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The Lowdown On Mixing Weed And Alcohol

cannabis and alcohol

Weed and alcohol can be a delectable combo. A few puffs after a glass of wine with dinner might be your idea of a perfect night. But remember, mixing any forms of chemical substances carries risks. Don’t down your drink and light up a joint just yet! When you mix both substances, the effect is known as getting cross faded

If you’re not careful, crossfading is a bad experience, and in some cases, it’s dangerous. It’s best to know what you’re in for before trying it.

Whether you’re thinking of experimenting or if you’re an experienced cross fader, there are many variables to consider. If you’re not careful, mixing weed and alcohol can have short- and long-term consequences you’re not aware of.

It’s important to learn about what happens when you get cross faded. We’ll explain everything you need to know about using alcohol with weed to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

Let’s dive in!

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What happens when you mix weed and alcohol?

The effects of alcohol and cannabis separately are well-documented. Research on mixing alcohol and weed is limited, so there’s minimal evidence around what happens when you combine both.

Studies show alcohol increases the absorption rate of THC. This chemical reaction heightens the effects of weed dramatically. Drinking and smoking weed generally results in a heavy and powerful hit once it fully kicks in.

There’s also evidence suggesting that marijuana reduces the speed of alcohol absorption. What happens when you mix weed and alcohol depends on which substance you consume first.

A few tokes before you drink can lessen the immediate effects of alcohol, but it catches up with you later in the night. You might get a sudden shock at how intoxicated you are, or be drunker than you realize.

When coupling alcohol and marijuana, expect the unexpected and be prepared!

If you use weed with alcohol already in your system, the high hits hard and fast. Whether this hit is good or bad depends on your tolerance and physiology. For some, this impact is a delight. For others, it’s an evening of greening out.

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What about edibles and alcohol?

Combining edible cannabis and alcohol is similar to smoking weed and drinking. However, ingestion adds more variables.

If you’re hungry and drunk, it’s easy to mistake edibles for regular food and consume more THC without realizing. It’s easier to overindulge with edibles and alcohol, compared to just smoking weed. 

There’s also evidence that ingesting marijuana can be more psychoactive than smoking. Edibles consumed with alcohol is hard to prepare for and much more powerful.

The main issue with mixing alcohol and edibles is how unpredictable it is. Edibles take much longer than smoking to hit you. You may feel nothing initially, keep drinking, and suddenly find you’ve become much more intoxicated than expected.

You should also consider that alcohol can make you hungry. It could be a rough night if you’re drunk and start consuming extra edibles when the munchies kick in. 

If you plan on mixing THC and alcohol, smoking weed is a safer choice than edibles.

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Is there a safer way to mix alcohol and weed?

The safest way to mix alcohol and marijuana is to follow some basic guidelines:

  • Start slow, especially if you’re inexperienced with crossfading
  • Know your tolerance for weed and alcohol
  • Remain aware of how intoxicated you are
  • Choose low-THC weed if you’ve got a low tolerance 
  • Likewise, choose drinks with lower alcohol percentages
  • Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water is the most important thing to remember if you want to get cross faded. Alcohol causes dehydration, so we recommend having a glass of water with every drink. If you’re mixing alcohol and weed, stay hydrated! 

Regardless of your tolerance levels, a good tip if you want to mix pot and alcohol is to take it low and slow. We have a great guideline to follow:

  • Use weed with a THC content below 15%
  • Choose drinks with less than 6% alcohol content
  • If your alcohol preference is wine or spirits, we advise one or two drinks max
alcohol and cannabis

The side effects of mixing alcohol and marijuana

Any substance we use has side effects. Alcohol and cannabis are no different. Mixing weed and alcohol can intensify the intoxication levels of both. 

Let’s explore the side effects of crossfading:

Green out

A green out is something all experienced tokers have gone through. A green out can occur, usually when you’re new to weed and smoke more than you’re ready for.

The symptoms of a green out are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lightheadedness or feeling dizzy
  • Turning pale and sweating

These symptoms are temporary and wear off quickly. Greening out when you’re drinking alcohol is much worse, as you could be feeling sick for hours. Always be aware of your intake when using alcohol and marijuana.


Research shows a direct link between alcohol and dehydration, as alcohol increases urine production. Dehydration from alcohol is also the reason we experience a hangover.

Using alcohol and weed together alters your judgment. You might forget to drink water, causing further dehydration than alcohol use alone. If you’re dehydrated and unlucky enough to have a green out, the experience is terrible. 

When crossfading, it’s crucial to keep drinking water!

Impaired cognitive functions

Studies show that alcohol profoundly impacts your cognitive functions. Mixing weed and alcohol escalates the effects. Your brain functions are altered in various ways when crossfading, such as: 

  • Decision making and judgment impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of awareness of your surroundings
  • General confusion

The effects of coupling weed and alcohol on your cognitive functions are minor and temporary if your consumption is low. However, frequent use of both substances over time has long-term effects.


It’s not all doom and gloom—not all side effects are negative. There’s plenty of fun to be had using marijuana and alcohol together.

If you do it safely and stick to our advice, getting cross faded is a blast! If you like a very intense buzz and cross fade the safe way, it’s a fun sensory rollercoaster!

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What else you should know about alcohol and marijuana interaction

There are deeper things to consider about weed and alcohol.

Alcohol is addictive. Using marijuana when you drink could lead to you getting intoxicated too often, increasing the risk of developing alcohol dependence.

The long-term effects of mixing weed and alcohol frequently are significant. Drinking alcohol over a prolonged period degrades your cognitive functions and internal organs. Since crossfading can result in heavier drinking, do it in moderation. 

Does weed interact with any medications? Cannabis is also medicinal, and all drugs interact with each other chemically. Marijuana is predominantly safe to use with other medications.

If you’re on medication, know there are rare cases where it interacts with weed badly. Mixing it with a frequently prescribed drug like adderall and weed has unique consequences, so always check with your doctor.

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Final points about drinking and smoking weed

Drinking and smoking weed can be a calm, relaxing experience. A little weed and a beer are great if you’re used to both. A few tokes while sipping a glass of wine or whiskey is heavenly. 

The key is to take your time and not go overboard.

Don’t do it regularly if you like going heavy when cross fading. It’s best to treat it as a rare indulgence rather than a routine activity.

Mixing weed and alcohol can be fun if you do it responsibly. Remember the golden rules: 

  • Drink water frequently.
  • All things in moderation.
  • Be aware and prepared
  • Expect the unexpected

If you’re new to weed or alcohol, don’t mix them until you feel ready. Always listen to your body and never underestimate crossfading.

Use our tips on getting cross faded, avoid a bad time, and have some safe fun!

Last call, folks

When you’re trying any substance and especially if you’re using more than one, you need to be well-informed. Now you have the best info and tips on mixing weed and alcohol safely. 

Follow our advice, and you’ll love the unique buzz of this chemical combo!
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