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What Is CBD Water And How Does It Work?

CBD water

As more evidence surrounding the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) emerges, demand for CBD products grows ever higher. Thanks to the compound’s versatility and human inventiveness, there’s now an array of options on the shelves. The latest innovation sure to take the scene by storm is CBD water. 

CBD is commonly extracted from the hemp plant and is most renowned for its non-psychoactive effects alongside its array of therapeutic capabilities. Since the arrival of The Farm Bill in 2018, allowing regulated sales, hemp-derived CBD has become a big business across the US. 

CBD from hemp can come in many forms. The most popular choice is pure oils, but you can also enjoy edibles, beauty products, and e-juices, all infused with the cannabinoid. More recently, companies are focusing their attention on releasing the next trend—CBD-infused water. 

Join us as we take a closer look at the next big thing and explore the answers to the question on everyone’s mind, what is CBD water? We’ll unravel the difference between the new product and its soon-to-be rival in sales—CBD oil, discuss CBD water brands worth taking a look at, and explore possible issues with the invention. 

Cannabis water
CBD water

What is CBD water?

CBD water is what it says on the packaging—water containing cannabidiol. The concept sounds simple, but it’s far more complicated than adding a few drops into a drink to create CBD fusion water. 

CBD is hydrophobic, which means it doesn’t dissolve in H2O. Companies use nanotechnology to suspend the compound in water by breaking it down into nanoparticles. 

Once CBD is nano-sized and encapsulated in water, its bioavailability increases. The process allows it to enter the bloodstream more easily, and in turn, you get the most out of its benefits. 

Most companies already exploring nano CBD water claim around 90% of the compound is absorbed this way. In comparison, as little as 4% to 20% enters the bloodstream when CBD is taken orally using other products. As a result,a lesser dosage is required to achieve desired effects. 

What is the difference between CBD water and CBD oil?

No matter how you consume CBD, you’ll always experience the same effects. When choosing what type of product to purchase, you need to consider what fits into your lifestyle best. 

For example, sometimes, using a vape pen is a preferred alternative to smoking, making hemp CBD-infused e-juices ideal. Others may enjoy jogging as a hobby where CBD-infused water would keep them hydrated alongside offering other health benefits. 

Beyond deciding your preference, there are afew differences between CBD water and CBD oil to be aware of that may sway your decision. These include: 


CBD oil, true to its form, is greasy and often has a‘love it or hate it’ flavor. Many people mask the taste by adding the oil to their food and drink or buying artificially flavored oils. 

CBD-infused water is the polar opposite. It’s practically tasteless, similar to most bottled drinking water. You can mix in your favorite juice or fruits to make it even more refreshing. 


Hemp-derived CBD oil comes in different forms, includingisolate, broad, and full spectrum. Each of theseoils contains different levels of CBD, other cannabinoids, and organic chemicals giving you a diverse choice. CBD-infused water, in contrast, only contains pure CBD.

Absorption rate

Shrinking CBD to nanoparticle size means absorption begins as soon as it touches your mouth and along the way to your stomach.

In total, it has around 90% more bioavailability than CBD oil-based products. Products like edibles can take hours for your body to fully absorb, losing more than three-quarters of its potency along the way.


CBD fusion water is a new innovation that carries a more hefty price tag than CBD oil. The cost is relative when considering that it has a larger absorption rate, meaning you need less water than oil to achieve desired results. 

Can CBD water make you high?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana responsible for making users high. CBD products must contain traces of no more than 0.3% of the compound to stay within the law. The minuscule amount means you experience no feelings of being intoxicated

Many CBD water brands offer 100% free-from products for people who are THC intolerant or prefer not to consume any at all.  

Drinking CBD water

CBD water benefits 

Nano CBD water is a simple and hassle-free way of incorporating the cannabinoid into your daily life. Research into the primary ingredient has found it possesses numerous holistic health benefits, and as more studies find conclusive answers, the list is ever-growing. So far, it includes but isn’t limited to the following. 

  • Promotes cardiovascular health and prevents attacks
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Is an effective neuroprotectant
  • Acts as a strong painkiller
  • Boasts antipsychotic functions
  • Relieves anxiety, stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Enhances digestive health 
  • Stabilizes hormones

Is CBD water good for you? Drinking the infused H2O wraps up all these benefits in a bottle with the added health advantages of drinking water and staying hydrated. Some CBD water companies also offer products with antioxidants insideto give your immune system a helping hand.

The top reported effects from CBD water reviews and scientists behind its creation are as follows. 

Pain relief

Adequate hydration through drinking plenty of water every day is linked to reducing pain. It helps to keep cartilage soft, protecting us from joint and muscle discomfort. If you don’t drink enough water a day, your body pulls fluid from the tissue leaving you feeling achy. 

CBD has also been proven to have analgesic properties due to its interaction with our cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The combination of CBD-infused water, therefore, gives youa double dose of pain-killing capability

Reduces anxiety

One of the most celebrated benefits of CBD water and other products rich in the compound revolve around its ability to alter your mood. The cannabinoid has proven to reduce symptoms brought about by mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Research indicates that CBD provides this relief by decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin via interaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain and body. The hormones are responsible for controlling our stress and happiness levels

A bottle of CBD fusion water could work wonders in turning your frown upside down, and when ingested regularly, its net effects could keep feelings of woe at bay

Workout recovery

CBD water benefits could change workout recovery times thanks to the compound’s anti-inflammatory functions. Together H2O and CBD can reduce muscle soreness, giving athletes and gym-goers the boost they need to overcome any pain post-work faster

Good for your heart

Promising preliminary evidence suggests that CBD can promote healthy cardiovascular function and prevent heart attacks by lowering blood pressure. Historic studies also advise drinking at leastfive glasses of water a day to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. 

