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How to Use Homegrown Diaries – The Amazing New Online Platform to Help your Grow Turn Pro

Homegrown Diary

Homegrown Diaries is a great new online platform for Homegrown customers to track and input the different stages of their grow cycle. Homegrown Diaries is a unique platform that gives cannabis cultivators the opportunity to document their whole grow cycle, from germination to the drying and curing stages.

Furthermore, our online platform factors elements such as the particular strain, grow space type and size, grow medium, lighting, start date, and more to give you and other users an accurate profile of your grow. This is useful for a number of reasons, chief among which are that it offers you the chance to analyze your own work, considering what you did wrong or right to end up with your final product.

Considering this, Homegrown Diaries also acts as a useful tool for other growers to study and learn from what you did, gleaming extremely useful advice from the success you achieved with your grow!

Kyle Kushman Explains his Homegrown Diary

Before launching Homegrown Diaries, it was only right that we got the Kyle Kushman seal of approval. If the platform is good enough for Kyle Kushman then it’s good enough for us. Here Kyle Kushman talks you through the different features and functions of the platform.

How to Create your own Homegrown Diary!

Starting out with a Homegrown Diary is extremely quick and simple. We have streamlined the sign-up and creation process as much as possible to present you with a beginner-friendly platform suitable for all levels of grower.

Creating your own Homegrown Diary is simple, however, here we will save you some extra work by offering you a brief tutorial on how you can start your own Diary as well as what you should do to ensure it is up-to-date.

  1. Head to the Homegrown Diaries Homepage

    Enter the URL homegrowndiary.com on any web browser and you will see the homepage, as pictured below. In the top right hand corner, you will have the option to login or sign up. For new users, the first thing you must do is sign up!
    Homegrown Diaries Step 1

  2. Sign Up

    Click the sign-up button in the top-right corner of the homepage to either sign up with your email address or alternatively sign up with your Google account. Create your preferred password if you’re signing up by email. Remember to check your Gmail or email inbox to verify your account.Homegrown Diaries Step 2

  3. Create a Diary

    Once you have successfully signed up and logged in to your Homegrown Diaries account, you can start creating your diary! The first thing you must do is click the diary icon at the top of the page (to the left of the ‘My Account’ section).Homegrown Diaries Step 3

  4. Input your Diary Name, Strain and Planting Date

    The first three pieces of information you must input into your Homegrown Diary are the Diary Name; choose anything between 8-20 syllables, Strain; choose from any of the 450+ cultivars available from Homegrown and the Planting Date.Homegrown Diaries Step 4

  5. Select your Room Type and Grow Medium

    Now you must select whether you’re growing indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. If you’re growing indoors, you have the option to choose the type of grow tent you’re using. Next, you have to input whether you’re growing in soil, hydroponics or another type of soilless medium. Homegrown Diaries Step 5

  6. Select your Lights

    Finally, you are required to input the different lighting you will use for the vegetative stage and flowering stage. If you plan on using the same lights for each stage or you plan on switching it up, you can input that here.Homegrown Diaries Step 6

  7. Update your Diary Weekly

    Every week, you can return to your diary and input the progress of your grow, first choose the particular stage your plant is in then you can input the height of your plant, the temperature of your space during the day and night as well as the general smell of your plants. You can also upload images of your plants, this is a great feature to give others an idea of what plants should look like at certain stages and also for you to look back and see how much your plants have progressed.Homegrown Diaries Step 7

Homegrown Diaries is Easy to Use

As well as being a free platform for customers of Homegrown Cannabis Co., the platform is extremely easy to use. If this is your first grow, you can simply use the basic functions of Homegrown Diaries to input your data and track your grow. By doing this, you are leaving yourself with a great amount of information to help you improve on your second and subsequent grows!

Homegrown Diaries Advanced Features

When it comes to updating your diary, you can add some advanced conditions if you so choose. These include specific light schedules, pH levels, substrate temperature, solution temperature, air humidity and more.

Homegrown Diaries Advanced Conditions

The features shown above are purely optional and are not requirements. If you’re a first time user, or short on time then maybe you won’t want to input all of these exact figures and measurements. However, overall they are here to help you and others keep track of all the different elements of growing cannabis in more detail.

You can also add further non-required elements such as training techniques to detail all the ways in which you have improved your grow overall. The training techniques include Low-Stress Training, High-Stress Training, Sea of Green, Screen of Green, Topping and more!

Homegrown Diaries Training Techniques

Again, these features are purely optional. Training techniques vary in terms of difficult, there are some we would recommend to first-time growers whereas others require a little more knowledge and experience to execute correctly.

Homegrown Diaries allows growers to input information on multiple grows, meaning if you have more than one plant or strain then you can create separate diaries for each and track the progress of all the different strains you are growing.

Get Ready for Homegrown Diaries!

Homegrown Diaries officially launches on Friday March 5th – from this point on you can start creating your diaries and using the platform to your heart’s content! The platform is completely free, however, be aware that the only strains in our database on the seeds produced by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

We thank all of our Homegrown customers for their continued support and it is our pleasure to offer you this amazing online platform free of charge!

Start tracking your grow now!

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