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Cannabis And Meditation: Complete Guide To Meditating High

Cannabis and Meditation

Cannabis and meditation are peanut butter and jelly, meat and potatoes, peanuts and beer. They go hand in hand, complementing each other and making you feel fantastic. 

Imagine the typical stoner from pop culture. They’re serene and smiling, unbothered by earthly troubles. This trope is legitimate even if you don’t engage in spiritual activities that bring you closer to your innermost truth, but meditating while high takes things to the next level.

Strap in. Today, we’re exploring the relationship between our favorite green plant and practices that leave you calm and in touch with yourself. We’re providing the ultimate guide on stoned meditation and sharing the top strains to open your third eye.

Weed and meditation
Weed and meditation

Why should you meditate?

Before examining the relationship between cannabis and meditation, let’s briefly introduce this practice. Meditation is an ancient spiritual technique that originated in Asia. It was a religious ritual in the old world. 

In recent years, this practice went through a renaissance. People in modern society uncovered the beauty of transcending their physical surroundings and connecting with their minds. Meditating stoned or sober looks very simple from the outside. You sit still and quiet, focusing inward. 

It looks manageable, but it can be quite challenging. Even if you’re not prone to anxiety, you might find yourself becoming restless quite fast. That’s exactly why you should do it, though.  

Meditation heals the mind, body, and soul by teaching you to notice the little intricacies of your inner world. Why would you do it, though? For your mind, body, and soul.

For one, regular meditation could bring about physical healing by regulating the immune system. Your body reacts to stressors, making you more prone to bacteria and viruses in your surroundings. Anxiety management reverses that vulnerability.

More importantly, it does wonders for your mind. It tackles feelings of stress and anxiety, teaching you to embrace the calm. The more you do it in a controlled environment, the more you’re able to remain calm when facing the burdens of everyday life. 

Even if you’re not struggling with physical or mental issues, this technique can be supremely beneficial. It grounds and centers, connecting you with your feelings, beliefs, and truths. These benefits are fantastic as is, but they become even better when you unite weed and meditation.

Do cannabis and meditation work well together? 

The combination of meditation and weed is more than a fashionable new-age practice. Ancient religions such as Buddhism and Hindu Shaiv used cannabis in meditation rituals as early as 5,000 BC to heighten spiritual awareness and transcend the material plane.

If you’re not very spiritual, think about it this way. Cannabis and meditation both help you wind down. They’re soothing, making you feel better from head to toe, physically and mentally. Let’s explore in more depth, starting with a simple question to reassure those doubting this magical combination. Can you meditate while high?

Can you meditate while high? 

Yes, you can meditate while high. For many people, weed facilitates the task of sitting still and listening to their breath.

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing for an hour, half an hour, or even five minutes? It can be challenging, whether due to stress, physical discomfort, or fatigue. 

A sprinkle of pot addresses these barriers, creating an inner setup much more conducive to meditation. You find it much easier to settle into your meditation practice. How does that happen?

Effects of smoking weed on meditation

The interaction between cannabis and meditation differs from person to person. We can draw general conclusions from what we know about marijuana, though.

The cannabis plant produces many active compounds that affect your body. These impact the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible forpain, mood, metabolism, and sleep, among other processes. 

What does this influence mean for stoned meditation?

  • THC can enhance alertness and boost your mood. It focuses you on the positive.
  • CBD relieves physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, helping you remain in a meditative mood.
  • Both compounds relieve pain and physical discomfort. The practical task of sitting still becomes much easier.

Benefits of meditating while high 

Those chemical-based benefits of meditating while high are excellent, but the story doesn’t end there. There’s another layer to discuss in the relationship between weed and meditation.

Life is stressful, and you’re bombarded with stimuli everywhere you look. Social media occupies your mind space, and work tasks never stop. It seems near impossible and honestly, rather silly, to spend half an hour sitting quietly and ‘doing nothing.’

The capability to explore your inner world is a profoundly human quality. We’ve lost it in the modern Western world. 

Cannabis helps you transcend that barrier of the go-getter mindset. Human brains aren’t made for constant productivity, and striving for that idealized goal causes most people to struggle with anxiety. 

Meditation with weed does the trick where regular sober meditation won’t cut it. It reconnects you with your deepest self without external (and internal) expectations, if only for a little bit. 

