Different Kinds Of Sploof And How To Make One

Different Kinds Of Sploof And How To Make One
March 16, 2020

When it comes to smoking, some like to keep their leisure time in private. However, being discreet in such activity seems like a laborious task. It is true especially that burning weeds has a distinct smell anyone can recognize easily.

On a lighter note, enthusiasts have yet again invented an alternative called “sploof”, which can help in hiding the scent of the smoke.

But what is it and how does it function?

The Smoke Filter

A sploof is a device known to reduce and neutralize the scent of weed’s smoke. Its name is a combination of spliff and spoof. For some, it is known as marijuana muffler. It is because it has the same function and purpose as the car’s muffler. If a car’s muffler is utilized to reduce the noise of an engine, then the other is used to lessen the distinct smell of joints and blunts.

Woman Smoking A Lot

It works simple and easy. Rather than exhaling the smoke directly into the air, the person will exhale it through the purifying device. A ‘filter’ inside or at the end of the tube will then sift the odor, making it odorless when it comes out into the air.

Sounds plain, right? It is. However, making it as well as choosing what filter to use is not. In fact, it is quite difficult and time-consuming, especially in choosing what kind of sifter to use.

The Most Efficient Filtering Agent To Use

Remember that not all substances can purify the odor thoroughly. And since the device is designed to neutralize the scent that cannabis emits, choosing the right kind of agent is important. As a matter of fact, it has a significant effect on the process of neutralization, which means a large part of the tool’s efficiency depends on it.

As of today, there are several kinds of filtering materials weedists are using. Here are the top three agents:

  • Dryer Sheet. Dryer sheets are the most preferable material among the three. It is a fabric softener sheet traditionally used to reduce and to stop the static electricity in fabric from building up. However, for weedists, it is not only a laundry material, but an excellent element to include in their arsenal. It is because, believe it or not, it has an exceptional ability to purify the exhaust’s scent. Hence, anyone can draw in and out blunts without being noticed. The only downside of it is that it does not last long compare to activated carbon.
  • Activated Carbon. Heated pieces of charcoal or activated carbon has, surprisingly, the capability to reduce and absorb toxic substances. Its efficiency in neutralizing the scent is what users loves as well. Aside from it, it lasts longer compared to other agents.
  • Laundry Soap & Gel. Sounds weird, isn’t it? It may be, but there are consumers who prefer this type of sifter. They may not be popular, yet both does an excellent job. One good thing about it is that every household has it. Hence, it is cost-saving.

Different Kinds Of Sploofs

After years of tweaks and engineering, there are now different versions of smoke muffler. Some are commercially-made for affordable prices, while others are homemade and easy to make. To know more about it, here are some the bests smokers love to use.

The Classic

DIY Sploof

The classic is known to be the easiest filter to make. It is an empty toilet paper roll with dryer sheets at the one end of the tube and is held together by a rubber band. And among the three, it is commonly recommended for those who are in a tight budget.

But despite the convenience, this tool is not as efficient as the others according to some weedists. Luckily, there is a way to enhance it. Here’s how: when using it, always make sure to fill it with baking soda or an activated carbon. They are like additives to help the process become more efficient.

The PVC-Made

PVC Sploof

Another cannabis muffler, but this time, it is made of PVC. This device is reusable, excellent in its job, and long-lasting compared to the classic. It would not easily break apart and is also easy to clean and refill as well.

To create one, get two pieces of threaded pipes, a pipe connector with a cap, two filters, and activated carbon. Assemble and connect them all, then place the activated carbon in between the screen.

The Laundry Detergent

Soap Detergent

Laundry soap as another variation of purifier sounds bizarre, right? Yet it is guaranteed to be a good one. The bottle acts as the muffler, while the detergent acts as the neutralizer to reduce the exhaust’s smell. Its materials are easy to find and are always available too. Thus, no need to worry especially to those who cannot afford to buy their own.

