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What Is Considered High THC Level in Cannabis Plants?

What Is Considered High THC Levels in Cannabis Plants

What is considered high THC? It’s hard to talk about weed without mentioning tetrahydrocannabinol, the most prominent psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

When analyzing cannabis potency, many people review THC before moving on to other factors. Even at dispensaries, marijuana products display varying percentages tied to different effects.

So, why is this substance causing such a buzz? Do you know what the average THC percentage is? What should you expect if the levels are higher or lower?

Read ahead to find the answers. Discover the highest volumes, what cannabis strains qualify, and the potential side effects and risks of overusing THC.

High THC content in weed plants: What is considered high THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive compound in cannabis plants. While it’s naturally occurring, cultivation innovations enable growers to produce marijuana strains with more significant THC levels. 

Modern-day marijuana strains are stronger than the versions cultivated in previous decades. THC percentages have risen sharply since the 1980s when concentrations averaged only 5%. 

High THC content in weed plants What is considered high THC

This disparity resulted in advances targeting more potency through infused products like edibles. These commodities pack higher THC and produce more powerful effects than their predecessors.

What do THC levels mean? It’s easier to answer this question through the following breakdown:

LevelTHC Percentage
Low 0–5%
Very high15–20%
Extremely high>20%

What’s the highest percent of THC in weed?

What is considered high THC? Weed experts analyze potency in percentage scales, and “high” has different levels. What seems “high” for one person may not be so for another.

As of 2022, the highest amount of THC in weed averaged 28%, observed in strains like Godfather OG. Experts say this figure could even reach 34%. It’s typically too potent for those with moderate tolerance and not recommended for novice users. 

Other cultivars hovering in this extreme range include Ghost OG, Bruce Banner, Alien OG, 5 Alive, and Star Killer. It’s best to go slow with these strains as you monitor your tolerance.

Does the THC percentage matter?

Does the THC percentage matter when choosing the best weed strain or product? Yes, it’s a crucial consideration, but not the only one you should focus on. 

Cannabis flowers pack rich phytochemistry. While THC provides the main psychoactive effects, the plants terpenes spice up the high you get from different cultivars

Marijuana has over 200 terpenes contributing to the herb’s fragrance and influencing the effects of each strain. A terpene such as limonene is an energizer, whereas myrcene aids relaxation. That’s why potent cultivars hit differently.

Does more THC mean you get a higher effect?

Does higher THC get you higher, you ask? The general observation is that more potency causes a bigger high to those with a lower tolerance, as they’re typically THC-sensitive. 

The effects also vary with the ingestion method, based on how your body processes and metabolizes the compound. 

The concentration of other cannabinoids, like CBD (cannabidiol), to counterbalance THC’s effects also matters. These two may complement each other’s anti-inflammatory properties while simultaneously lessening the adverse effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Modern research shows highly potent, THC-laden concentrates don’t necessarily intoxicate you more than low-THC cannabis flowers. Tetrahydrocannabinol may saturate cannabinoid receptors at higher levels, causing a diminishing effect of any additional amounts of the substance.

Cannabis strains with the highest THC levels

Would you like to enjoy the rewards of potent cannabis plants? It starts with finding top-shelf high THC seeds from a reputable seed bank in the USA. Shopping at Homegrown Cannabis Co. affords you a wide selection of expertly handpicked cultivars.

Thanks to powerful parent genetics, our strains’ potency exceeds the average THC percentage, thanks to powerful parent genetics. They also boast a high-yield potential alongside rich flavors while delivering a healthy balance of effects. 

Here are our five strains packing supreme potency. 

1. Alien OG feminized

Alien OG feminized
Alien OG feminized

Alien OG feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid strain packing sky-high potency. It’s a cross of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG, which feature strong genetics, generous yield potential, and premium buds.

The THC level of this cultivar ranges from 2228% and hits hard. Expect a deep euphoria that translates to soothing relaxation. Many users report experiencing stress relief from toking Alien OG buds. 