With the scientific and spiritual reasons out of the way, let’s discuss the practical aspects of smoking weed and meditation.

Smoking weed
Smoking weed

How to consume marijuana for meditation

Are you ready to experience the heavenly match of cannabis and meditation? Let’s explore some easy ways to smoke for mindfulness and introspection

Pick your consumption method

Veterans have their favorite ingestion technique to make the most of cannabis, but we want to care for everybody. 

If you’re a rookie giving pot a shot after reading about the wonders of marijuana and meditation, there are several options at your disposal:

  • Oral tinctures and capsules
  • Smoking in joints, blunts, and bongs
  • Edible marijuana products

Tinctures make dosing simple and effects immediate. Smoking is also instantaneous but a bit trickier to dose. Either option is perfect for first-timers

We wouldn’t recommend edibles to those without experience with eating weed or meditating stoned. The effects are delayed and much more powerful, making it very easy to overdo it. 

Note: Cannabis topicals are excellent for quick, localized relief, but they won’t do for weed meditation. Cannabinoids need to interact with your blood to reap the benefits.

Ingest the right dose

Whichever option you choose, ingest a moderate dose that doesn’t leave you too stoned to sit upright or too high to focus. Take in a small drop, bite, or puff. Relaxation and euphoria are your sign to stop getting high and start meditating.

Moderation is the name of the game with weed meditation. Cannabis isn’t the focus here—it only deepens your practice.

Set the stage for meditation

You’ll want to make your surroundings peaceful and comfortable. External sounds should be minimal. If you dislike silence, play ambiance music at low volume. 

Your seat should be comfortable, too. If it’s hard to maintain your posture, lean against something or sit on a cushion.

Stoned meditation for experienced users usually takes place with eyes shut, but novices find it easier to focus on an object. Pick a focal point and observe it, letting the effects of THC and CBD engulf your body. 

Breathe deep

Breathing exercises are an excellent way to get a hold of your emotions and focus inward in the face of the external world. Your breath is truly a work of magic, and marijuana meditation helps you see that. 

Go on to more complex breath retention and visualization techniques as you grow more accustomed to the practice. Breathing while meditating on weed can be very simple at first

Focus on the cool air entering your lungs as they expand and warm air leaving your nose as your torso softens. Try to add one second to each inhale and exhale. Feel everything melt into tranquility one breath at a time.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of living in the moment and focusing on the now

Cannabis meditation makes it easier to center. It’s as straightforward as focusing on one body part at a time. Spend five breaths feeling the tips of your toes and move on to your calf muscles, traveling to the top of your head.

Your thoughts might race, but that inner voice quiets down as you lose yourself in the present moment. The more you exercise mindfulness while meditating, the easier it gets to implement those habits in your everyday life. 

Take your time

Five minutes of meditation are better than no minutes, but the fact you smoked weed first turns it into a ritual. Use your newfound concentration, set a timer, and try to sit still for at least 20 minutes

Tip: If this duration seems impossible at first, work up to it, increasing your weed meditation by one-minute increments each day.

Using marijuana for meditation
Using marijuana for meditation

Meditating high: 4 tips to get you started

Let’s share some expert tips to start your marijuana meditation practice.

1. Choose the right terpenes

Terpenes are cannabis essential oils, supplying different fragrances to weed colas. They also influence how your body interacts with cannabinoids.

Meditation with marijuana is much more enjoyable with the right terpenes in your corner. For instance:

  • Choose strains high in linaloolto uplift the spirits and banish negative thoughts. 
  • If you struggle with anxiety and focus issues, limonene is the way to go.
  • Those fighting jitteriness will find myrcene immensely helpful.

2. Mix and match different herbs

Marijuana and meditation form beautiful synergy. Mary Jane’s not the only plant that pairs well with your mindfulness efforts. Why not incorporate more herbal medicine into your efforts to become centered and peaceful? For example:

  • Use dried aromatic herbs such as parsley and lavender to focus your senses.
  • Consume passionflower and chamomile before your practice to fight stress and pain.

3. Take it slow

Cannabinoids boost your meditation experience, but you’ll reap the most benefits by toking in moderation. Meditation and marijuana merge well in small doses. Overdoing it might leave you either too sleepy to focus or too energized and scattered to sit still.

