The Relationship Between Weed and Meditation

Weed and Meditation
February 04, 2021

Weed and mediation may seem unusual at first, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Here we will look at different ways of meditating while high. We will look at the benefits of combining marijuana and meditation, but first, let’s look at meditation in general.

Meditation is an ancient practice that transcends time and space. It now appears that when combined with marijuana the experience becomes super-celestial. It would be interesting to explore what makes this experience magical, and that is what we are going to be doing in the next 15 minutes.

Most people meditate as a way to reduce stress and improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Meditation has been practiced from as early as 5,000 BC as depicted by wall murals in India. To be clear, meditation is an integral part of the Hindu religion that is now gaining momentum across nations and cultures around the globe. 

The use of cannabis for meditation appears to be an ancient one as well especially in parts of South Asia. Religions such as Buddhists and Shaivites are known to combine marijuana with their meditation rituals. The use of marijuana and meditation is meant to heighten spiritual awareness. Is there more to this and what are the real benefits of combining marijuana with meditation?

Meditating while high makes sense, after all marijuana and meditation are both used to help relax us. Furthermore, weed and meditation have both been used for years for a variety of reasons, but the general consensus is that they both have calming effects.

For starters, mediation is important especially in today’s fast- paced world, here’s why.

Why Do People Meditate?

People meditate for various reasons; spiritual, physical, emotional, or religious. 

Meditation is an art of sitting still and quietly for a given duration of time to allow your whole being to be in a state of rest. Sounds simple, right? 


If you try this for the first time you are likely to get shocked at how difficult it is to just sit still and do nothing. Our minds are accustomed to worry and anxiety and therefore need training on being still and at ease. This is what meditation aims at and in the process triggers the healing of the body, soul, and mind. 

It is believed that meditation influences the immune system and may set off physical healing when practiced regularly. Meditation also facilitates psychological healing while tackling worry, anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Several studies have investigated the link between meditation and anxiety reduction and the results have been encouraging. One study showed that a 60- minute daily meditation is sufficient to reduce levels of anxiety. 

For others, meditation is a spiritual pursuit that makes one feel connected to their spiritual self. 

Can you Meditate while High?

Most people struggle with meditation, especially when they are starting out. This could happen due to different reasons such as anxiety, fear, stress, pain, and fatigue among other reasons.

If you’re struggling to meditate, you may ask, does weed help with meditation?

In this case, marijuana may be used to address these barriers to meditation and hence precipitate an atmosphere that is conducive to meditation. 

Several people have stated that combining weed and meditation helps them to “go deeper” in their meditation. Others have expressed that they are able to settle in better and have a more relaxing meditation period when they consume cannabis. On a different note, others are able to have vivid spiritual interactions during meditation after taking cannabis. 

In summary, one’s experience after using cannabis for meditation may vary from one person to the next. While some experiences may cut across the board others will be totally unique. Below is an overview of how cannabis affects the human body and how this augurs with the experience of meditation. 

The cannabis plant has over 200 different bioactive compounds that can interact with the human body. Out of this a large percentage is made up of phytocannabinoids such as the popular THC and CBD. When consumed these phytocannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system through receptors. This system modulates several vital processes in the body such as pain, sleep, memory, reproduction, metabolism, and moods among others. By interacting with these receptors phytocannabinoids are able to regulate all these processes.

• THC stimulates the higher centers and enhances alertness during meditation. 

• CBD helps to relieve anxiety and may thus helps to settle one into a meditative mood.

• Both CBD and THC in cannabis are potent pain relievers and may help those suffering from pain meditate pain- free.

• Fatigue and insomnia can be impediments to meditation and consuming cannabis can help to clear this away.

• Cannabis is a mood elevator and this promotes a meditative spirit.

• THC potent strains of weed may help to promote a spiritual experience during meditation. It clears out pressing thoughts and allows one to self- introspect and be in sync with their spiritual selves.

Combining weed and meditation helps to improve the overall experience and also offers therapeutic benefits.

How To Combine Weed and Meditation

Cannabis and meditation are an apparent match made in heaven, but is there a way to do this right?

Like with most things, there is no one size fits all. However, a couple of tips cuts across the board and may be helpful especially for beginners. Apart from the tips that we shall discuss below there are a couple of adjustments that can be made to suit one’s particular preference and tolerance for cannabis.

Tip 1: Get it Right with Terpenes

Terpenes are the essential aromatic oils that give cannabis its unique fragrances. These fragrances have the ability to enhance the marijuana meditation experience. Specific terpenes can be used to enhance meditation. For example, linalool which has a lavender smell helps to uplift the spirits in readiness for meditation. It is also a very relaxing terpene. Limonene is a citrusy terpene that helps to enhance focus and boost concentration.

2. Limit THC Intake

THC has several benefits for meditation; it helps to enhance focus and stimulation among other benefits. That said, taking too much THC may throw the user off- balance. Instead of calming the user, high THC may trigger heightened anxiety and even cause paranoia. Some users are not accustomed to the spacey feeling that comes with consuming high THC strains such as Jack Herer or Laughing Buddha. For experienced users, this “THC bliss” might actually boost the meditation experience. Things come to life and users tend to feel very connected. However, it might be too overpowering for new users and should therefore be kept at a minimum. Even with meditation, it is critical to start slow and go slow on THC. And a good way to do this is to microdose on cannabis.

