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Best Desktop Vaporizers On The Market

best desktop vaporizer on the market

Portable marijuana vaporizers are cool and convenient, but if you enjoy vaping at home, you’d be better off with a powerful unit. Choosing the best desktop vaporizer can be tricky for first-timers, so learn more about them before taking the plunge.

Join us as we explain how they work, their benefits, and who should use them. Find out which desktop vape suits you as we review seven of the best products on the market. 

What is a desktop vape?

Many cannabis users see vaping as an alternative to smoking. The devices marijuana consumers use often resemble tobacco vapes. They create a THC vapor you can inhale.

Tabletop vaporizers have been around for a long time. These special ovens bake dry cannabis to produce a vapor you inhale using a tube.

These home units are for people who prefer to vape in the comfort of their living room. They operate on AC power, and you plug them into the wall.

So far, so good. But are the best desktop vaporizers worth getting? Let’s explore.


Are desktop vapes worth it?

You’re probably asking if desktop vaporizers for weed are worth it. As all individuals have unique preferences, you have to review these units for yourself.

Desktop dry herb vaporizers offer better quality and longer-lasting vapor. Being units with larger bowls, they offer greater airflow, resulting in bigger, smoother, and better-tasting vapor clouds. The large size also means you don’t have to refill it as often.

Desktop vapes are more reliable and powerful than portable ones because of their size and direct connection to the electricity supply. It’s more convenient for regular use because you don’t have to rely on battery power. 

Plugged-in power also means that cannabis vaporizer tabletop units have greater heating capabilities and efficiency: these devices offer consistently high performance.

If you’re vaping regularly at home, these benefits make it worthwhile to get a tabletop vaporizer.

How to use a tabletop vaporizer for weed?

Using a desktop weed vaporizer is straightforward. Add finely-ground weed into the chamber of the vape unit. These tabletop devices typically use convection heat. 

Power from your AC adapter blows air from the unit’s pump over the dry herb, causing it to heat up and vaporize. You can control the temperature using the device’s buttons or knobs. The desktop dry herb vaporizer takes a few minutes to reach the set temperature.

Temperature control is an essential function of vape devices because the herb releases compounds at different heat levels. Varying the temperature gives you disparate results. THC is activated at about 315°F, while other boiling points set off cannabis terpenes.

Tabletop vaporizers have different ways to control the temperature. Some use analog knob systems, while others operate digitally. The heat range and level of adjustability depend on the unit, but most devices can handle 200°F up to 400°F and above.

You can control these home vaporizers for weed to heat the herb till its compounds release without combusting. 

Heating at a low temperature gives you subtle and flavorful vapes. Raise the temp if you prefer a stronger kick. 


Types of desktop vaporizers

The best desktop vaporizers come in two varieties—whip-style and forced-air units. Today you can find hybrid or dual-function models, which deliver vapor using both methods. 

Let’s look at all three desktop herbal vaporizers and what they offer:

Whip-style vaporizers

The whip-style vape is one of the oldest vaping devices. It’s also the most common and affordable. It gets its name from the medical-grade silicone tube, called a “whip.” As there’s no fan to blow the vapor, you use the whip to inhale it.

Whip-style desktop vaporizers comprise three parts:

  • Wand: an airtight glass piece where you put the dry cannabis
  • Tube: for direct vapor inhalation
  • Mouthpiece: for hands-free consumption 

You can get them in various sizes, designs, colors, and glass thicknesses. Newer models of whip-style desktop vaporizers for weed have cutting-edge designs, LCD digital displays, and precision temperature controls.

You can view the density of the vapor through the transparent tube. Some units have more than one whip, enabling you to share the experience with someone. 

When using whip-style desktop vaporizers, be sure to grind your weed till it’s fluffy but not too fine. Once you’ve put in the dry herb, mix well to circulate the heat and vaporize it evenly.

If it’s your first time, inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece slowly until your body adjusts to it. As you progress, take in as much as your lungs can handle.

Forced-air vaporizers

Newer tabletop vaporizers use a forced-air delivery system. These vapes use fans to blow the hot air over the herb, pushing the vapor into the mouthpiece. Some devices use a removable balloon bag instead of a tube, perfect for sharing. 

Most forced-air desktop weed vaporizers have fan settings that enable you to control the flow speed of the hot air. Users view this vaporization technology as healthier and of higher quality than what whip-style units produce.

Hybrid vaporizers

Hybrid or multi-function desktop vapes give you the option of inhaling through a whip or using a balloon bag. Turn off the fan if you want to use the former vaping method.

Analog vs. digital table vaporizers

Like most modern devices, home vaporizers for weed offer analog and digital functions. Some prefer the former because they’re accustomed to knobs and dials, while others choose new technology. 

Here are the benefits of using desktop vaporizers with analog and digital technology:

Analog temperature control

When using units with an analog temperature feature, rotate a dial to set your preferred heat. While most knobs have markings to adjust the temp accordingly, some have none, making it more difficult to control the optimal setting.

Analog tabletop vaporizers are typically less expensive than digital units because they don’t offer precise temperature control.

Digital temperature control

Digital desktop vaporizers come with an electronic display and +/- buttons to adjust the temperature. These units are more popular, despite the heftier price tag.