4. Test different meditation styles

For most people, meditation means sitting quietly, palms on your knees, legs crossed. This traditional technique isn’t the only meditation style. You might find that it doesn’t work for you. Luckily, there are a plethora of other options.

For instance, energizing weed that makes you focus pairs well with moving meditation, such as a yoga practice. Movement becomes fluid and effortless. On the other hand, chill indica couch-lockers and sedentary meditation are best buddies. Use props for mindfulness and sit back, concentrating on touch, smell, or taste to become more in the moment.

Explore different approaches, and don’t be afraid to play around. Meditation is beneficial, but it’s also fun, and it should be something you enjoy. 

Best weed for meditation: 4 weed strains that make you focus 

The best weed for meditation leaves you peaceful in the body to avoid the jitteriness of sitting down and doing nothing for too long. 

At the same time, it erases negativity and helps you focus your mind’s eye inward. Here are our four favorite strains for this purpose.

1. Grandaddy Purple Feminized

Grandaddy Purple Feminized delivers sheer psychoactive joy while melting the body into a soft, relaxed puddle. Its sweet smoke packs quite a punch despite moderate potency, effectively erasing worry. 

Take your cannabis meditation to another level with this dreamy high. Colors become softer as the edges of your vision blur. You’re fully aware of yourself, but practical matters of everyday life fall by the wayside.

EffectsEuphoric, relaxed, dreamy
FlavorsSweet, grape, herbal
Growing difficultyBeginner-friendly
Flowering time9–10 weeks
Yield17 oz./m² indoors / 21 oz./plant outdoors
Grandaddy Purple Feminized
Grandaddy Purple Feminized

2. Blue Dream Feminized

Blue Dream Feminized is an enchanting sativa-dominant strain whose name speaks volumes of its value for meditating high. Its smooth and mellow smoke delivers a gentle buzz to your system. This energy comes with tranquility that leaves you perfectly happy staying in your seat.

Your mind awakens with a puff of this stuff, driving you to explore avenues of cerebral action with renewed mental energy. Your body isn’t sleepy but hyper-aware of every little sensation and loving every minute of it.

EffectsCerebral, stimulating, calming
FlavorsVanilla, berry, earthy
Growing difficultyIntermediate
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield21 oz./m² indoors / 21 oz./plant outdoors
Blue Dream Feminized
Blue Dream Feminized

3. Hindu Kush Feminized

Investigate the depths of ancient Hinduist meditation techniques in your big city apartment with Hindu Kush Feminized. This landrace indica transports you to the mountain regions where it originated, encouraging you to let go of modern stresses and connect to your roots.

This cultivar leaves you savoring utmost happiness, making it perfect for meditating with weed. Your body is heavy and buzzing with pleasure. You never fidget as you traverse the mental. 

EffectsSedative, sleepy, happy
FlavorsSweet, pine, earthy
Growing difficultyBeginner-friendly
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield19 oz./m² indoors / 21 oz./plant outdoors
Hindu Kush Feminized
Hindu Kush Feminized

4. Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized

Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized is a high-yielding indica-dominant strain that delights with its thick, powerful smoke. It’s potent, too, passing an effective blow of happy, calm energy.

The tranquility that overcomes every cell of your being helps you eliminate physical restlessness hindering your stoned meditation efforts. You’re comfortable sitting where you are, examining every happy thought flooding your mind space.

EffectsCalming, happy, dreamy
FlavorsDiesel, lemon, pine
Growing difficultyIntermediate
Flowering time7–9 weeks
Yield21 oz./m² indoors / 24 oz./plant outdoors
Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized
Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized

Key takeaways

Meditating high on weed takes your experience with cannabis several steps further. The next time you’re preparing for a chill night of pot smoking at home, why not sit and explore your mind with some of nature’s medicine?

You’ll alleviate anxiety, feel centered, and overcome issues you’re facing due to external stress. You’ll connect with your needs and desires. Keep at it for long enough, and you’ll notice yourself becoming a happier, healthier person

Stay tuned to our blog for more guides such as this cannabis and meditation overview. Our educational resources are here to help every stoner experience the wonders of weed to the greatest possible extent.

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