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Weed and Sex: What Does the Science Say?

Weed and sex

Have you ever wondered if weed and sex go together? Would you notice an overwhelming difference in sensation or orgasm? Some believe that cannabis is the obvious key to better sex. 

Many researchers have heard this claim, and some decided to look into it. Despite no concrete evidence so far, many studies have suggested that weed and sex go hand-in-hand. 

Could cannabis be the missing component to a mind-blowing orgasm?

Let’s delve into what scientists have to say about this alluring combination. 

Cannabis for sex
Cannabis for sex

What are the effects of marijuana?

Before discussing the correlation between marijuana and sex drive, let’s understand the effects you could expect with marijuana. 

Depending on the strain of weed, THC levels, and your body, experiences may differ drastically. While it’s hard to definitively tell how you’d feel, studies have shown a few ballpark effects:

  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Pain relief

In various surveys, many women report a correlation between cannabis and their sex drive being increased. Enjoying a joint before sex intensified the experiences and enhanced their orgasms. With feelings of euphoria, lowered anxiety, and pain relief, should we be surprised?

The results were the same for most of the male subjects, especially those who experience erectile dysfunction.Two to four times more men who combined their cannabis and sex had enhanced experiences than those who didn’t.

Marijuana and sex – Sexual function in women

Women seem to benefit more from the combination of marijuana and sex, with little to no drawbacks. Benefits range from overall improved sexual satisfaction, better orgasms, and increased sex drive. 

One study group used the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) survey to assess six areas of sex. Each subject in the survey provided a score for lubrication, desire, orgasm, arousal, pain, and satisfaction over four weeks. 

The study concluded that sexual dysfunction decreased in women who regularly combined smoking weed and sex.

“For each additional step of cannabis use intensity (i.e., multiple times per week), the odds of reporting female sexual dysfunction declined by 21%.”

– Assessment of the Association of Cannabis on Female Sexual Function With the FSFI

The biological explanation for this positive association between weed and sex is CB1, a cannabinoid receptor. It’s found in serotonergic neurons, secreting the feel-good hormones serotonin, improving sexual function in women. 

Assessors found that the only notable drawbacks the subjects experienced were in combination with high doses—some reported vaginal dryness, causing discomfort during penetration.

Marijuana and sex – Sexual function in men

Further studies show that men have similar benefits when associating marijuana and sex. Many reported having better stamina, improved mood, and a more pleasurable experience.

While interviewing a group of 1035 men who regularly combine smoking weed and sex, they reported notable drawbacks. 69% of the focus group experienced erectile dysfunction, compared to 34% of the non-using participants.

These results could cause concern for most men and create a negative impression, though not all research agrees. Additional studies performed to evaluate the correlation between cannabis and sex drive in men have revealed mixed results.

“It appears that cannabis may actually have peripheral antagonizing effects on erectile function by stimulating specific receptors in the cavernous tissue.”

– Impact of Cannabis Use on Male Sexual Health Study

Taking these statistics into consideration, we recommend men do further research before combining smoking weed and sex. 

Does marijuana affect sexual frequency?

There is clear evidence to support the correlation between using weed and sex drive increase. Frequent weed users, men and women alike, report having higher sexual activity than those who don’t indulge. 

Dr. M. Eisenberg MD and Dr. A.J. Sun MD conducted a study in 2017 to determine the relationship between marijuana and sex drive. Since the common age group for frequent sexual activity lies around the mid-to-late 20s, the focus group had to be extensive.

The team gathered data from 50,000 men and women across various age groups and demographics. The results show that frequent cannabis users had sex twice as much as non-frequent users.

If ever there were a fun fact that would make for a great weed and sex meme, this would be it. 

Interesting as it may be, how does weed impact orgasms, according to research?

Does smoking weed and sex mean better orgasms?

Most studies show marijuana use with sex is associated with prolonged or improved orgasms. Research dataindicate that cannabinoid (THC and cannabidiol (CBN)) strength and dosage affect sexual desire in women

“…marijuana smokers reported increased sexual pleasure, increased sensations, and increased intensity of orgasm. Only more frequent users felt that marijuana was an “aphrodisiac,” a surrogate measure of desire.”

– The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women

We specifically refer to the relationship between smoking weed and sex instead of taking edibles as they’re slow-acting. You wouldn’t want to peak before your partner, would you? Best save them for solo sessions. 

“An oral product is a bad way to get into this. I think it’s a bad way to do it in general. The oral products are very easy to quantify, but their onset is very unpredictable, even for the same person on a different day with the same product.”

– Dr. Tishler, InhaleMD 

Since being high enhances your sensory perception, is it any wonder that people have reported a correlation between cannabis and sex? If you could increase the intensity of your orgasms, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?

Conduct your own “research” to find the strain and product that works best for you and your partner. Since each strain produces different effects and sensations, it’s best to choose your weed and sex combination wisely. 

