How To Eliminate Pain And Inflammation With CBD Water

How To Eliminate Pain And Inflammation With CBD Water
December 18, 2019

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis that allow the plant to demonstrate its varied recreational and therapeutic effects. Its two key properties are the non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD) and the mind-altering Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both with immense medicinal benefits, people who wish to reap the pharmaceutical rewards of marijuana without experiencing the high prefer CBD.

The demand for products infused with CBD is higher than ever before. And, with the help of human wit and inventiveness, people are never short of options. An example is CBD water, an innovation that only recently entered the cannabis scene.

CBD Water

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CBD water, as its name suggests, is water infused with cannabidiol. While that may seem simple, the process involved is a lot more complicated. It is not simply mixing oils, crystals, or other CDB products with water.

Manufacturers use nanotechnology to break down the compound into nanoparticles. Reducing CBD to Nano-sized particles allows it penetrate the blood-brain barrier and other tissues more easily. Being encapsulated in tiny water molecules also increases its bioavailability.

Most companies claim that about 90% of CBD is absorbed into the body using nanotechnology. In comparison, only about 4% to 20% enters the bloodstream with other orally administered products. In that sense, people need less dosage with this technology since it is better absorbed. This is one way that CBD Nano water is more advantageous. It is also far more convenient as it needs no preparation. Plus, its taste is not that much different from regular drinking water.

With up to 50 mg of CBD in a bottle, people can get their daily dosage of the cannabinoid simply by drinking water. Because of its immediate effects, many also drink it during or after working out. It helps with the pain and recovery of the muscles.

How It Helps Pain And Inflammation

CBD-infused water is only another medium of getting cannabinoids into the body. The main ingredient here is still CBD, which is known to be an effective treatment for pain, inflammation, and associated diseases.

Many studies have proven the beneficial effects of this compound. One such study acknowledged that it has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it a promising treatment for epilepsy, neurodegenerative disorders, and other ailments.

Drinking Water To Rehydrate

This particular study, among others with similar findings, found that CBD can fight against inflammation by inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. It also demonstrated therapeutic effects on pain-related arthritic symptoms.

Another study focused on its effects on chronic and neuropathic pain. In particular, researchers found that glycine receptors (GlyRs) are targeted by cannabinoids like THC and CBD in the central nervous system. As GlyRs is a potential therapeutic target in pain pathways, this suggests that cannabinoids can inhibit the inflammatory and pain responses by targeting α3 glycine receptors.

Where To Buy CBD Water

CBD water is not readily available on the shelves just yet. To include it in the pantry essentials, ordering online is the most viable option. Before purchasing, however, making sure that CBD is legal in one’s state or country is crucial.

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As it is water infused with cannabidiol, a Schedule 1 controlled substance, it may not be legal to purchase. In general, CBD-infused water should be legal in states where the recreational use of cannabis is also legal. As this is a new invention, those who want to use it for medical purposes might not get a prescription for it.

Only a few companies currently have CBD water products. Here are some of them.

1. CBD Living

CBD Living is one of the most popular cannabidiol-based companies today. For its CBD water, it uses nanotech to create Nano-sized particles of the compound. Mixed with other vitamins and minerals, the 7.4 pH water has 4 million Nanograms of Nano CBD, which aligns with the natural pH level of the body.

Aside from CBD, the product also contains D-Ribose, CoQ10, and Methyl B12. It is perfectly vegan-friendly as well.

2. CBD Naturals

CBD Naturals’ Health Water promises more than a few vitamins and minerals. It contains CBD Naturals Purazomes – the company’s phytocannabinoid complex – plus 72 non-GMO trace minerals. These ingredients are then infused to water with 9+ pH. CBD Naturals Water also claims that the product is designed to be more effective at hydrating the body.

3. Kind Water

Kind Water is a CBD infused purified alkaline water. Unlike the rest, though, it contains terpenes, the compound that gives cannabis plants their taste and aroma. In what is called the Entourage Effect, terpenes work together with cannabinoids to enhance the therapeutic impact of marijuana strains. The product is also processed using a patented technology which improves its bioavailability.

4. Canna Nano Water

Canna Nano Water takes the processing of water up a notch. It uses water that goes through evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. This procedure emulates the natural hydrologic cycle, which is nature’s way to filter out impurities.

Then, Canna Nano further purifies the water using a carbon filter, a UV filter, and two sub-micron filters. As a final step, the water is ozonated before being infused with Nano-sized CBD particles.

CBD Water Is A Promising Pain Reliever

CBD water is an interesting and exciting innovation. It is water that can alleviate pain, inflammation, and other ailments of the body. Truly promising, its increased bioavailability is an effectual way for the body to absorb CBD.

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In addition, as not everyone appreciates the taste of oils, tinctures, and the likes, CBD water is a good alternative.