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Zoloft And Weed: Are They a Safe Combination?

zoloft and weed

Is it safe to use Zoloft and weed simultaneously? To answer this, we need to take a closer look at each option and how they affect the body.

As marijuana laws relax country-wide, more people turn to it as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and other similar illnesses. 

But, many who have these disorders also take prescription drugs like Zoloft, an FDA-approved medication. Doctors prescribe it for several mental and behavioral conditions as it helps increase the user’s serotonin levels, making it useful for multiple disorders.

Weed, on the other hand, provides stimulating, relaxing effects. The sensations vary from one strain to the next, but many health tokers report that it eases their symptoms and brings them a sense of calm.

So, what happens when we combine Zoloft and weed

Let’s dive right in to discover more!

zoloft and weed

What happens when you mix Zoloft and weed?

Does weed interact with any medication? Research is limited, and although it’s rare, adverse reactions may occur when you mix Zoloft and weed.

Prescription drugs affect each individual differently depending on various factors. The medication comes with a list of potential side effects and clear contra-indications of what to avoid. 

At the same time, many people with mental and behavioral disorders turn to cannabis as a treatment for these same issues. It gets a bit more complicated when you add cannabis to the mix, as weed also impacts each person uniquely.

It’s a natural substance that offers pleasurable, relaxing sensations. However, its varied effects make it difficult to predict an outcome

But can you smoke weed while on Zoloft? 

Clinical surveys reveal that smoking weed while on the prescribed antidepressant could induce various adverse reactions. The interaction may delay the benefits of prescription drug treatment and intensify the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Many health users assert that smoking weed assists with mental health conditions more naturally, but combining it with prescription medication changes how the body reacts.  

The impact of the blended treatment varies from one person to the next. The experience may be comforting to one but overwhelming to another. 

Combining Zoloft weed might also not have immediate adverse effects, but they could occur over time with regular use.

Can you do edibles on Zoloft?

Some marijuana lovers prefer edibles to smoke. The effects don’t occur instantly, and some claim that it’s easier to control the dosage. So can you do edibles on Zoloft?

The potential effects mimic those of smoking. When you decarboxylate cannabis to make edibles, you activate the same compounds. This means the risk factor stays the same.  

Using antidepressants like Zoloft or Xanax and weed edibles in higher doses may cause various physical symptoms. The fusion might even cause the prescribed medication to lose its effectiveness.

zoloft and weed

Possible side effects of mixing Zoloft and marijuana

Although there aren’t any current studies stating that the combination can be fatal, some reactions can be severe.

Not everyone experiences the same effects from using pharmaceuticals like Zoloft or Adderall and weed. Potential side effects caused by the combined usage include:

Increased appetite

On its own, cannabis has a reputation for inducing the munchies. The use of marijuana and Zoloft may boost your appetite even further. This may impact depression negatively. It may lead to excessive eating and a downward spiral of the condition.

Drowsiness and dizziness

Mixing weed and prescription medicine can cause drowsiness. This is due to the synergistic effect, which increases serotonin levels in the brain. In rare instances, users may also experience a moderate loss of motor coordination. 

Drowsiness and dizziness, or either, result from the serotonin levels being too high, which can cause nausea.


Depending on the compound levels in the marijuana, blending THC and Zoloft may result in nausea. Those with high sensitivity may experience this symptom more severely. To avoid this, stay hydrated and be aware of your tolerance levels.

Sometimes the fusion of weed and prescription drugs isn’t the biggest issue, but the dose of each substance is. 

Cannabis buds with colored pills


Using Zoloft and cannabis might cause headaches due to the excessive serotonin stimulated in the brain. High THC levels can also cause these, especially if the user is dehydrated. A blend of both may have additional reactions.

Heart palpitations

Zoloft is the brand of sertraline; while helpful with many disorders, it’s not suitable for those with heart problems. On its own, the prescription drug can cause a faster or irregular heartbeat. When you add marijuana, it complicates the situation further. 

High blood pressure

Separately, cannabis and prescription drugs are typically safe in patients with hypertension. However, blending the two can raise blood pressure levels and increase body temperature too.

Counteracting effects

Although cannabis has relaxing properties, overindulging can lead to even more anxiety. The same effect can happen when mixing it with Zoloft. Instead of the treatments helping the condition, they could make the symptoms of anxiety more severe.

What else you should know about weed and Zoloft interaction

Understanding how Zoloft and weed individually affect the brain helps us comprehend the effects of combining the two. 

The interaction of Zoloft with weed decreases the rate the liver metabolizes the medication.

Marijuana absorbs some of the liver enzymes needed to metabolize Zoloft, which prevents the body from reacting to the medication as it should.

The complexity of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds in weed combined with medication, means that even health professionals can’t be sure of the outcome. 

Each person’s reaction differs, and if something goes wrong, doctors have to treat it as an isolated case. The Zoloft with weed combination could trigger paranoia, and the patient risks worsening the condition.

Using marijuana and Zoloft can cause feel-good sensations, causing the patient to retreat from the prescribed medication. This is dangerous and may have even more dire consequences in the long run.

It’s best to consult with your doctor and disclose that you combine treatments. That way, if you experience an adverse interaction, your health provider is prepared.

Cannabis bud and pills

Cannabis and Zoloft verdict

The uncertainty regarding using both prescription medication and cannabis remains unanswered, but it’s best to proceed with caution and not let usage of the two substances overlap

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