Remember that moderation is key, so start with lower doses. 

Cannabis for sex
Cannabis for sex

Studies about marijuana and sex

It’s no surprise that many researchers are interested in the correlation between cannabis and sex. Let’s delve into what some of the studies have to say:

Assessment of the association of cannabis on female sexual function with the female sexual function index

The data gathered from this anonymous online survey in 2020 focused on the experiences of females when combining marijuana and sex. The questionnaire, consisting of 19 items, was designed to assess female sexual function over the preceding time. 

The study assessed six domains:  lubrication, desire, orgasm, arousal, pain, and satisfaction. Results were then compiled into an FSFI score.

The purpose of the survey was to determine if different factors of weed and sex distinctly impact women.

The factors they considered include:

  • How frequently they use weed
  • The type of chemovar (THC, CBN, or both) the weed contained
  • How they consume cannabis: smoking, edibles, capsules, vapors

The focus group consisted of women who had purchased marijuana from a dispensary within a specific period. The data obtained in this survey revealed:

  • 54.7% were between the ages of 30 and 49
  • 81.6% were married or in a stable relationship
  • 72.8% were using cannabis more than six times per week
  • 46.7% were smoking cannabis
  • 52.7% were educated with a four year or professional degree
  • 47.1% had not seen a primary care physician within the previous three months
  • 26.1% reported sexual dysfunction (FSFI score <26.55)


The results showed a correlation between increased frequency of weed and sex drive improvement in women.

Association between marijuana use and sexual frequency in the United States: A population-based study

This study set out to establish if there’s a correlation between smoking weed and sex frequency. It was a national survey-based study with a diverse sample group of sexually active men and women.

Dr. A. J. Sun MD and Dr. M. L. Eisenberg reviewed data from multiple survey cycles whereby they compared the use of weed for sex. The cycles looked at activity four weeks before the survey and were compared to data from the year before. 

They analyzed 28176 women (average age 29.9 years) and 22943 men (average age 29.5 years). 

In both cases, there was a clear relation in the frequency of consuming cannabis and sex. Participants who partake regularly have a more active sex life than those who don’t.

Although the study group was controlled and diverse, the survey questions were completed by individuals and not conducted as interviews. The responses were entirely self-reported and only provided a glimpse into a specific point in time.


The results show a positive correlation between weed and sex drive — regular consumption results in better sexual appetite.

How cannabis alters sexual experience: A survey of men and women

In 2019, researchers conducted a study to evaluate the relationship between weed and sex in men and women. It aimed to evaluate if marijuana enhances or diminishes the experience for the subjects.

It concluded with 216 completed questionnaires by people with experience combining smoking weed and sex.

Results were as follows:

  • 52.3% reported that cannabis altered their sexual experience
  • 38.7% reported that sex was better with cannabis
  • 16% reported mixed experiences, with some aspects being better and other worse
  • 24.5% reported that it was sometimes better
  • 4.7% reported that it was worse
  • 58.9% experienced an increased desire to have sex
  • 73.8% experienced an increase in sexual satisfaction
  • 74.3% experienced increased sensitivity to touch
  • 65.7% experienced the increased intensity of orgasms
  • 69.8% could relax more during sex
  • 50.5% could focus better
  • 28 participants reported difficulty reaching orgasm after using cannabis
  • 50% of those reported it was easier with the use of cannabis
  • 36% of those reported that sex was better with the use of cannabis


Most participants had a positive experience using marijuana before sex. Results aren’t 100% accurate as one-third of the group reported using weed daily, which is more than the average standard.

Relationship between cannabis use and erectile dysfunction: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Researchers conducted a review across five controlled case studies to assess the effects of cannabis and sex drive in men, specifically erectile function. These studies compiled data from 3395 healthy men, 1035 weed smokers, and 2360 non-users. 

  • Erectile dysfunction was 69.1% among the cannabis smokers
  • Correspondent figure in non-user controls was 34.7%


The results suggest that erectile dysfunction is twice as high in cannabis smokers compared to non-users. There is still a great deal of research needed to confirm or dispute this conclusion. 

Further investigation could determine if a relationship exists between the dosage and frequency for marijuana and sex drive.

Marijuana and sex
Marijuana and sex

There’s still so much to learn

While the majority of studies conclude that the combination of smoking weed and sex is beneficial, there’s still much to learn. It seems that women experience a greater benefit than men, but research is limited. 

Each person is different, and all the research in the world can’t confirm the experience you might have. Fortunately, if you’re curious and want to conduct your own research, there is little risk in combining cannabis and sex. 

If you’re more experienced, start with your favorite strains. If you’re a first-time user, please start slow, with smaller doses. You wouldn’t want to destroy a mind-melting orgasm because of a mind-melting high, would you?

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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