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How To Sober Up From Weed: 8 Actionable Tips

How to sober up from weed

We’ve all been there, wondering how to sober up from weed after a toke too many.

As you try to stand up, you realize you’re too stoned to move. Perhaps you receive a sudden call that needs you sharp and focused. Your head is spinning, and you’re unsure how to get back to normality.

Worry not, fellow stoner. We’re here with actionable tips on how to stop being high. We also explain why a weed high can sometimes go a step too far.

Joints and buds
Weed joints and buds

How long do the effects of weed last?

Before discussing how to make a high go away, we need to get one essential piece of information out of the way. Passage of time is the only reliable way to recover your sobriety.

THC from cannabis takes its time to do its magic on your mind and body. It takes you on a wild ride and slowly dissipates from your system.

How long do the effects of weed last, then? The answer is individual.

The duration of this psychoactive experience depends on the strain, potency, and consumption method. Your THC tolerance, hydration, nutrition, and body composition also play significant roles in this process.

Note: Concentrates are the most potent form of cannabis, and they tend to stick around for the longest time. Edibles and cured flowers follow closely behind.

The science behind the high time scale is unclear, but you’re not here for research inconsistencies. You’re looking for answers on how to sober up from weed. Let’s use anecdotal evidence and averages to discuss duration.

When you smoke pot, the peak can last anywhere between half an hour to two hours.

The first ten to thirty minutes tend to be the strongest. You usually feel some lingering effects for hours after the strain’s capabilities reach their maximum potential.

When you consume cannabis through edibles, THC first has to go through your gut before reaching the brain.

As a result, the high is delayed but lasts longer once it reaches your bloodstream. You stay intoxicated for anywhere between two to four hours.

The bottom line is simple. You can do some things in line with ‘how to sober up from weed fast,’ but it’s never quick enough in reality. It’ll take several hours before you regain clearheadedness. 

Symptoms of being high

Before learning how to make your high go away, you need to know what you’re up against. If you’re here for quick fixes as soon as possible, scroll past this segment. We need to care for everybody.

Those reading this guide to educate themselves should understand the difference between how an off-the-rails high differs from the good stuff.

What happens once you smoke that sweet, fat blunt? The particulars differ from one individual to the next and from one smoking session to the other. Here are the classic symptoms of being high:

  • Feeling really happy. THC stimulates neurons in your brain, causing them to release the feel-good hormone called dopamine.
  • Feeling relaxed and calm. That same dopamine hit, especially when combined with the calming terpenes in indica cannabis colas, lets you experience deep tranquility.
  • Increased hunger. The munchies are a traditional symptom of being high. THC inhibits the appetite-suppressing hormone called leptin, which has you reaching for a snack.
  • Changed perception of time. The interaction between THC and your endocannabinoid system alters your judgment, making time go by more slowly.
  • Enhanced perceptions of sounds, colors, or touch. This interaction can also cause trippiness, making you experience everything in high-definition.

You wouldn’t be asking yourself (and the Internet) how to get sober from weed if the effects ended here. Unfortunately, you can have too much of a good thing, leading to the less pleasant side of cannabis consumption. Let’s explore.

Smoking High Grade Weed
Smoking weed

Symptoms of being too high

You’d usually wonder how to come down from a weed high when you no longer feel good riding the wave. What can you expect if you overdo it, then? Here are some common symptoms of being too high:

  • Anxiety. A high dose of THC might overstimulate your amygdala, the center for emotional behavior. For some people, this influence causes fear and anxiety.
  • Panic. Cannabinoids can cause an increased heart rate and alter how you perceive your surroundings. If you’re prone to panic attacks, this bout of stimulation might trigger it.
  • Paranoia. This symptom of being too high isn’t that common, but it can occur in people who already suffer from paranoid thoughts.
  • Confusion. The nice trippiness during a high can go south. It’s hard to focus on actual reality when you see everything differently than usual.
  • Feeling like you’re sweating more than usual. The hormonal fluctuations in your system due to THC can make you sweat.

Experience any of these symptoms, and it’s normal to wonder how to get down from a high. Worry not. We have just the thing (eight things, really) to help you.

How to sober up from weed: 8 tips to get unhigh

Remember, time is the only true cure from a high. Learn how long the effects of weed last to know what to expect and try to sit it through.

If you feel those nasty symptoms of being too high creeping up on you, try to stay calm. Here are eight ways to soothe them and feel a bit more grounded.

Get comfortable and take a deep breath

Sometimes, the task of reducing symptoms of being too high seems unsurmountable. The panic doesn’t help with your goal, though.

You need to gain control over your symptoms first. Most anxiety and panic that follows a weed high happens because your brain finds it hard to understand what’s happening. Feeding into these sensations will only make matters worse.

Instead, try to center yourself in the present moment. Focus on the breath coming in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible by adjusting the room temperature, your seat, and your clothes. These unpleasant sensations will pass before you know it.

Tip: Anxiety-reducing techniques, such as controlled breathing, and naming things you can smell, taste, and touch, also help with a weed high.

Eat or smell peppercorns or lemon slices

These two kitchen ingredients are miracle workers on your quest to learn how to sober up from weed. They both help stoners struggling with cannabis-induced fear, anxiety, and paranoia.

Smelling these aromatic foods can provide relief, which only gets stronger with consumption.

It’s all terpene work here. Yes, we’re talking about the same terpenes that you’ll find in weed, only this time, they’re non-psychoactive.

Peppercorn has beta-caryophyllene, inhibiting the intoxicating effects of THC. It blocks the receptors before THC can latch onto it.

