does cbd make you hungry

Many cannabis users find themselves opening their fridge after a few tokes to indulge in some snacks. Is the cannabinoid CBD the reason for those pangs in your stomach? Does CBD make you hungry?

Find out here if CBD increases or sedates your appetite. We also look at CBD gummies and oils to determine if they give you munchies. 

Discover the best CBD strains and oils available to help boost your appetite. Let’s start by answering ‘Does CBD make you hungry?’. 

Does CBD make you hungry?

What is CBD, and does CBD make you hungry? CBD is a natural active compound derived mostly from hemp plants but is also present in many cannabis strains.

THC is the prominent cannabinoid in weed that boosts dopamine, allowing you to enjoy your food more. THC stimulates appetite by interacting with your hypothalamus, tricking neurons into telling your brain that you’re feeling hungry. 

Studies show CBD has little effects on CB1 and CB2 reflectors in your brain, but it may antagonize them with THC. CBD doesn’t trick your brain into making you feel hungry. It may help suppress appetite by increasing your metabolism.

CBD doesn’t directly increase hunger, but its cannabinoid cousin, THC, may stimulate appetite. It may also help reduce nausea and alleviate head pains, enabling you to eat more. 

Does CBD make you hungry by eating gummies or consuming oil? Let’s find out.

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Do CBD gummies make you hungry?

We all know how addictive gummy candies are when we open a bag, and a minute later, they’re gone! But do CBD gummies make you hungry?

It’s important to check the ingredients to determine the sugar quantity and if there are additives in the product. Many CBD gummies contain THC, which heightens your smell and taste, urging you to snack more.

It all depends on the type of CBD gummies you’re consuming. Some of these products may unleash your hunger beast, while others may help your stomach, enabling you to enjoy eating more.

Does CBD oil make you hungry?

Many medicinal users consuming cannabidiol may ask, ’does CBD oil make you hungry?’ CBD’s health benefits include helping reduce nausea and settling your digestive system, enabling you to eat more.

Unlike gummies, organic CBD oil won’t contain any extra food additives or high THC content that may awaken your hunger monster. While CBD oils don’t directly increase your appetite, they may help alleviate symptoms that prevent you from enjoying food.

Why and how does CBD stimulate appetite?

So, how does CBD make you hungry, and why? Most research suggests this cannabinoid doesn’t increase your desire to eat. Some studies, however, found a small number of participants had increased appetites as a side-effect of consuming CBD.

CBD’s health benefits include helping to relieve nausea, and it may also soothe upset digestive tracts and calm nervous systems. It also may alleviate severe migraines and throbbing headaches.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays an important role in balancing many important functions in your central nervous system. While CBD doesn’t directly cause hunger pangs, it does interact with your ECS.

Sometimes, our bodies can be out of balance, influencing an increase or decrease in hunger. CBD may help sedate overactive and promote underactive appetites, but it depends on if there’s an imbalance in your ECS. 

So, why and how does CBD increase appetites? If you’re feeling less nauseated and free of headaches, you’re likely to eat more. Many people who don’t smoke or vape enjoy consuming it in the form of CBD tea, oils, or gummies.

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Top 5 best strains of CBD for appetite

There are many conflicting studies to answer ‘Does CBD make you hungry?’. While we know THC stimulates the appetite, not all medicinal marijuana users may want to experience psychoactive effects.

Some super CBD strains may help relieve various ailments preventing you from enjoying food. Here are the top 5 best strains of CBD for appetite.

CBD Critical Mass autoflower

Enjoy multiple harvests of citrus and woody-flavored buds every year with CBD Critical Mass autoflower weed. This indica-dominant cultivar contains a perfect balance of 5% THC and 5% CBD and is ideal for beginners.

Find the answer to ‘does CBD give you munchies?’ with this popular strain while indulging in its calm and relaxing effects. Medicinal users can also enjoy Critical Mass autoflower’s sweeping mental clarity with enhanced focus and an urge to participate in creative activities.

This amazing CBD variant may provide relief from physical ailments such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease. It may also help reduce stress, soothe headaches, and reduce nausea, promoting a healthy appetite and leaving you feeling hungry.

CBD Critical Mass

CBD Strawberry feminized

Awaken your hunger beast with the delightful sweet summer favorite—CBD Strawberry feminized marijuana. Are you wondering, ‘does CBD help with appetites?’ This berry-scented indica strain may answer your question with a resounding yes.