Therefore, a bottle of CBD water could put you on the right path to achieving water intake goals and protect long-term heart health. 

Relieves migraines

Most people consider migraines as severe headaches, but they’re a neurological disease that affects tens of millions of people across the US. CBD’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties combined could work wonders in avoiding the onset and mitigating the symptoms of a migraine attack

Proper hydration is also key in preventing a migraine from taking hold, making drinking CBD water an invaluable tool for sufferers of this debilitating condition.

The issues with the nano CBD Water

It’s clear to see that CBD water is good for you. It possesses several advantages to the consumer as a product. It’s an efficient way of taking advantage of the therapeutic health benefits of the compound and offers something current CBD-based items don’t. 

However, the science behind nano CBD water is still in its relative infancy. While most research agrees that this method of consumption boosts bioavailability, there is concern that this could lead to toxicity

Our bodies hold upper limits to the quantity of vitamins and minerals we can safely consume without negative effects. These figures have been well researched and established for many years. So far, no such guidelines exist for non-nutrient phytochemicals like nano CBD. 

Chemicals like CBD altered through nanotechnology dubbed ‘nanoceuticals’ can penetrate the body’s defense barriers. As a result, our systems are exposed to quantities never experienced before, and scientists have a whole new area for discovery. 

Nanoceuticals are an unregulated industry at this time and are yet to be tested extensively for long-term effects on the body. Therefore drinking CBD-infused water this early into development carries an element of risk

How much CBD water should you drink?

CBD fusion water is a new concept still largely under testing for possible effects linked to its content and bioavailability. Currently, only one product containing CBD is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, meaning retailers can’t give specific dosage instructions for their products. 

As we now know, the compound is used for various health reasons. This broad spectrum makes attaching a specific dosage difficult, especially when each individual reacts differently to its effects. 

For instance, a suggested amount for one person trying to overcome anxiety may be completely different for another wishing to promote a healthy heart. 

If you’re interested in getting started with cannabidiol, you’re probably wondering how much CBD water should I drink? Always follow the brand’s recommendations usually found on their website and speak with your physician. The compound does have certain side effects, such as hypotension in some cases. 

Most CBD water companies suggest you begin with the lowest bottled dose and work upwards until you achieve the desired results. If you experience negative CBD water effects like diarrhea, then lower the amount you consume. 

If you’re already an avid CBD user, opt for something with lower content than you’re already using. It may sound counterproductive but remember CBD water offers a much larger absorption rate than what your body is currently used to. 

Drop of water on weed leaf
Drop of water on weed leaf

4 CBD water brands you should know

Before you begin searching CBD water and where to buy it, take the time to check that consuming the compound is legal in your state. You may find it tricky to get a CBD-infused water prescription under your local medicinal marijuana program right now because it’s such a new concept. 

At this time, CBD water isn’t available on the shelves. Ordering online is the only way you can get your hands on it. Several reputable CBD water brands are spearheading its development onto the market and are worth looking at if you’re interested in stocking your pantry. 

We’ve done the leg work for you and compiled a list of the best CBD water companies available; check them out below. 

1. CBD Living

CBD Living is one of the most popular CBD companies in the US. It has a huge collection of nano products, including nanoceuticals for special dietary requirements and pets. 

Its CBD-infused water catalog offers sparkling, still, and flavored options. All of the brand’s water has a pH of 7.4 toreflect the natural alignment of our bodies. The water also has around four million nanograms of CBD packed inside. 

Some bottles and cans come with additional vitamins and minerals, while others include D-Ribose, CoQ10, and Methyl B12. Take a look at a CBD water review or two to get a real feel of why this company is the top choice for many. 

2. CBD Naturals

CBD Naturals stocks a small but precise selection of CBD water known as Health Water. The retailer has crammed as much goodness as possible into their bottles. Starting with their own patented Purazomes—a colloidal phytocannabinoid complex. 

Beyond this, the CBD water benefits come thanks to 72 non-GMO minerals and H2O with a pH level of over 9. According to the company, their water is specially designed to be the most effective on the market for hydrating the body

3. Kind Water

Kind Water is bringing something different to the table with its purified alkaline CBD water containing terpenes. The compounds are responsible for how cannabis flowers smell and taste while also playing a part in the entourage effect—a chain reaction between compounds that enhances their effects.

Kind Water recognizes that including terpenes in their products boosts CBD water effects. Some studies have also found proof that specific terpenes contribute to health, such as Limonene, which holds antibacterial properties. 

4. Canna Nano Water

Canna Nano CBD water stands out from the crowd for its purification process. The company only bottles water that goes through evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Emulating the natural hydrologic cycle filters out impurities organically. 

Canno Nano then takes it a step further by using UV, carbon, and two different sub-micron filters before the H2O is ozonated. After all of this, nanotechnology is used to shrink the CBD into nano-sized particles and added to the purest water you may ever taste

Cannabis CBD infused Water
CBD infused Water

Quench your thirst 

CBD water is potentially the next new exciting trend to hit the cannabinoid consumer market. Its easy-to-use and normalized format could mean it surpasses the popularity of current CBD favorites like oil and tinctures. 

CBD water effects possess all the health benefits of taking the compound combined with staying hydrated. Nanotechnology has opened doors for faster and more potent bioavailability. But more testing is necessary to guarantee its safety, especially for long-term use.

There are currently only a handful of reputable companies selling the latest innovation. But CBD water reviews from their customers who’ve tried it are promising. Remember to check the legality of cannabidiol in your state before ordering yours. 

Want to explore other CBD-based products and learn about all things marijuana? Check out our blog today. 

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