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Sploof: The Master Weed Invention

Different Kinds Of Sploof And How To Make One

Are you craving a monstrous bong rip right now, but you live in a neighborhood of sniffer dogs? It’s hard to enjoy your weed in peace if your neighbor Ned’s nose is all up in your blunt. What you need is a sploof. 

Keep reading as we unpack how to make a sploof, the breakdown on using one, plus the efficiency of these devices. You’ll also find our honest comparison of commercialized vs. homemade sploofs. 

Toilet rolls
Toilet rolls

What is a sploof?

You’ve probably heard hundreds of tips for stopping the smell of combusting weed from digging into the nostrils of unwilling passersby. Your weed-loving friends may throw the term around, but what is a sploof exactly?

A sploof limits the scent of cannabis smoke. It’s typically a cylindrical object attached to layers of perforated materials. People use things lying around their homes, like napkins or dryer sheets, as make-shift filters to trap odors. 

Sploofs are also called mufflers, named after the muffler in a motor vehicle. Why is it called a muffler? It functions similarly.

Car mufflers push sound waves through a series of perforated tubes, reflecting the sound and canceling it out. Thanks to the tubes behaving like filters, they stop the roar of the engine from puncturing your eardrums. The weed filter in a sploof works the same. 

This “marijuana muffler” prohibits the strong smell of cannabis from escaping and invading your neighbor’s barbeque. 

Store-bought devices like Smoke Buddy are usually well-made and effective, thanks to the professional filtration system. The downside is they can be pricey in the long run, costing around $50, plus you’ll need to replace the weed filter every six months or so. 

The upside is you can learn how to make a sploof with minimal effort and cost. Depending on your chosen method, you’ll probably have most of the tools needed lying in the shed—or even on your bedroom floor. 

Sploof meaning

The etymology of sploof comes from combining ‘spliff’ and ‘spoof.’ Spliff is stoner lingo for a cannabis cigarette.

Spoof is a common slang term referring to a cardboard tube (usually the toilet-roll tube) stuffed with napkins on one end. The spoof is an odor-filtration device you’d make in seconds at the dorm before a quick smoke sesh with friends. 

From its origins, we can deduce that a weed sploof is a device that gets rid of the odor from smoking marijuana. It has two main parts: 

  • A cylindrical tube with holes on both ends.
  • A filtering material secured on one end of the tube.

What is the purpose of a sploof?

A sploof serves one crucial purpose, which is to stop the weed smell from spreading. It traps the odor and filters the smoke. The air that leaves the filter is fresher, with little-to-no remains of pot aroma. 

One of the greatest joys of smoking is seeing the clouds; it’s incredibly satisfying. 

There are circumstances where smoke clouds make you nervous, like smoking at your parent’s house or when the neighbors give you the stink eye. In these situations, sploofs help reduce the big smoke clouds and keep your puffing session private. 

Do sploofs work?

Yes, sometimes. The efficiency depends on the type of filter used and the permeability of your vessel. How effective is it? Online versions like the Smoke Buddy sploof can reduce up to 99% of weed odor

When you learn how to make a sploof, you’ll find that even though the basic toilet paper roll method is easy to make, it’s effective. It traps most of the smoke and reduces odor significantly. 

The downside of a homemade sploof is it’s not as efficient as store-bought versions, and the materials degrade faster. After a session or two, you’ll have to remake it, especially when using fragile materials like tissue paper or toilet rolls. 

The effectiveness of a sploof DIY job depends on the materials you choose. 

Sturdy holders, like a plastic bottle, last significantly longer and are more successful at trapping the smoke. The most efficient homemade filters use activated carbon for a filtration level almost as good as commercial versions. 

The good news is there’s a lot you can do for sploofs to work better and DIY versions to last longer. These uncomplicated tools are one of the greatest stoner innovations of the century; whether homemade or store-bought, they make a difference.

Smoking weed
Smoking weed

Smoke buddy vs. sploof

The Smoke Buddy sploof is the most famous commercial device for filtering weed odor. Since its release in 2008, it’s been in high demand thanks to its excellent quality and efficiency. 

Let’s unpack some pros and cons of this weed sploof:

Sturdy plastic tube On the pricey side at around $16 (size and style dependant) 
Available in three sizes, including a pocket-size Jr. versionDepending on the smoking amount, it lasts between 1–3 months (around 300 puffs). 
Activated carbon filter
Travel friendly
Reduces second-hand smoke

For comparison, we’ll use the example of a classic toilet roll sploof. This OG marijuana muffler is an empty toilet paper roll with dryer sheets or napkins on one end held in place by a rubber band. 