CBD Strawberry feminized weed contains less than 1% THC but has a decent 15% CBD content. It’s an easy strain to grow indoors and out, and the plants develop big, luscious buds helping cannabis users be happy, focused, and relaxed.

Medicinal patients report reduced bouts of nausea, allowing them to enjoy eating to increase their energy levels. This CBD cultivar may also help alleviate headaches and migraines, promoting a healthy appetite.  

CBD White Widow 10:1 feminized

Enjoy this legendary classic Cannabis Cup winning hybrid without worrying about psychoactive effects. CBD White Widow 10:1 feminized is a gentle variant and may contribute to your wellbeing with its 10% CBD and 1% THC content.

The flowers emit sweet and spicy citrusy flavors, tickling your senses and making your mouth water. This well-balanced hybrid is beginner-friendly to grow and develops large buds oozing in sticky CBD resin.

If you’re wondering, ‘can CBD increase an appetite?’ White Widow 10:1 feminized’s medicinal properties may help you finish meals. This cannabis may alleviate stomach cramps, nauseating feelings, and migraines, helping you eat more.

Sister Act feminized

Throw your hands in the air for what you’re about to receive with the indica-dominant Sister Act feminized. This well-balanced Kush descendant boasts tropical fruity flavors, and the plants’ resin is ideal for creating edibles and topicals. 

This wellbeing cultivar boasts impressive 16% CBD levels and around 1% THC content. It produces substantial yields of 28 oz. per cannabis plant outdoors in Mediterranean-type climates with plenty of sunshine.

Searching for a cannabis CBD for appetite stimulation that makes you happy and relaxed? Sister Act feminized is what you’re looking for and may ease unsettled stomachs and alleviate headaches to help you boost your digestive system.

Sister Act
Sister Act feminized

CBD Blueberry feminized

Boost your appetite with the renowned and popular CBD Blueberry feminized strain. This cannabis contains trace amounts of THC but a whopping 16% CBD content.

CBD Blueberry feminized plants produce decent yields of delicious berry-flavored flowers indoors and out. Marijuana users report feeling focused and relaxed, with a happy urge to nibble on their favorite snacks.

This award-winning indica-dominant cultivar is a tasty treat for medicinal users who use CBD for appetite stimulation. It may help reduce nauseating feelings and reduce the severity of migraines, enabling your hunger levels to rise.

Best CBD oil to increase appetite

If you prefer oral consumption, you may be looking for the best CBD oil to increase appetites. There are two types of CBD oil available to buy:

  • Full-spectrum: includes all flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids in weed plants, with minimal traces of THC.
  • Broad-spectrum: this contains all the natural compounds in marijuana plants but excludes the cannabinoid THC.

It’s important to check the product as suppliers sometimes mislabel many CBD oils. Stick to organic CBD cultivated from US growers, and check for a certificate of analysis (COA) to ensure the listed ingredients are in your oil.

Here are three of the best brands supplying CBD oil for appetite stimulation

Best CBD oil to increase appetite

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil

A CBD oil for appetite stimulation available is the full-spectrum Charlotte’s Web. This product comes from Colorado hemp and is grown organically by US cultivators.

This full-spectrum oil contains less than 0.3% THC, but contains 1,800mg CBD per 30ml bottle. It’s ideal for medicinal marijuana consumers used to high CBD quantities

Lazarus Naturals CBD oil

This Oregon favorite is one of the best CBD oils to increase appetites and is available in various options. Pick and choose from a range of flavors, including mint, chocolate, and coffee.

The CBD oil is full-spectrum, and the minimal THC content may help boost your hunger. This company offers a wide choice of CBD oils, and it also stocks capsules, tinctures, and topicals.

Joy Organics CBD oil

This reputable brand supplies full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils, unflavored and flavored. Joy Organics is a Colorado company, and all its products are USDA organic certified.

They offer low and high doses of 15–75mg per serving, ideal for all CBD users. The flavors include orange, lime, and mint, making it an attractive CBD oil for appetite stimulation

CBD and appetite: a promoter and suppressor

You now have a clearer picture of what CBD does to your appetite. CBD can increase or decrease your hunger feelings depending on your body’s condition. It works well next to THC to promote your appetite.

Most research determines that CBD doesn’t directly influence your brain into thinking you’re hungry. It does, however, contain many beneficial medicinal properties that may help boost your metabolism, bringing comfort to folks suffering from nausea.

Will CBD make you hungry if you consume it using oil or gummies? Again, it depends on the ingredients listed in the product. Ensure you buy your CBD items from a reputable brand or have fun learning how to create CBD gummies.

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