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THC Detox: Tips, How Long Does it Take & How To Detox From Weed

THC detox

THC detox may be the reason for one too many headaches among weed consumers. Having to undergo marijuana detox sounds like a bother, but it’s something users need to do from time to time for the sake of their health and to keep a steady lifestyle. 

In today’s society, we have to deal with little bits of social stigma that make employers take drug tests on their workers to make sure they are clean. While many companies have relaxed these policies, some still keep strict guidelines for the sake of their corporate image. 

Don’t be scared though, THC detox is not a reason to lose your head. Let’s take a few moments to learn a few tricks on how to detox from weed without trauma.

Bud in nature
Cannabis bud in nature

What is a THC detox?

THC detox is essentially the process you undergo to eliminate any traces of marijuana consumption from your body

Detoxing from weed is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it works differently for everybody. THC detox might cause some nasty secondary effects such as irritability, depression, mood swings, and loss of appetite for some people. 

The process can be incredibly problematic for medical consumers, especially when they are dependant on marijuana to manage chronic pain or any other illnesses. 

For enthusiasts, periodical cannabis detox is necessary to build tolerance, which may prevent you from developing dependence. The facts are that everyone needs a THC cleanse every once in a while, even if your working environment is accepting of your weed consumption.

Weed Detox: when is it necessary?

We pretty sure you can think of a few reasons on your own, but we are going to list the two most common reasons for THC detox and elaborate on them:

To Keep Your Day Job

We know, this one already sounds like a hassle, but it’s still pretty standard. Many workplaces stick to federal laws and regulations, some of them being incredibly explicit about it. 

Some states protect employees from discriminatory dismissals, while others will leave you on your own. The responsible thing to do is consider the implications of your workplace’s cannabis policy.

While the way it’s handled comes down to the type of company you are working with, many workplaces will give you a heads up about incoming tests. But again, it depends very much on the state you are in and the legislation in place.

To Build Tolerance

We’ll elaborate this idea a little further for you: marijuana detoxis necessary if you want to keep enjoying weed as a healthy habit. Yes, cannabis does bring many benefits to your life and mental health, but it can create dependence if you don’t build tolerance for it. 

Most of the time, THC cleanse for tolerance only involves you quitting consumption for a few days until you get rid of every trace of the substance from your system. After that, you may continue your habit with moderation.

How to detox from weed: 6 ways to get cannabis out of your system 

Before we get started, let’s clear something up for you: there is no magic formula for a THC detox out there. Sure, you will read a lot of articles online recommending supplements, wonder pills, and such. 

We can’t affirm these methods are all scams, but we can assure you that nothing works better than natural, old-fashioned methods to detox weed out of your system. So now let’s get started with some of them: 

Get Sweaty

We already mentioned the correlation between THC and your metabolism, so one of the best and most effective ways to handle marijuana detox it’s to get up and work some sweat out of your body

Go for a long walk, jog for an hour, go for a hike, anything that accelerates your metabolism will help you get rid of THC in your system faster. This one leads us to a fix that comes along after being dehydrated…

Drink Plenty of Liquids

There is a lot of fake advice out there about stuff you can drink to flush down THC out of your system in 24 hours or less. 

We recommend you talk to a doctor. He will tell you that nothing will help you more than drinking many natural liquids such as water, milk, chamomile tea, or any other form of infusion. 

Don’t fall for the myth of drinking large amounts of caffeine to do the trick. You will only overstimulate yourself. Don’t drink vinegar of any kind, the solution will irritate the walls of your stomach.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, a couple of glasses of milk (one before going to sleep will do wonders for you). Drink plenty of tea, no matter if it’s hot or cold. You can mix some herbs and fruits for wonderful results such as mint, ginger, dandelion, and cinnamon to speed up the process.

Keep a Healthy Diet

Many of us get really hungry after smoking a blunt. Hollywood even made a series of films about that (remember Harold and Kumar? funny films!). 

Sadly the cold hard truth is that these types of foods will only boost the presence of THC in your system due to their high caloric intake.

If you need to detox weed out of your system, you will have to eat very healthily for a couple of weeks. 

Make sure to increase your consumption of green vegetables, fruits, cereals, foods with fibers, natural juices, anything that will accelerate your metabolism.

