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How do Coffee and Weed Interact?

coffee and weed

Some people enjoy a good cup of joe to get them going in the morning. Others prefer a puff or two of their favorite sativa cannabis strain to boost their energy levels. What if you like both? Can you mix coffee and weed?

The jury’s still out on this one, but evidence suggests combining the two produces different effects than when you enjoy them solo.

Want to know more? 

We delve into the world of cannabis and coffee to see what happens when you consume them together. Find out if you can enjoy that extra special caffeine hit on a Saturday morning or if there are risks. 

Read on to discover all there is to know about caffeine and weed.

how does weed interact with coffee

What happens when you mix coffee and weed?

Some consumers who like both weed and coffee worry about enjoying them simultaneously. It’s common to think the effects of one cancel out the other. Cannabis is renowned for relaxing tokers, while coffee is associated with higher energy levels.

There’s no evidence to back up these claims, though. Some marijuana strains also make you more energetic and act as a stimulant. So, what happens when you mix coffee and cannabis?

With few studies to provide concrete results, it appears that combining the two might increase memory loss. In normal circumstances, what weed does to your brain changes when caffeine gets involved.

By itself, cannabis can have a positive effect on your mind. Consumers often report relief from stress and worries and sometimes enjoy more focus and creative ideas. When you mix THC and caffeine, though, your memory may become impaired, suggest certain studies.

Coffee and marijuana can put you in a good mood, but too much caffeine or a mixture of both increases your heart rate. 

It appears that a small dose of each won’t do much harm. As soon as you take a little more, you might experience stronger side effects. If you intend to try a coffee weed mixture, ensure you only consume a tiny amount of each. 

weed and coffee

Does coffee make you higher?

One study involved squirrel monkeys taking THC and a caffeine equivalent (MSX-3). The results showed that a small dose of coffee might enhance the buzz from cannabis and make it last longer

Higher amounts of caffeine oppositely affected the monkeys, encouraging them to ingest more THC. More research is needed to prove similar results in humans, but a coffee and pot blend would likely have these effects.

Potential side effects of mixing weed and coffee

As with any combination of stimulants, mixing coffee and THC comes with potential side effects. So far, no serious cases have been reported regarding the blend, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t risks.

Below, we look at the possible short and long-term effects of enjoying weed and caffeine together.

cannabis and coffee

Short-term effects

We all react to caffeine and THC differently. Some of us might enjoy one cup of joe a day, whereas others need five to make it through the morning. A regular smoker can enjoy a high dose of THC, but a 420 newbie can only handle a puff or two. 

Before mixing coffee and weed, ensure you understand how your body reacts to them individually. If you can only handle a little THC, combining it with caffeine could result in you feeling “too high.” This can have secondary effects, making you:

  • Nauseous
  • Dizzy
  • Anxious
  • Paranoid

To avoid negative effects when combining coffee and a joint, follow this advice:

  • Start with a small amount of each—even less than you’d normally consume.
  • Take things slowly and give your body at least half an hour to adjust before enjoying more of either.
  • Understand how much marijuana and coffee you’re consuming. It might sound like overkill, but you could easily go over the top if you enjoy the combo.

Another aspect to consider when mixing coffee with weed is the daily recommended dose of caffeine. It’s rare, but drinking too many cups of joe can result in high blood pressure

If you sense unusual symptoms after consuming this blend, reach out to your doctor for advice. It’s unlikely you’re in great danger, but the induced anxiety could be a recipe for a panic attack. Speaking to a healthcare advisor reassures you everything is ok. 

Long-term effects

There’s no solid evidence that mixing caffeine and marijuana has long-term effects. However, the animal study mentioned above showed that more caffeine could also encourage you to consume more THC.

Repeatedly enjoying coffee and weed this way means you ingest more cannabis than you normally would. Over time, it may lead to a substance use disorder. Keep an eye out for these signs that you’re consuming more than you should:

  • An increasing tolerance to THC levels, meaning you need more weed to feel the effects.
  • Ingesting marijuana even when you don’t want to or after encountering negative symptoms.
  • Thinking about consuming cannabis often.
  • Ensuring your supply of weed never runs out.
  • Missing important events because you’re high. 
coffee and marijuana

What else should you know about caffeine and weed interaction?

You’ve seen that, in general, enjoying coffee and weed together is safe—as long as you stick to small amounts. The risks are low, and there have been no reported cases of anyone experiencing negative symptoms. What else is there to know? 

You don’t need to consume your favorite indica or sativa and coffee in smokeable form. Many ways exist to consume weed, which could enhance your experience of mixing the two. 

CBD coffee

We’ve seen that caffeine and THC may have potential risks when consumed together, but what about cannabidiol? We know this compound as CBD—the other main element of marijuana along with THC. How do they differ?

THC is what produces those psychoactive effects, making you feel high. When mixed with coffee, high THC strains have the potential to make you feel unwell or disorientated.

CBD lets you feel all those enjoyable sensations you get when consuming cannabis but with no psychoactive symptoms. A CBD-infused coffee in the morning could be the perfect way to feel the effects and still go about your day as normal.

Coffee and edibles

Many coffee drinkers enjoy a cookie or cake with their cup of joe. Others don’t like smoking or aren’t able to due to health concerns. Make way for coffee and edibles. Why not sip your caffeine while taking a bite from a warm CBD brownie?

Alternatively, bake a batch of THC cookies and grab one with your coffee in the morning. Remember; when you ingest marijuana in edible form, the effects take longer to kick in and last longer. Only bake with a tiny amount of weed to avoid overconsumption.

Coffee and tinctures

If you want your coffee and weed in the same mug, consider tinctures. These small bottles of liquid cannabis are extremely versatile, and you can add them to anything you want. They’re easy to add one or two drops to your morning coffee, and you won’t even taste them

coffee and weed

Coffee-like weed strains

If you’re unsure about consuming caffeine and weed together, why not get yourself an energizing cannabis strain? Replace your cup of joe with these cultivars to give you that invigorating morning buzz.

Super Lemon Haze

Add a pep to your step in the early hours by enjoying Super Lemon Haze feminized buds. This strain tastes zesty and sweet and contains up to a powerful 20% THC content

The plants grow huge and produce abundant yields of energizing nugs to replace your coffee with weed.

Durban Poison

A puff or two from Durban Poison feminizedenergizes your entire being and gets you focused for the day. The cultivar is easy to grow for all levels of gardeners to enjoy large nugs with moderate 13–16% THC levels. Expect earthy and sweet flavors as you toke.

CBD White Widow

This high cannabidiol version of the marijuana classic is the ideal way to produce morning vibes. CBD White Widow feminizedproduces euphoric sensations with just a tiny buzz, thanks to its 16% CBD and low 5.5% THC levels. 

This strain is also ideal for a weed and caffeine combo if you don’t want to feel high—perhaps why it’s an Amsterdam coffee shop favorite. Citrus and fruity flavors grace your palate as you toke.

CBD White Widow
CBD White Widow feminized

Start your morning the right way

If you love weed and coffee, know that you can safely consume them together if you wish. Potential risks exist, but there’s no hard evidence that the combo does a great deal of damage to your overall health.

Take doses low and slow to avoid becoming too high or unintentionally increasing your THC tolerance. If you prefer to enjoy the uplifting cannabis effects but don’t want to feel “high,” get yourself a CBD strain instead.

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