and used in this form either sublingually or in edibles.

CBD oil
Marijuana oil

Best CBD strains for menstrual cramps

Choosing the best strains of CBD for menstrual cramps is important. The strain determines the level of potency and its efficacy.

Most CBD strains have a high level of CBD and a very low THC level. This combination is what you ideally want to use for your CBD oil for period cramps and pain. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Cannatonic feminized

Cannatonic feminized is a well-known medicinal cultivar with 17% CBD and 6% THC. The high level of CBD counteracts the THC and its psychoactive properties.

Cannatonic is recognized for offering relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and other conditions. It’s an effective mood enhancer, ideal for creating a CBD oil for PMS. 

  1. CBD ACDC feminized

This strain has a high CBD level of 18% and just 1% THC. CBD ACDC feminizedtherapeutic properties help to calm and relax the user.

This strain of CBD is best for menstrual cramps as it eases inflammation and chronic pain.

  1. CBD Harlequin feminized

This cultivar is famed for its painkilling and anti-anxiety effects. CBD Harlequin feminized has 18% CBD and about 1% THC. 

It’s been used by many for reducing inflammation and alleviating stress and depression. As it boosts your mood, it assists you in getting through the day feeling both energized and calm.


Below, we answer the most frequently asked questions surrounding CBD for menstrual cramps.

Is CBD a viable option for menstrual symptoms?

It’s viable to use CBD for menstrual cramps and other symptoms because of its inflammation properties, pain-relieving benefits, and mood-enhancing effects

Depending on which CBD products you use for cramps and pain, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately.

Can you put CBD oil on a tampon?

When using CBD oil for period cramps, you can put the oil on a tampon. However, there’s the possibility that it may irritate the vagina.

CBD-infused tampons can also bring faster relief to period discomforts as the CBD is absorbed via the uterus wall into the bloodstream. 

Can CBD mess with your period?

When it comes to the efficacy of CBD during your period, there hasn’t been much research done. However, women who’ve used CBD for heavy periods and pain have experienced relief with no record of their cycle being disrupted

Does CBD help with PMS mood swings?

Most CBD strains are known to lift your mood and calm stress and anxiety, all common symptoms of PMS. Your hormones can create an imbalance in your endocannabinoid system; using CBD for PMS can help restore harmony. 

Cannabis CBD oil
Cannabis CBD oil for menstrual cramps

Wave goodbye to your monthly pain

Just as a woman’s menstrual cycle differs from others, so does the effectiveness of CBD products used for cramps. It may not work for everyone, but many have reaped the benefits.

So if you’re keen to ditch the pharmaceutical drugs and go with a natural alternative, give CBD a chance. You could be pleasantly surprised at how you can successfully “surf this crimson wave.”

If you have the time, we recommend growing the cannabis strain that best suits your needs and then creating your very own CBD oil for menstrual cramps. 

At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we have a wide selection of medical strains to choose from and some great advice for novice and veteran growers alike. What are you waiting for? Set up your cannabis garden and say goodbye to PMS for good.

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