How To Corner A Bowl & Why

How To Corner A Bowl & Why
January 10, 2020

Sharing the fun with friends makes an experience all that much more pleasurable. And, one way to ensure maximum satisfaction during a group session is to corner a bowl. Such practice of lighting only a small portion has been around for ages. Cornering, deemed a proper etiquette in smoking cannabis, has its benefits.

  • Fresh Green Herbs. Because only a portion is lit, everyone gets a fair shot at satisfying the taste buds with the most yearned for flavors. One could think of it as being considerate to others. Instead of burnt herb, the last person would be smoking fresh weed as if going first.
  • Fun Sharing. Once the entire bowl is lit, passing it around before it completely goes to waste is stressful. Cornering prevents this situation and lets each person savor the experience as the next one takes a hit.
  • Conserve Herbs. Lighting up a segment on the ‘corner’ results in fewer herbs combusted. Some strains are not only difficult to get ahold of but also costly. As such, observing this etiquette is not only to maximize the experience but also the flowers.
  • Cherry Effect. After the first person takes a hit, the ember at the bottom of the bowl could remain lit. Instead of lighting it up again, the next person could ignite a small portion by taking a drag.

How To Corner A Bowl

Corner Bowl

The bowl comes as a component of water pipes or bongs. It is where users can place herbs. Before starting a session, there are things to do.

The standard practice after a smoking session is to clean the bowl as well as the other component using warm water and alcohol. Before putting it to good use the next time around, inspect and make sure that everything is clean visually.

To lit up the herb, most people use a butane lighter. Although it works, a better option is to use hemp wick. These are organic fibers that are environment-friendly and does not alter the flavor of the cannabis. Furthermore, it makes cornering convenient.

When it comes to grinding the bud, most people still opt to crush it using gingers. A better option is to use a hand grinder. It results in evenly-sized herbs that when lit, will burn smoothly.

Once a session starts, cornering is not difficult to master.

  • Lighter. Using one hand, tilt the bowl. And, on the other hand, spark the lighter and bring the flame close to the edge of the bowl. Inhale through the mouthpiece, and the suction pulls the fire to the herb.
  • Hemp Wick. Compared to a pocket lighter, the hemp cord is more convenient to use. The procedure for drawing in the smoke is the same, but its lower temperature does not alter the flavor profile. Not to mention, it also does not add any chemical residue such as butane that is potentially hazardous to health.

Some Things To Remember

Regardless if it is a lighter or hemp wick, holding the flame above and close to the edge of the bowl before drawing in the smoke. Once lit (or ‘cherried’ as many people refer to it), pass the pipe to the next person.

Do not exhale through the mouthpiece. Doing so would literally blow the pieces of weed out of the bowl and all over the place.

Cornering A Bowl Is Sharing

Knowing how to corner a bowl is an act of promoting a harmonious experience. It is a smoking etiquette that has practical values instead of merely stylish. Among a group of people, it ensures that each person from the first to the last person smokes fresh weed.

It may take a little bit of getting used to, but the fact is that most people would have no trouble mastering it even on the first try.

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