Your digestive system is critical to help you detoxify since the fat stored in your body will store THC for a long time if you keep it stimulated with food that’s high in calories. 

Drinking water and having healthy breakfast
Drinking water and having healthy breakfast

Use a Detox Cleanse Kit

We cannot confirm or deny the reliability of these kits. Still, many of these products sold in the market rely on homeopathic principles for their manufacturing, but most of them are not approved by the FDA.

You will find that most of these kits offer capsules or powders based on herbs, probiotics, and other natural components to be consumed with meals that are supposed to boost your metabolism and help you get rid of any toxins stored in your body.

Keep in mind that these kits don’t work on their own. It helps if you complement their consumption with a combination of some of the methods we have listed previously.

Practice Discipline

This probably sounds like too much of a general idea, but discipline can help you focus and build the will required to detox THC out of your system. 

Take on a healthy habit that can help you mentally and physically, such as meditation. Then, focus on other activities that stimulate your brain. Learn new skills, create a reading habit, or develop a hobby. 

Building discipline is strongly related to your personality and the things that interest you outside of smoking weed. The options are endless, and they all come down to your interests.

Take Care of Yourself

If you are wondering how to detox from marijuana with an angle, think about it as a form of self-care. We all need the time to take care of our health and body by getting away from our daily routines. 

Your scheduled THC cleanse can fall into this category, such as the time you take to go to a spa or a vacation to a place you have never been before. 

It can even be a time to enjoy yourself in different ways than smoking weed.

How long does a marijuana detox usually last?

If you are not a frequent marijuana consumer, you are probably wondering about how long weed stays in your system. The psychoactive effects of weed (or “the high”) do not last more than a couple of hours. However, the byproducts of weed can prevail in our system for as long as 30 days. 

These tiny particles are known better as THC metabolites, and they usually get stored in our body’s fat. If you are overweight, detoxing from weed will probably take a bit longer than usual. 

Even by building a regime with all the pointers we have recommended, it can take up to three weeks to get detoxed; with two weeks being the lowest goal achieved by someone with a lower body mass index.

Smoking weed
Smoking weed

Can you detox from weed any faster?

THC detox is not something you can do overnight, no matter what anybody says. There are too many variables to consider for us to say something along the lines of “yeah, take this pill, and THC residuals will go away in 24 hours.” That’s not how it works.

The amount of time THC remaining in your body will directly depend on the type of metabolism you have, your diet, your daily routine, your body fat, and how frequently you smoke marijuana.

Large persons will have more problems hiding their weed consumption because their bodies have plenty of room to store THC as opposed to those with smaller builds.

Thinner and smaller people will have less of a problem with cannabis detox since their metabolism can flush THC and CBD faster, but it still can take up to a month with abstention and routines modification.

So, the bluntest answer is no. There are no shortcuts to a proper weed detox.

What to expect during a cannabis detox?

Again, the main answer to this question cannot be boiled down to a simple statement. 

THC has different effects on each person, and the substance interacts differently with each nervous system. 

The type of side effects you will experience are closely related to why you consume marijuana in the first place.

If you consume cannabis for medical reasons or to keep depression in check, you will experience some of the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lack of sleep
  • Persistent irritability
  • Chronic pain (in extreme cases only)

If your cannabis consumption is recreational and not as frequent, you may experience similar symptoms to the ones already mentioned but much more mild in intensity; they will not be strong enough to disrupt your life, especially if you are not treating a medical condition with weed.

Amazing weed buds
Amazing weed buds

Final Points about detox for weed

While you may think that THC detox is long and painful, even after what you just read, the final takeaway is that getting a periodical cleanse is necessary. Especially after you learn what THC does to the brain and bodyif you consume weed in excess.

Yes, the dopamine rush is incredible, and the lasting good feelings are amazing, but abusing marijuana can also affect your hippocampus and the way you process information. You can also become slower and increase the risks of mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 

Detoxing to build tolerance can help you if you want to keep reaping the benefits of weed in the long run. Keep in mind the old saying by Oscar Wilde, “Everything in moderation, even moderation.” 

By keeping your weed consumption in check, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a very long time without compromising your health. You should join our Homegrown Forums to meet some like-minded cultivators on their grow journeys.

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