Digital devices offer precise temperature control because you can adjust them in single increments. A unique feature of many tabletop vaporizers is that they display the set temperature and the current one. 


What to consider when choosing a desktop dry herb vaporizer?

If you’ve never used a desktop dry herb vaporizer before, here are some factors to consider before purchasing:


Large desktop vaporizers for weed have advantages such as greater airflow, bigger and more flavorful vapor, and not having to refill it often. They take up a lot of space, so you need to choose one that fits your living space.

Heating time

Tabletop vaporizers take more time to heat up and release vapor than their portable counterparts. Heating time is usually not a key consideration for home users, unlike those on the move, but it’s something to note. The quality of the vapor is worth the short wait.


Desktop weed vaporizers require regular care to keep them performing at an optimum level. Be sure to choose a unit that’s easy to maintain and clean, and it could last you for years.


Desktop herbal vaporizers are more costly than smaller units, and if you prefer one with advanced features, be prepared to pay a lot more. Ask yourself if the extra cost gives you a vape unit with greater performance than a basic one.


When buying a high-priced tabletop vaporizer, it’s good to check the terms of its warranty. You don’t want to incur expensive repair or replacement costs because they’re not covered.

7 best desktop vaporizers in the market 

To help you choose the best unit for your home, we’ve shortlisted these products after extensive desktop vaporizer reviews. They’re established brands on the market and very popular among tokers.

1. Volcano Hybrid

Everyone who’s vaped weed knows the Volcano brand. Storz & Bickel created the first desktop vaporizer in 2000—the Volcano Hybrid is an upgrade of the original. 

It has more precise temperature settings and whip. The unit heats up very quickly, reaching a maximum temp of 446°F in only a couple of minutes. The digital display makes it easy for you to operate.

This tabletop vaporizer allows you to control your vape session through an Android or web-based app. A huge plus of the unit is the flavorful vapor it consistently delivers. If you’re looking for a reliable unit, check out the Volcano Hybrid.

Volcano Hybrid

2. Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Arizer Extreme Q is an affordable desktop weed vaporizer that serves smooth vapors with delicious flavors. The unit comes with a full LED front display. 

You can even switch on your device from across the room with a remote control. The convection heater provides even heating of your weed.

This tabletop vaporizer gives you several options to customize your experience. The temperature ranges from 122°–500°F so that you can vary the quality of the vapor. 

You also have a choice of vaping through a whip or balloon bag. The Extreme Q is reliable and gives you a bang for your buck.


3. Dr. Dabber Switch

The Switch by Dr. Dabber is a desktop vaporizer you can use for both dry herbs and concentrates. It works better with the latter. 

A push of a single button is all it takes to operate the unit. By using induction heating, the vaporizer takes four seconds to heat any of the 25 settings between 300°–800°F.

What makes the Switch unique is that it’s a cannabis vaporizer tabletop unit that’s also portable. A single charge gives you 20 hours of battery life. It’s a pretty large device, so you might not want to take it everywhere.


4. Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Volcano Classic is a desktop weed vaporizer favored by many experienced marijuana users because its vapor quality is outstanding. It’s also a very reliable unit for long-term use. 

It comes with simple-to-operate temperature controls and uses balloon bags for vaping, making it excellent for group sessions.

Volcano Classic

5. Plenty Vaporizer

Here’s another excellent product from Storz & Bickel, the Volcano’s creators. The Plenty is unique as it’s a desktop vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand. 

It utilizes a convecting heating system that takes about 3 minutes to heat your herb. A stainless cooling coil helps lower the vapor temperature before you inhale.

The unit has a huge heating chamber supplying a heavy-hitting vapor. You can use the tabletop vaporizer with concentrates or dry herbs. 

You can’t set precise temperatures, but the Plenty has the same quality as the outstanding Volcano.

plenty vaporizer

6. Ditanium Vaporizer

The Ditanium Vaporizer deserves due consideration. This desktop vaporizer for weed combines vaping concentrates and dry herbs for a massive hit. It’s a whip unit that you can use hands-free by removing the tube. 

Some claim that the Ditanium is the best dual-use desktop unit that offers consistent smooth and tasty vapes. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ditanium vaporizer

7. E-Nano Vaporizer

The E-Nano is one of the smallest desktop vaporizers, and when you remove the glass stem, it’s also one of the most discreet. Every sustainable hardwood unit is handcrafted in the U.S. 

The device comes with tiny bowls and heats up very quickly. You can adjust the temperature using a dial that goes from 0°–560°F.

Although it’s small and affordable, it delivers on the vapor quality.


The lowdown on desktop vaporizers 

If you’re going to vape at home, then we recommend a desktop weed vaporizer. These large units may be more expensive than portable ones, but you should see them as an investment

Tabletop vaporizers offer higher-quality vapors and allow you to vary your vaping experience by controlling the heat. Precise temperature adjustments are key to getting the smoothness you prefer.

Many units offer flexibility in how you draw. You can choose between whip or balloon bag options. You can also use dry herbs and concentrates, or both.

Once you’ve chosen the best desktop vaporizer, you need to consider using quality buds to enhance your vaping pleasure. Check out our extensive collection of super marijuana seeds to start cultivating something worthy of your new purchase.

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