People like getting high. People like getting drunk. Mix the two, and you might think it’s double the fun, but it depends on who you ask. When you’re cross faded, you can be sent to a euphoric high or spiraling downhill fast. 

Do you like to drink and smoke? Let’s take a look at the cross faded effect, the science behind it, and all the ups and downs in between. 

Smoking weed
Smoking weed

Cross faded meaning

What does cross faded mean? 

Cross faded means you’re drunk and high at the same time.

In a 2017 study, 82% of young adult Americans have consumed alcohol, and 32% have used marijuana in the last year. 87% of those surveyed had heard of the term “cross faded.” 5.2% described the experience as very desirable, while over 60.1% said it was undesirable

How to get cross faded & why some people enjoy it

How to get cross faded? It’s not a hard concept. You become cross faded when you either consume marijuana first, then drink, vice versa, or consume both simultaneously

Those who use both drugs are twice as likely to get drunk and stoned at the same time. Why would someone want to get like this? 

The two substances enhance the effects of the other, creating an intense feeling of being drunk and stoned, aka cross faded. When it’s a good experience, you’re ina state of ultimate euphoria, without a care in the world. You laugh more, do wild things, and feel young, which is highly desirable. 

Not everyone experiences this state of bliss. Sometimes, you’re cross faded and feel like you’ll never be sober again and are dying. 

The science behind crossfading: what happens when you mix weed and alcohol?

You might think, well, why does crossfading have the potential for such a negative experience if being both drunk and high is fun? What happens to the body when you’re both stoned and drunk? 

The cross faded effects happen because of how our bodies and minds react to each drug. Alcohol is a depressant and interacts with the central nervous system, which affects your motor skills. 

THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, interacts with the cannabinoid receptors and alters your cognitive function, while CBD, another cannabinoid, relaxes your body. 

Alcohol affects how the blood vessels absorb THC, making you higher faster when crossfading. Both alcohol and weed alter your brain, but in different ways. The combination of the two intoxicates you quickly and with no forgiveness. 

Consequently, vasodilation increases the rate at which THC is absorbed.One study even found out that this effect is dose-dependent. In other words, consuming more alcohol results in more incline in THC absorption. 

In essence, downing a drink before smoking amplifies the psychedelic high induced by the weed. However, doing so also increases the likelihood of greening out.

Another effect of drinking before smoking is that cannabis partially mellows out the effects of alcohol. In a study where test subjects were asked to smoke marijuana after alcohol ingestion, a significantly lower bioavailability level of ethanol was observed. Thereby, making it less likely to be absorbed by the cells. 

Even though the alcohol was ingested first, the cannabinoids take effect much faster because it is directly inhaled into the lungs whereas liquor has to be metabolized first before its effects kick in. This usually takes about 30 to 90 minutes.

As the conventional folk wisdom say, “weed before beer and you’re in the clear, beer before grass and you’re on your ass,” smoking before drinking poses a lesser risk of greening out. 

However, it is a false notion that doing it in this order magnifies the psychedelic high of the weed. This is because even before the alcohol is consumed, the cannabinoids have already taken effect. Therefore, ethanol will no longer incite an impact on the THC absorption by this time.

What are the cross faded effects?

The effects are intense. One moment you’re relaxed with a little something to take the edge off, and the next moment, you’re so incredibly messed up, it’s not fun. Most people get the spins while cross faded. 

What are the spins? The spins are when you’re sitting still andfeel like you’re on a playground roundabout. When you try to get up, your balance will be off, and it distorts your vision. As soon as you try to close your eyes while cross faded, the roundabout starts again, creating the feeling of motion sickness and nausea

You won’t be able to do anything fun. All you’ll be focused on is trying to live because you’ll feel like you’ll never be normal again. You’ll want to curl up on the cold kitchen or bathroom floor and wait for the cross faded feeling to end. 

What are the cross faded symptoms?

The symptoms are feelings of:

  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea
  • Disorientation
  • Paranoia 
  • Panic 

How long does the feeling last?

The length of your cross faded experience all depends on how drunk and stoned you are. One beer and a hit will probably give you a nice euphoric experience, but binge drinking and a whole joint is another story. 

Generally speaking, being drunk lasts for about 6 hours from your last sip. You stay high for about 3 hours, and then effects start to dwindle. Depending on how and when you mixed, you can be cross faded for up to 8 hours, but the serious effects usually die down in 3 to 4 hours. 