When it comes to lemon, it contains limonene, an effective calming substance. This terpene boasts anxiolytic effects, soothing the effects of anxiety that follow overindulgence.

Tip: Don’t rely only on terpenes to tame symptoms of being high. These ingredients have powerful aromas, grounding you in the present even without this extra chemical action. Focus on what you’re smelling and tasting to make the most of your lemon or peppercorns.

Marijuana joint
Marijuana joint

Hydrate your body

Keeping your body replenished with fresh aqua is the first tip you’ll hear on how to get rid of a weed high. It’s also a brilliant way to control the side effects while toking.

Having liquid in your system is double trouble for that THC racing through your bloodstream.

For one, plenty of water alleviates dry eyes and cottonmouth, which usually follow a powerful high. Your body loses fluids during intoxication, so replenishing it will fend off the discomfort that can follow.

Moreover, lots of liquid circulating the body flushes out any harmful substances in your gut or bloodstream. It speeds up the recovery period by helping your body deal with the THC sooner.

Tip: Pure, unsweetened water is ideal for this purpose, but it’s not the only option. You could also supply your moisture reserves with fruit juice or sports drinks for a similar effect against the symptoms of being too high.

Consume CBD

Cannabis has over 100 active compounds, but current research on weed primarily focuses on THC and CBD.

The former is responsible for the psychoactive high, while the latter is healing and non-psychotropic. As a bonus, CBD acts as a foil to THC. How to sober up from weed by fighting fire with metaphorical power? Use CBD.

CBD inhibits THC and prevents it from binding with the endocannabinoid system in the brain. It doesn’t reduce your high, necessarily, but it can reduce the adverse effects of taking a puff too many.

Keep a pack of CBD oil or concentrate on the ready, just in case. Use a pure substance if you feel the symptoms of being too high creeping in, rather than smoking more weed. The last thing you want is to accumulate extra THC in your system.

Tip: CBD is your answer to how to get less high. Smoking pot with equal levels of both cannabinoids makes the intoxication less powerful and helps you bypass the bad stuff.

CBD oil
CBD oil

Take a shower

A shower does magic against intoxication, be it from alcohol or weed. If you’re learning how to stop being high, you’re aware that it’s your goal to refresh and center. Nothing brings you back to your body like water and sweet-smelling soap.

You can take your bath warm or cold for different effects.

Cold showers slow down your heart rate, lower bodily temperature, and preserve oxygen. These effects help you metabolize THC more quickly and come out sober on the other side.

Taking a dip in hot water flushes out the toxins remaining in your system after a high. Heat opens up your pores, letting you scrub out any impurities and feel better afterward.

Tip: If you’re feeling the symptoms of being too high, combine cold and warm water. Start with cold water to clear your mind and reduce the physical effects. Up the temperature when you’re feeling good to wash out the residue.

Find easy distractions

The uncomfortable symptoms of being too high will disappear after a while. Meanwhile, they can worsen if you only let your mind dwell on the paranoid or panicked thoughts.

Sit with your symptoms until you’re aware they’re taking place due to excessive weed use. Once you’re centered enough, letting your mind focus on something else is the way to go.

Distractions aren’t the answer to how to sober up from weed, but they can help.

Call a friend, play a comfort show, or your favorite music. You could even engage in a light activity that requires little focus, such as folding laundry. Whatever you do, concentrating on menial activities or something familiar that makes you feel safe and like yourself again.

Tip: If you’re a fan of horror or really loud music, steer clear of that until your high subsides. Keep your distractions safe to avoid increasing any mental symptoms.

Eat a carb-rich meal

THC reduces blood sugar levels, causing lightheadedness and dizziness as you’re intoxicated. If you’re wondering how to sober up from weed, a snack might be just the way to go.

There are two main benefits to a digestible, carb-rich snack to combat symptoms of being high:

  1. It restores your glucose levels to the optimal level.
  1. It boosts the blood flow to the stomach, improving your circulation.

Eating dulls the levels of THC in the brain, ushering toxins away from your system with each bite.

Tip: The munchies make fatty foods seem supremely appealing, but it’s better to skip them. Get carbs from natural sources, such as fruits and veggies. You’ll replenish the vitamins and minerals in your body faster, leaving you feeling much better.


Exercise might be the last thing on your mind after a bowl of a potent indica strain. If you’re looking for ways on how to sober up fast from weed, you need to get moving.

Physical activity, even as light as having a stroll or performing some easy stretches, boosts endorphin production in the body. These chemicals act as natural pain relievers, preventing headaches and other symptoms.

Also, activity makes you more clear-headed and in-tune with your body. Walking around and moving might make you feel more grounded, reducing the psychoactive effects of a high.

Tip: Avoid activity if the room is spinning and you can’t tell where your body ends and your couch cushions begin. Wait until you feel steady before engaging in intoxicated exercise.

Cannabis bud
Cannabis bud

Key takeaways

The most important advice to remember while figuring out how to come down from a high is straightforward. Sobering up takes time.

It’s helpful to stay aware of ways to help yourself immediately, but THC has to leave your system before you’re feeling like yourself again.

Use these tips the next time you feel the symptoms of being too high. If one doesn’t work, go on to the next suggestion.

No two bodies are identical, and they’ll react uniquely to various stimuli. If nothing works, despair not—by the time you’re done trying, your high will already subside.

Stay tuned to our blog for more handy guides like this list of tips on how to sober up from weed. Our educational resources are here for every stoner, helping them stay happy and safe while indulging in the magical world of cannabis.

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