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Does Weed Help Nausea? The Ultimate Guide

does weed help nausea

As cannabis legalization for medical use soars throughout the country, more people are taking notice of the green plant. Users claim the herb aids many ailments and maladies—but does weed help nausea?

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to say it does, and some science agrees. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you make an educated decision on consuming weed for nausea.

Should you treat your sickness with our friend Mary Jane? 

Find out below as we answer the burning question: does weed help with nausea? Discover the benefits of cannabis for sickness and the best way to consume it to enjoy the effects. We also share the best strains to combat nausea effectively.

Does weed help nausea? 

People have used cannabis for nausea for centuries, but does it really help, or does it produce a placebo effect? Some evidence points to yes, and plenty of marijuana consumers are willing to agree.

It appears that marijuana does help with nausea—and to a great extent. One study showed that 96% of 886 individuals sampling cannabis for sickness experienced relief in as little as one hour. That’s a very high percentage!

Many consumers also agree with anecdotal reports of weed nausea relief in individuals undergoing chemotherapy. Other patients experiencing sickness as a side effect of medication also felt alleviated with marijuana.

THC vs. CBD for nausea

How does weed help nausea?

You feel nauseous and sometimes vomit for various reasons. These symptoms are usually the result of eating or drinking something bad or as part of an illness or infection. The unpleasantness is part of your anatomy’s way of healing.

So, how does marijuana help nausea and related symptoms? 

Your body contains natural cannabinoid receptors (specifically CB1) that help regulate food intake, nausea, and vomiting. Cannabinoids exist in your brain and stomach, and chemical compounds called endocannabinoids stimulate them. 

Research shows that you’re more likely to feel sick when their natural levels get suppressed. Contrarily, high levels of these compounds reduce nauseating sensations

Consuming marijuana for nausea works similarly by binding with your body’s natural endocannabinoid receptors. Weed triggers the same type of reactions as when your anatomy produces the compounds.

The relationship between cannabinoids and your body explains how CBD and THC for nausea are effective and why many people find relief.

Weed and nausea: best ways to use cannabis for nausea relief

We’ve established that weed can help with nausea, but what’s the best way to consume it to feel the full force of effects? We share some of the most common ways to use cannabis, whether you want it packed with THC or only containing CBD.

CBD oil for nausea

Both THC and CBD are effective cannabinoids when treating various ailments. Can CBD help with nausea? It most definitely can, and many prefer to consume this compound over THC. 

THC is what produces the psychoactive effects while consuming cannabis—CBD doesn’t. When you take CBD oil for nausea, you enjoy the relief and other uplifting sensations without feeling “high.”

CBD products are an ideal choice if you consume marijuana for medicinal purposes. Some CBD oil drops under your tongue work fast if you need immediate relief. Take advantage of the improved symptoms and go about your day as normal. 

Do edibles help with nausea?

Many consumers enjoy mixing cannabis with food. It’s an excellent alternative to smoking, and you get to be creative in the kitchen. Do edibles help with nausea? Yes, weed in food is a tasty, discreet, and simple way to treat sickness.

Remember that edible cannabis for nausea takes longer to kick in than straight CBD oil. 

For patients and consumers with chronic nausea or as a side effect of medicine, a pack of gummy bears on the go is ideal. You can eat one every couple of hours, and no one knows what’s inside your tasty treat while you reap the benefits.

Remember; it might be tempting to chow down on your sweet snack or delicious brownies, but take it slowly. Effects can take up to an hour to kick in, so see how you feel before reaching for more.

does weed help nausea

Does smoking weed help with nausea?

Inhaling cannabis is perhaps the most common consumption method—it’s easy, and the effects hit you fast. Does smoking weed help with nausea? Yes, puffing on your favorite strain may help reduce sickness.

Marijuana enters your bloodstream fast when you smoke, so expect to feel relief within 15–30 minutes. However, this consumption method can make some consumers cough, and others don’t like the taste—especially when they feel sick. 

Weed does help nausea this way but only choose it if you smoke regularly and know it won’t make you feel any worse.

THC vs. CBD for nausea

Does CBD oil help with nausea? It appears it does—various studies back up the anecdotal claims, and the compound is often prescribed as medicine.

Does THC help with nausea? Yes, this compound is also an effective treatment for nausea, and some researchers hint that it might work even better. 

So, why all the fuss about CBD?

Most doctors and patients prefer to consume cannabis high in CBD and low in THC for various reasons:

  • CBD doesn’t get you high, unlike the psychoactive effects you experience from THC.
  • In many parts of the country, THC is illegal—CBD isn’t. 
  • It’s much easier to get your hands on some CBD oil than a THC product for legal reasons.

If you get sick often and want to find the best option to treat your symptoms, we recommend you try both. Experiencing the effects of CBD and THC for nausea will help you pick what works for you individually.

Weed for nausea: 5 best strains of marijuana for nausea

There’s no denying the health benefits of marijuana, especially regarding weed and nausea. If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to grow your own stash, check out these top cannabis strains for feeling sick.

Indica cultivars are usually renowned for producing more body effects and are often picked to treat nausea. If you’re a sativa fan, don’t fret! We’ve included some that work just as well.

weed for nausea

Durban Poison

Durban Poison feminized is one of the world’s first original landraces and produces pure and potent sativa crops. THC levels range from 13–16%, and CBD is low. Does this weed help nausea?

Users claim the strain aids with increasing appetite and calming an upset stomach. Expect some tasty earthy and sweet flavors and fragrances when consuming Durban Poison. 

Sour Diesel

Chemdawg 91 x Super Skunk joined forces to create Sour Diesel feminized. With minimal CBD and a moderate 16–20% THC, this strain is a fan favorite when looking at marijuana and nausea relief.

The citrus and pine scents come with a hint of diesel—don’t be put off. Consumers report numerous health-boosting properties, including increased appetite and relief from sickness as a side effect of chemotherapy.


CBD OG Kush feminized is the offspring of one of the biggest cannabis classics on the 420 scene. OG Kush is a blend of Fire OG x The White—breeders mixed the parent with a high-CBD variant to get these medical marijuana community favorites.

Expect the buds to come packed with 8–10% CBD and 6–8% THC. Use this strain to make some CBD oil for nausea and expect lots of relief. Consumers claim a few drops under their tongue help them manage nausea quickly and discreetly

Jack Herer

The original strain and CBD therapy are to thank for creating CBD Jack Herer feminized. This sativa-dominant cultivar clears your mind and stops you from feeling dizzy—a common symptom of those experiencing sickness.

Expect balanced effects when consuming this weed for nausea, thanks to the 6% THC and 8% CBD. Patients mention they find relief from a sick feeling due to numerous conditions, like fatigue, anxiety, and migraines.

Northern Lights

Last but not least is a cannabis legend—Northern Lights feminized. This strain is easy to find and bred from Afghani and Thai landraces. Indica-dominant and with moderate 14–17% THC levels, you enjoy deep relaxation that soothes your entire being. 

With the mind and body calm, many users reported sickness symptoms reduced, and it was easier to get to sleep. Expect a delicious concoction of aromas and flavors when you consume this cannabis for nausea, particularly sweet, lemon, and skunky hints.

Consider weed as a natural alternative

Can weed help nausea? Yes. Patients experiencing sickness due to a number of conditions report exceptional relief with cannabis. There’s also scientific evidence to back it up, and we’re sure there’s much more to come in the future. 

If you suffer from chronic sickness or are suffering from a bout of food poisoning, see if one of our recommended strains provides relief. See if weed does help nausea for yourself and whether CBD or THC does the trick.

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