Smoking weed and drinking
Smoking weed and drinking

What are the risks of getting high and drunk at the same time?

Although cannabis isn’t lethal, alcohol is, which creates danger when cross faded. The main risk is how marijuana and alcohol interact with nausea

Weed is medically used to reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, which is beneficial when you’re sick. When you consume too much alcohol, your body detects there’s a toxin inside you, and you throw up to get rid of it. 

While cross faded, if your body doesn’t feel nauseous because of the marijuana, you run the risk of alcohol poisoning, which can be deadly. 

A less serious risk is that both alcohol and marijuana impair judgment. You might be more inclined to perform risky activities while cross faded, like driving a car, having unprotected sex, or consuming more drugs. All of these activities can be life-threatening. 

How to avoid the cross faded feeling?

First and foremost, you can avoid feeling cross faded by simply not consuming alcohol and marijuana together. Stick to either getting drunk or getting high. 

If you choose to consume both drugs, know your limits and do so in moderation. Many people enjoy having a hit while at a party and feel fine. When that’s you, there’s nothing wrong with being stoned and drunk. 

The problem comes when you’re a novice user or consume both substances in an excessive amount. When you know you don’t like being cross faded, don’t give in to peer pressure. 

How do you end a cross faded high?

So you’re already cross faded, and you have no way to turn back. Don’t worry; it happens to all of us. What do you do to stop the feeling? 

There’s no magic cure to make you sober, and you’ll have to wait it out. Keep reminding yourself that being cross faded will end, and you’ll be okay. Although this is true, you can do some things to keep calm. 

First, drink water. There’s no scientific proof that water makes you less high, but it will make you less drunk. Staying hydrated helps with cottonmouth and dry eyes. When you bring down your blood alcohol percentage, you should start to feel better. 

Next, find a cool place to relax while cross faded. When you’re drunk, your body starts to heat up, making you uncomfortable, enhancing the cross faded adverse feelings. 

If you feel nauseous, try eating something to help absorb the alcohol. Your top choices are starches, like bread, chips, pizza, or french fries. When you have food in your system, your stomach will feel better, and you’ll be less drunk. 

When you don’t have the spins, try to sleep the cross faded feeling off. Once the height of the drunk and stoned experience lessens, you should be able to lay down and get some rest. 

If the spins from being cross faded are too intense, it’s a good idea just to throw up when you feel like it, as this stops your body from absorbing more alcohol or weed-infused edibles. When everything is out of your system, you can start sobering up to end being cross faded. 

When you’re out at a party, and you’re cross faded, make sure you have a friend to help. An intense cross faded experience can be scary and raise paranoia and anxiety. A friend can assist you and keep you calm when feeling out of control. 

Smoking cannabis joint
Smoking cannabis joint

How to get rid of the cross faded hangover?

Hangovers, in general, aren’t the best way to spend a Sunday, and cross faded hangovers are even worse. You’ll wake up with a massive headache, dry mouth, nausea, and might be feeling a little out of it still. 

The hangover feeling is a combination of dehydration, lack of sleep, nausea, and lack of nutrients to recuperate. To fix a cross faded hangover, you need to tackle each symptom with a cure. 

Here’s what you should do the morning after being cross faded:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Drink fortified drinks with minerals, vitamins, and sugar, like Gatorade or Powerade. 
  • Stay in bed and relax
  • Take an anti-nausea medicine, like Tums or Pepto-Bismol
  • Eat basic starchy foods like bread, rice, crackers, or potatoes.
  • Take a shower to cool off the body
  • Take vitamins to replenish your body

After a day of misery, you should be feeling normal again. A cross faded mishap every once in a while or when you’re young won’t cause too much damage, but remember binge drinking and excessive smoking cause long-term side effects

Although cannabis doesn’t have addictive qualities, like alcohol, the feeling of being high and carefree can become addicting. Both alcohol and marijuana have long-term effects on cognitive function. 

Just remember, everything is good in moderation, even being cross faded. 

Final Points about the cross faded effect

People who use alcohol and marijuana all have a story about the one time they got so messed up from being cross faded. We’ve all been there. 

On some occasions, you get the perfect cross faded feeling and are on top of the world. Then, other times, you take one too many hits or drink one beer too many, and it all goes downhill. You can easily avoid a bad time by sticking to one substance at a time. 

Now you know what being cross faded is and how to avoid it; it’s time to grow your own weed supply to always have some on hand. Buy cannabis seeds from our seed bank for a variety of strains. 

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