How Herb Grinders Enhance The Psychedelic Experience

How herb grinders enhance the psychedelic experience
November 20, 2019

The time when people use mortar and pestle to grind herbs is long gone. Nowadays, a simple task such as grating cannabisis made more comfortable with herb grinders. Using these devices is not merely a matter of convenience though. In fact, it can enhance the smoking experience.

A cannabis herb grinder is nothing more than the same kitchen accessory used to crush herbs and spices. Typically made of two separable halves, the interior chamber houses razor-edged pegs for grating. From its traditional use as part of food preparation, it has become a preferred method of pulverizing buds.

A Primer On Herb Grinders

Although herb grinders come in many shapes, the most common frame today is the round, cylindrical one. There are also different choices when it comes to sizes. Among cannabis users, for example, the compact ones that one can fit in the pocket seems to be the most preferred. Furthermore, the materials used are diverse. It can be made of aluminum, wood, acrylic, metal, or even titanium.

The effectiveness and durability of an herb grinder vary. Whichever one is better is dependent on its intended use as well as individual preferences. For instance, some may prefer long-term use. Hence, the deciding factor in choosing one over the other is the construction and material of its teeth. Other people may prefer aesthetics over anything else.

Grinder with Lighter

Of the different materials, the better overall choices are ones made of aluminum and metal. Besides lasting longer than plastic and wood, manufacturers have also done a splendid job of creating beautiful masterpieces.

Types Of Herb Grinder

An herb grinder has two types: the basic herb grinder and the herb grinder with a screen. To further understand their differences and purpose, below are brief explanations you need to know about bud grinders.

Silver Metal Cannabis Grinder
  • Basic Herb Grinder. A typical herb grinder is a tool made of two halves – the top and bottom parts. Users place a chunk of bud inside before putting the two parts together. Twisting these sections in opposite directions lets the metal teeth inside do their job – grind the cannabis into small particles.
Silver Metal Cannabis Grinder with Screen
  • Herb Grinder With Screen. An herb grinder with a screen is made up of four different sections. Like the basic models, it also has a top and bottom section fitted with metal teeth. In addition, it has a screen making up the third section. Finally, the bottom part is a chamber which collects trichome or kief.

Benefits Of Using A Cannabis Herb Grinder

For both recreational and medical users, an herb grinder is an essential tool. Apart from making the task simple, it also heightens the quality of the herb as well as the smoking experience. To understand its benefits better, here are some reasons it is a must-have and use.

Efficiency And Potency

People use cannabis for different purposes. It could be for fun or as a means to relieve stress and physical discomfort. Regardless, the fact is that everyone wants the best experience possible. An herb grinder plays a role in making it happen.

Compared to the traditional method of crushing the bud with fingers, using an herb grinder results in even particles. As such, it is more convenient to roll into a joint. Regardless if one smokes or uses a water pipe, the result is an even burn. In turn, the hit delivered is of better quality.

For the ultimate hit, though, it is better to use an herb grinder with a screen. In separating the trichome or kief crystal from the bud, the resulting ground herb contains more of the psychoactive compounds. Hence, the hit it delivers is incredibly potent. In more ways than one, getting the most out of a particular strain cannot get any better than this.


Ground herb has an even burn. And, it delivers a hit that is less likely to be underwhelming. In other words, there is no need to use more buds to get an adequate hit. Thus, one can cut down and save for future use.

Taste, Smell And Texture

One trait that many cannabis users are concerned with in the choice of strains is its flavor. So, apart from looking aesthetically better, the even burn of the crushed herbs can better bring out the delightful taste.


Using the finger to crush or scissors to cut the herb is time-consuming for a discerning user. An herb grinder, on the other hand, is so much more convenient to use. In essence, it lessens the preparation time so that users can get into it at the soonest possible time.


Cannabis Kief

The most potent and pure part of cannabis is the trichome or the kief crystal. These are the sticky resins that are also used to make hash. It also contains most of the compounds that induce psychedelic high. As one can imagine, smoking or vaping more of it results in a huge hit.

From Food To Cannabis

Sometimes, beginners to using cannabis wonder. Why is there a need for an herb grinder? For as long as people have used joints, it has always been crushing the herbs with fingers. In fact, some view cutting with scissors a tad bit too much.

The answer is simple. It is convenient, and best of all, users can get the most out of a particular strain.

Colorful Cannabis Grinder

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