Let’s break down the pros and cons of the classic homemade sploof

Extremely easy to makeNot aesthetically pleasing
Uses common objects lying around the houseLacks efficiency—it works, but some odor still penetrates the filters
Dirt cheap—great for people on a tight budgetNot travel friendly unless you make it in a hotel room
Great way to recycle your toilet paper rolls

Pitting a Smoke Buddy vs. sploof against each other is unfair because they both have their places. If you’re in a pinch, you won’t have time to go online and buy a Smoke Buddy. 

Store-bought may be more effective, but homemade is inexpensive and, often, the DIY element is more rewarding

Weed filter: how to make a sploof step by step

Don’t stress about how to make a sploof. Promise, this isn’t some chemistry experiment. It’s probably one of the easiest things you’ll make. 

When choosing your materials, think about the quality you desire and for how long you plan on using this sploof. For the tube, it’s best to pick a sturdy material like a plastic cup or bottle so you can re-use it. If you’re looking for a short-term quick fix, then the toilet paper roll works just fine. 

The weed filter is the most important part because it determines how much odor is released. Dryer sheets make mediocre filters because you’ll have to replace them quickly, and they aren’t thick enough to trap many particles.

When using the basic toilet paper roll and dryer sheet combo for sploofs, fill it with baking soda. This handy dandy kitchen ingredient doesn’t just mask odors: it absorbs them, neutralizing strong scents. 

If you want to go for gold, use an activated charcoal filter to make a thick odor-busting netting, taking your homemade sploof to pro levels. 

Follow these steps to make the quickest best sploof:

  1. If using a plastic bottle, cut off ⅓ of the bottom, but if you’re using a toilet roll, no modifications are needed. 
  2. Crumble and stuff one side of the tube with around 3–4 dryer sheets. You don’t have to pack it densely—just get it in there. 
  3. Wrap one dryer sheet over the stuffed end and seal it with a rubber band. If using a bottle, seal the bottom of the bottle that you cut off. 
  4. This step is optional. Cut the extra edges off the sheets sticking out the rubber band, so it looks neater. 
  5. Also an optional step, but feel free to doodle whatever you like on the tube if you’re a creative soul. You could also smoke the joint first and then express your creativity once the high hits. 

Wondering how to use your newly made sploof? If you’re using a water bottle, blow smoke through the smaller opening where you’d normally drink and let the filter do its thing. 

When using the toilet paper roll, simply blow smoke through the open end, and it’ll filter out through the sheets.

DIY Sploof

Here’s the step by step method:

1. Light up your blunt, bong, or whatever you’re smoking out of.

2. Take the fattest rip ever (no fear of huge clouds floating around). 

3. Don’t exhale yet. Hold the sploof to your lips and blow into it.

4. Enjoy smoking in your fresh smelling air—you secret stoner!

What do you need to make a sploof

The tools are so minimal that you could make this sploof DIY without leaving your front door. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Scissors, a knife, or strong hands. 
  • Toilet paper roll, plastic bottle, or cup. 
  • Rubber band, string, hair tie, or anything to hold things together. 
  • Dryer sheets (scented are better) or activated charcoal. 

How to make a sploof without dryer sheets

If you don’t do your laundry at home, knowing how to make a sploof without dryer sheets is a life-saver since you probably don’t have laundry supplies. To make one, you’ll need: 

  • Plastic bottle (empty juice bottles do the trick) 
  • Air freshener 
  • Toilet paper or napkins
  • Rubber band
  • Scissors 

Once you’ve assembled everything you need, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Cut out 5–10 medium-sized holes in the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Generously spray three layers of toilet paper with an air freshener.
  3. Wrap the toilet paper around one end, making sure it covers the entire opening. 
  4. Tie the opening shut with rubber bands. 
  5. Stuff a few unsprayed sheets in the roll to protect the perfumery essence from drifting into your mouth.

To use this weed sploof, open the lid and blow the smoke into it. Quickly close the lid to trap the smoke, ensuring the cannabis smell infuses and dilutes with the air freshener scent. 

Sploof: smell you later, nosy neighbor!

A sploof helps you puff discreetly by trapping and filtering the pot smell. It’s a simple yet effective invention that changed the lives of countless smokers. 

You can enjoy your blunt anywhere with this device, and some versions even filter out second-hand smoke, protecting those around you. You can easily make your own homemade sploof and smoke even the dankest strains in peace. 

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About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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