Is Herbalizer The Best Desktop Vaporizer For Weeds?

Is Herbalizer The Best Desktop Vaporizer For Weeds
November 20, 2019

Not all people who enjoy weed are into the idea of burning the plant and inhaling its smoke. Many are wary about the risks of toxins and carcinogens that come with the smoke. This is why some people turn to vaping as a way to harness the effects of cannabis. In fact, in the recent years, it has been increasingly becoming a more popular method of consuming weed.

The Case For Desktop Vaporizers

The most common way to vaporize weed is through handheld devices like vape pens. Unlike joints and blunts, these vaporizers do not combust the plant. Instead, they heat the trichomes to an optimal temperature until it turns to a cleaner, safer vapor which can then be inhaled by the user.

Vape pens and other handheld vaporizers may be simpler and more affordable, not to mention portable, but these accessories do not hold up to the stronger desktop vaporizers.

Desktop vaporizers offer the most advanced vaporization technologies, enabling them to deliver a harder hit with better efficiency. This is why those mainly vaporizing at the comfort of their homes find desktop vaporizers to be the superior choice.

Desktop vaporizers have been around for some time now, and there are already plenty of tried and tested brands in the market that offer good quality vapor. One emerging brand, however, is looking to topple the big players from their perch.

What Herbalizer Has To Offer

Herbalizer is a dual-function vaporizer and aromatherapy device crafted by a team composed of former NASA engineers. It packs a 32Mhz 16-bit microprocessor making it one of the smartest, if not smartest, vaporizer available in the market.

Developed with safety, sophistication, and satisfaction in mind, its creators spent four years in research and development to create this state-of-the-art vaporizer. The team surveyed the best methods currently employed in the vape market, fine-tuned them, and came up with a superior vaping device.


Herbalizer Features

The Herbalizer outdoes all of its competitors with regards to design. The egg-shaped device is about a foot long and weighs about two pounds. It is entirely self-contained, with everything needed to use and held conveniently at the mezzanine of the lid.

The solid, sleek, and downright futuristic look of Herbalizer is a contrast against the heavy clunks of metals in other vaporizers. Instead of a menacing appearance that screams “drug paraphernalia,” this vaporizer offers a prestigious aesthetic similar to Apple products.

Users could have this device sitting on their coffee table, and no one would be the wiser that it is used to consume cannabis.


One thing that makes the Herbalizer superior among other devices is its speed. Powered by a powerful 300-watt Halogen light bulb, it can heat up to the desired temperature significantly faster than its competitors. Most vaporizers available in the market would require a waiting time of at least five minutes before they are ready for use. On the other hand, upon turning the Herbalizer on, it will be ready-to-use in just a matter of seconds.


Herbalizer Display

Herbalizer offers several inhalation options. In addition to the usual balloon bag and whip-draw methods, Herbalizer offers direct draw inhalation through its steamroller attachment. The steamroller provides an all-glass airway for vapor to travel through upon inhalation, allowing the user to experience the real taste of the vapor.

Herbalizer also doubles as a diffuser for aromatic oils. Those into essential oils will find this feature handy in creating an ideal environment for relaxation. It also comes with an Aromapad that prevents liquid contents from dripping to the light source. Aside from herb and oils, it can also be loaded with waxes and shatters.

This vaporizer can also facilitate a wide range of vaping experience depending on the preference of the user.

  • Uplifting. Setting the temperature between 290°F to 330°F will deliver a lighter vaping experience with calming and uplifting effects. This setup also works well in relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Balanced. Temperatures between 330°F to 390°F will provide users with moderate head-high experience. This setup stimulates creativity and euphoria.
  • Intense. Temperatures between 390°F to 445°F will facilitate more significant pain relief and medicinal effects.


Herbalizer packs several unique features that allow it to stand out against competitors. These features were developed to provide users with the optimal vaping experience possible.

  • Temperature Precision. The powerful microprocessor of the Herbalizer allows it to regulate the temperature within a five-degree Fahrenheit margin. Users can draw as hard using the whip, and the device will still be able to maintain the predetermined temperature. The microprocessor adjusts within hundredths of seconds, regulating the ultra-powerful light bulb from combusting the weed.
  • Auto Shutoff Failsafe. Once the processor senses that it is not on level ground, it shuts down the device and resets to the previous temperature. This prevents damage that can be caused by sudden pulls.
  • Fan-Assist Mode. This function gently delivers the vapor into the lungs of the user, eliminating the need to pull on the whip. The fan-assist mode can also be used to fill the room with mist, making it easy to enjoy weed while multitasking.
  • Noise Reduction. Despite packing a powerful mechanism, it operates very quietly. Herbalizer provides less noise in its highest fan setting than other vaporizers in their lowest settings. Because others are known to be as noisy as lawnmowers, that is why this feature makes this unit a more preferable vaporizer.
  • Ease of Use. The Herbalizer is pretty straightforward and easy to operate: just open it up it turns on automatically. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows users to enjoy weed without any complexity. It even has a range of friendly greeting messages during the bootup process.

A Great Device For Dedicated Vapers

The Herbalizer does so much – and it does its job very well. It outdoes almost all of its competitors with an ultra-powerful light source, a smart microprocessor, and a quiet fan system. In addition to that, it comes in a sleek design that looks sharp and elegant in every angle.

Herbalizer Monitor

It comes with a hefty price tag, though. After all, convenience comes with a price. Herbalizer tends to be on the high-end spectrum of desktop vaporizers, retailing from $600 to $730. Expensive it may be, it proves to be worth every penny for all the features the product has to offer and can serve as an investment in the long run.