3. Try Different Meditation Styles

There are different ways to meditate, but most people are only aware of the “sit quietly with legs crossed” kind. If you find that cannabis is not pairing well with this style consider switching to a different meditation style and see if this gives better results. For example you could consider walking, jogging, or yoga. This allows you to be active and involve your whole body in the process of meditation.

balance stones

You can also try different strains of cannabis as you experiment with the different meditation styles. Sativa strains may be ideal for physically active meditation because of the heady effects that they produce. Indica strains cause a potent body high and may cause a complete couch-lock when consumed in high amounts. Consequently, they work well with passive meditation. 

Which Cannabis Strains Are Best For Meditation

As much as you can use any cannabis strain to enhance your meditation experience, some strains will work better than others. You could go with trial and error to find the strains that best complement your meditation. First, consider the experience that you are looking to achieve with meditation. For example, if you are looking for a reflective and passive experience a strong Indica strain might work the magic. Strains such as Purple Kush, Death Star, and Fat Banana are Indicas that you can consider. 

If you are looking for a strong cerebral buzz to invigorate your meditation experience then consider going for a strong Sativa strain. This will keep you energized, focused, and motivated during your meditation. 

How To Consume Marijuana For Meditation

You can consume cannabis in pretty much any design that tickles your fancy. As long as you can get the cannabis safely in, you should be all set for your infused meditation experience. 

If you are a newbie there are several ways of consuming marijuana. Oral tinctures and pills are by far the simplest and most convenient method since they pretty much resemble taking traditional medication. For tinctures, it is recommended that you place 1-2 drops of the cannabis oil beneath your tongue where you will hold it for about 15 seconds before swallowing. Capsules and gummies just need to be popped into the mouth and downed with a glass of beverage.

Smoking cannabis

Smoking cannabis couples well with meditation. The act of smoking, whether joints or vapes, creates an ambiance that is conducive to meditation. Smoking cannabis also ensures that the cannabinoids hit your bloodstream soon after the first puff. Go for flavorful cannabis strains that are mildly intoxicating for the best cannabis- meditation experience. 

Cannabis edibles can also be paired with meditation. For this to work well consider infusing your favorite recipes that will set you in the mood for meditation. Another important thing to know about cannabis edibles is that the effects take a long time to set in. Here we are talking 2-4 hours of waiting. You need to factor in this time period when planning your meditation schedule. Additionally, since the effects last in the body for a long time you should be very careful with the dose that you ingest. 

Will Cannabis Topicals Work for Meditation?

Unfortunately, topicals may not help with meditation. Unless the user is suffering from a skin condition that could interfere with the meditation process, cannabis topicals should not be a priority for meditation.

How to Pair Weed and Meditation

The first thing is to select the cannabis strain that you are going to use. Next choose how you want to consume the cannabis. With this sorted, go ahead and set the ambience for your meditation.

Choose an object such as a candle to focus on and sit across from it in a comfortable position that will allow you to concentrate.

sunset meditation

The next thing is to consume the marijuana, in case you had not. For example, if you are smoking you can take the first puff and gaze at the candle breaking it down into all of its elements. Observe the flickering of the flame dissecting the colors and the beauty or mystery conveyed. Allow the cannabis effects to surge through your body bringing to life every dead facet of your existence. If you feel that you are beginning to get drowned in the spaciness this should be your hint to put the marijuana aside. Continue gazing until some form of clarity about your life begins.

Deep Breathing and Cannabis

Another effective way of combining weed and meditation is practicing deep breathing exercises. This exercise will give you control over your strongest emotions and racing thoughts.

Start by getting a comfortable sitting position preferably on a flat surface. Close your eyes and allow every tension to melt away. After you have relaxed take a deep breath through the nose and allow the air to fill your lungs and abdomen completely. After this deep inhalation hold the air intake for a beat or two before you start to exhale slowly. Let out the air in slow motion until you have fully expired. Rest for two minutes before repeating this cycle again. As you do this allow your mind to clear and focus on your breathing entirely. Slowly you will begin to sense that your fears and anxieties are melting away in dribs and drabs.

How To Pair Cannabis With Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the active practice of living in the moment and choosing to focus on what is happening at the moment. To achieve this one is encouraged to focus on a part of their body for a duration of time before they can move to the next part. This allows you to acknowledge tension and to slowly let it go.

This routine is best coupled with a strong indica strain that produces total body relaxation coupled with mind numbing effects. 

Can You Combine Marijuana With Other Herbs For Meditation?

There are many benefits that one can get by combining cannabis with meditation. A good thing is that cannabis pairs well with different herbs that can also be used to enhance meditation. A herb such as lavender or parsley can help to create a conducive environment for meditation. Passionflower is another good herb to throw into the mix. It helps to quell pain, inflammation, and stress. 

Have you tried combining any herb with cannabis and loved the results? Pairing weed and meditation can have great results, providing you have done the correct research so you don’t get a strain that is too potent.