Already Vaped Bud – The Free High?

Already Vaped Bud
February 09, 2021

Already Vaped Bud is a concept that may put some cannabis consumers off, however, it’s actually a pretty logical thing to do so that you can make the most of your weed, let’s look at how it works!

What is AVB?

AVB stands for Already Vaped Bud and ‘Already Vaped Bud’ is the brown plant residue, left in your vape after you’ve enjoyed a session.

What is ABV?

Some people call AVB, ‘ABV’.  In this case, it stands for Already Been Vaped.  It’s exactly the same and what you call it is entirely down to preference.  It’s most likely that some stoner tripped over their letters, after a toke too many, and tried to cover it up by inventing a new acronym.  Who cares?  It’s exactly the same and it’s the gear that can get you high, for free!

Get High for Free

Yep.  Those browned, dry nugs could be ‘Weed World’s’ best-kept secret.  If you vape your buds at the optimum temperature of 315-440°F (157-227°C), you should avoid combustion, which is the entire idea of vaping.  However, at that temperature, as efficient as vaping can be, not all the cannabinoid content is released.  Hidden in those autumnally hued flowers is a hidden source of high!

Get High fo Free

If you vape…ahem, burn your bud at a higher temperature, you’re going to be left with a burnt, ashy mess, with little, or no value to you at all and a foul taste.  However, hit that sweet spot and your grass will keep on giving.

Basically, AVB is the BOGO for cannabis users, where you can get stoned twice from the same bud.  The ‘Twice the high, from the same supply’ bonus!

As a general rule and providing you’re not burning your weed, AVB can contain around a third of its original cannabinoid content.  Experienced AVB consumers would probably dispute that claim, but the fact remains that it contains a not insignificant level of the good stuff.

As an example, if you were to vape Killer, which boasts a THC content of 30%, you can expect around a 10% THC level in the resulting AVB.  That’s as much as some other cannabis strains, before being vaped!  So, if you’re going to try this out, why not indulge yourself in one of our high THC cannabis strains and enjoy two rides for the price of a single ticket?

This doesn’t just work with THC, obviously, the same is true of the other cannabinoids, so if you’re looking to get strong medicinal properties in your vape and then in your AVB, try a strain like CBD Ratio, or any other of these high CBD strains, if you’d like a touch more THC in the mix.

Whatever AVB strain you’re using, the old advice is the best, take it low and slow, to start with.  Especially if you’re making edibles because that high is stronger and longer than toking.

How do I Use AVB to get High?

Well, you could roll it up or pack a bowl and smoke it, but the taste really isn’t anything like fresh bud.  In fact, it can be rather bitter.  Depending on how close to the edge of combustion you’ve taken it, the taste could even be absolutely disgusting.  The more burnt, the more you’ll regret having ignored all those vaping tips.

Vaping your weed means that the important process of decarboxylation has taken place already.  This process is important because it makes the active cannabinoids available for our endocannabinoid system to utilize.  Simply put, eating weed that hasn’t been decarbed won’t get you high.

Because AVB has already been decarbed, it is ready to go and you don’t have to do anything else to it unless you want to, that is.  

Here are a few ways to use your AVB:

AVB Edibles

The quickest way of using your AVB for a free high is to sprinkle it over some peanut butter on toast, or Nutella spread.  Both of these will help take away the taste and the fat content will help release the cannabinoids in the weed.  That’s the simplest AVB edible.  You can, of course, sprinkle it over any food you like, pizza, chili, spaghetti bolognese etc but again, the taste may make the entire dish rather unpalatable.

Most traditional cannabis edibles recipes, such as weed brownies, use cannabutter, or canna-oil as the medium to get the cannabinoids into the bake.  This is relatively easy to make at home and gets rid of the actual weed particles and reduces any lingering bad flavor.  This is the option of choice, for many AVB fans.  Remember, the vaped weed has already been decarbed, so you can skip this part of the process.

Washing AVB

Washing or water-curing your AVB will help rid it of that pretty ghastly taste.  As in some of our previous cannabis processing articles, you’ll need some winemaker’s cloth, muslin or cheesecloth, to water cure your already vaped bud.  Simply wrap a bunch of your ABV in a piece of cloth and tie it off in a ball.  Now, as though you were making tea, submerge the cloth ball in a small jar, or cup full of water and leave it for up to a week, changing the water regularly.

The principle behind this is quite simple.  The cannabinoids are not soluble in water, so remain in the buds, but the terrible taste is soluble and will leach out of the bud and into the water.  DO NOT be tempted to drink the brown, tea-like water in the mug!  It is utterly disgusting and holds no cannabinoid benefits, at all.

So, after a week, squeeze your cloth ball, to drain excess water, and air-dry your AVB.  You could scatter it on a baking tray and dry it in the oven, but the heat, if not managed correctly, will again reduce the effectiveness of your dope.  Don’t have your oven any higher than 200F (90C) and don’t leave it in there for longer than a couple of hours max, tossing it every half an hour, or you’ll bake the life out of it.

With the bad taste removed or at least substantially reduced, you can now eat or smoke your AVB.  Washing your vaped weed before making a batch of cannabutter can also be very beneficial.

Already Vaped Bud Capsules

If you really can’t be bothered to water cure the AVB and you don’t like the taste, you could always put it into some empty gelatin capsules. You can get these online or from your local health food shop.  Vegan capsules are also available.

AVB Capsules

Dosing with AVB is a bit of an unknown quantity.  It depends on tolerance levels, the bud you started with, how hot you vaped, what THC remains, and such.  As ever, we strongly recommend that you start low and work up.

AVB Tinctures

Just as with regular, fresh marijuana, there is nothing to stop you from using your washed AVB to make a tincture.  We’ve covered the process of making cannabis tinctures in another article, so won’t go into it fully here.  However, the process is quite straightforward and involves soaking your dope in alcohol, much like the washing process, above.  This time, though, you keep the resulting liquid, because the goodies dissolve into the booze.

AVB Coffee or Tea

It is possible to use your AVB in tea and coffee, but you’re going to have to like your hot drinks milky.  As we’ve said earlier, cannabinoids are not released in water, so you’re going to need milk, or maybe a little full fat cream, to steep your vaped weed in.

AVB Coffee
AVB Coffee

The easiest way is to pour some milk in a mug, add your AVB and warm it gently, 10 seconds at a time, in a microwave.  Take it out, in between blasts and give it a stir.  Once it’s warm, let it steep for a few minutes, blasting occasionally, to keep it hot to touch, but not boiling.

You could do the same on an oven hob, stirring as you go and letting it steep for a few minutes.  Again, don’t boil or burn your milk.

Pour your milk through a coffee filter, into your freshly made coffee or tea.  This will remove the pieces of plant.