To make one, a bottle of laundry soap and two straws are needed. Make sure that the container has a liquid soap inside and not empty! After gathering the materials, start making two holes on the bottle’s cap. The first hole is where the straw (to exhale) will be placed, while the second will serve as the exit.


Evil Buddy Sploof design

Smokebuddy is one of the commercially-made weed mufflers available today. It is also the most popular and has been making the lives of weedists easier since 2008.

This tool comes in three sizes. It is made in plastic and uses activated carbon as its purifier. And for weedists who travel a lot, this one is a perfect match. Why? Because it has covers on both ends which means it is okay to smoke anywhere without being recognized, hence it is travel-friendly.

Moreover, the activated charcoal it contains will only last for like three hundred times of using it. After that, dispose it immediately. It is available on Amazon for $8-30 (depends on the size).


Multicolored Sploof design

The Snubbz or “smoke silencer” is another commercially-made sploof. This type of marijuana neutralizer is unique and has better benefits to offer. Here’s why:

  • It has a cap which they call the Cherry Topper to prevent the exhaust from escaping.
  • The Cherry Toper has a heat-resistant silicon pad. And this silicon pad can stand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also works simply. As the user exhale through the cap, the smoke will then be filtrated inside and will exit through the little airway-holes at the bottom of the pouch. Its filtering substance is activated carbon as well, but the charcoal is from coconut shells which is why it is better than the ordinary ones. The only downside is that it can only be used up to 150 to 200 times.

It is available on Amazon for only $12.95.


Simple black design Sploof

It is, perhaps, the most intricate and modern-looking purifying device today. Aside from its aesthetically-pleasing design, its functions, as well as its benefits, are better compared to other weed mufflers.

Not like the first two, it uses both an activated charcoal and HEPA filter with 99.7 percent efficiency rate. And surprisingly, it contains two layers of activated carbon with a replaceable cartridge for HEPA filter. But how does the replaceable cartridge make this tool better? The answer is it does not need to be disposed of.

Rather than purchasing a new unit, why not just replace the filter? It is wiser and cost-effective than getting a new one anyway. Also, it includes a shatter-proof sleeve for adjustable airflow and better protection for the muffler.

Sploofy is available on Amazon for $19.99 only, while the cartridge is only $9.

How To Make A Homemade Smoke Filter

Odor neutralizers can be made at the home too. It is simple and a no-brainer as well, so even someone who is new to marijuana smoking can do it without supervision.

How To

Below is an easy guide on how to make one:

Materials Needed:

  • An empty tube from a toilet paper roll
  • Dryer Sheets or toilet paper soaked in soap or deodorant.
  • Two to three pieces of rubber band


  1. Complete all the materials needed first. After gathering them, stuck up a few dryer sheets into the one end of the empty toilet paper roll.
  2. Next, get another dryer sheet and wrap it around on the same end of the toilet paper tube where the bunch of dryer sheets is stuck. And then secure it using a rubber band.
  3. If there are no dryer sheets available, sheets of toilet paper rubbed with deodorant or soap will do too. Body spray, liquid detergent, or anything that has a strong will work on a toilet paper. But make sure not to rub too much of it, or it will break apart. Still, dryer sheets work better than the alternatives mentioned above.
  4. That’s it. Using now is good. Enjoy the slow and smooth burn of cannabis smoke without worrying that someone might discover your leisure time.

For better and effective results, here are a few rules to follow:

  1. Use a scent neutralizer and not just something to cover up the odor.
  2. Let fresh air to go in while stale air to go out. In short, smoke in a room with a small or huge window.
  3. Do not smoke near the room’s door. It is to ensure that no one outside can recognize the activity being held inside the room.

Keep Leisure Time Private

When it comes to smoking weed, being discreet sounds like a challenging task. Perhaps for some, it is impossible. Luckily, enthusiasts never stop on discovering and inventing ways to provide solutions to such problems. Hence, sploofs were created. Now, smokers need not worry whether about other people will recognize the odor. All they have to do is enjoy the smooth, warm, and slow burn of their favorite herb.