2. Fresh Cookies feminized

Fresh Cookies feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid strain boasting a unique flavor and scent profile. It originates from Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer, which yield buds with sweet citrus and tones of spicy earthiness. 

Thanks to its euphoria-inducing parents, Fresh CookiesTHC levels peak at approximately 26%, producing an instant happy punch. Afterward, an energy boost sets in before translating to calmness and relaxation. Many smokers report relief from fatigue and pain. 

3. Star Killer feminized

Star Killer feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with one of the strongest aromas and highest potency. It’s a cross of Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #2, culminating in solid cannabis genetics and high-yield potential. 

With skyhigh THC volumes of up to 29%, expect a mean punch from this cultivar after a puff or two. The impact quickly ascends from gentle euphoria to upliftment and relaxation. Many medicinal users report relief from insomnia and fatigue owing to the energizing effects. 

4. 5 Alive feminized

5 alive-feminized-zoom

5 Alive feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain boasting a high amount of THC and powerful energizing tendencies. It’s a cross of a potent trio comprising Grape Pie, Bubblegum, and Orange Juice. 

5 Alive packs up to 29% THC for a strong head rush before shifting you into deep relaxation. The instant energy boost delivers euphoria and lasting creativity to turn a dull day productive. Many users also report stress relief from toking this cultivar’s buds.

5. Bruce Banner feminized

bruce banner feminized

Bruce Banner feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that lives up to its moniker characterized by sizable green cannabis plants. It’s a cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, so expect a sweet fruity flavor alongside resilient genetics. 

Bruce Banners high THC content of up to 27% enlists it among the strongest strains of weed. It delivers a mellow high, contrary to the overwhelming sound of its name. Euphoria and energy engulf you as creativity, focus, and relaxation set in. Many users claim it relieves fatigue.

What are the dangers and side effects of high THC content cannabis?

Do extreme THC volumes have any side effects or dangers? It depends on the moderation you apply while using potent buds or products.

Consuming excessive THC within a short span may impact your brain and body functionality, causing the following reactions:

  • Faster heart rate and nervousness
  • Panic attacks
  • Confusion and focusing problems
  • Slurred speech
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia and hallucinations
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Harmful behavior changes (rarely)

The potential side effects of overconsuming high THC levels in weed are usually mild if and when they occur. If they escalate to moderate or severe levels, it’s best to seek immediate help. 

FAQs about high THC levels

Does the THC percentage matter? This question is popular within 420 circles but not the only burning one. Here are other common concerns from growers, smokers, and enthusiasts. 

How long does THC take to lose its potency?

The THC in weed drops to approximately 16% after a year and keeps shrinking afterward. Two years later, it sheds off about 26% and 34% in the third year, and so on. 

This reduction happens even if you store the buds in a dark, cool, and dry space, which are the ideal conditions. They turn less psychoactive and aromatic, contrary to flowers cured recently. 

If you want to store marijuana concentrates or flowers for long periods, consider the THC degradation rate. Besides time, high temperatures and light exposure affect this figure. 

Marijuana buds in a glass jar

What is the amount of THC required to get high?

Generally, cannabis users interpret high THC content differently, as theres no onesizefitsall approach. The amount of this compound needed to get high varies from one individual to the next, according to personal tolerance.

A beginner may feel high from consuming marijuana with 5–10 mg of THC. A more experienced toker might need more than five times this amount to experience the punch. 

What is the average THC content in weed?

The average THC percentage in weed sits at 1525%. Amounts above 25% may be considered extremely potent. Concentrations below 15% are still psychoactive, although they typically produce milder effects. 

Start a high quality grow with premium seeds

The definition of what is considered high THC in weed isnt cast in stone. It’s a function of the cannabis strain you’re dealing with, the type of marijuana product, and your experience level with pot.

Edibles and extracts are some of the most potent marijuana products, while the 5 Alive strain boasts one of the highest THC volumes. If you’re new to weed, start safely by seeking a physician’s recommendation on THC doses suitable for you.

Having grasped essential THC insights, why not start your own crop of potent strains? Order your preferred pack size at our online seed bank today and enjoy discreet delivery of top-shelf cultivars.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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