13 Weed Board Games That Make Life Worth Living​

13 Weed Board Games That Make Life Worth Living​
December 16, 2019

Enjoying recreational cannabis is like eating food. The act alone is pleasurable, which is why some like to dine or get high in solitude. Let’s face it, though, who doesn’t want some variation or some company from time to time?

This Christmas season, we encourage you to try something new and creative to make your marijuana-sponsored leisure time even more enjoyable. By trying out some weed-smoking table games, you’ll soon realize that you’ve been missing a lot and that canna-consumption is more than just kicking back or going on a general house cleaning mode. This blog will give you a list of awesome adult-only table games that will have your friends swinging by more often.

Table Games With “High” Stakes

People play table games mainly for the social interaction, a healthy dose of competition, and raw emotions they create. We never admit it, but it’s also an excellent excuse to be a child again. Now imagine what it would be like if the effects of cannabis come into play. There will be plenty of laughing, you and your friends will probably be rolling like a ball. And since we are in the era of social media, pictures of this moment, which you would later call “a lapse of better judgment,” will be everywhere.

Apart from the added fun, with the right strain, you and your friends’ level of creativity will be through the roof. It will help in your pursuit of a more exciting cannabis experience this yuletide season. We tried it and came up with these ultra-entertaining table games. If some awesome ideas turn up, let us know, and maybe we can expand the list.

Before we begin, HMG wants to make sure that the fun doesn’t become disruptive by laying out some simple-to-follow ground rules. These ensure that you and the gang stay on course and enjoy more than just one game.

  • Only use strains with low to moderate potency as participants are likely to take a couple of hits or long drags. Avoid using variants with a THC load of 20% or more. Instead, stick with buds with a psychoactive strength of around 15%.
  • Always use dry herbs over concentrates to make sure no one gets too blitzed too early.
  • No hits before or in between games. Practice self-restraint or you’ll end up passing out only halfway through the game.
  • Choose the right kind of variants. For obvious reasons, do not use strains that are known to couch-lock and sedate. Also avoid high-energy buds as table games do not usually require a lot of moving. The best cannabis varieties are those that offer balanced and moderate mind and body effects.
  • Select suitable games. We provided several options, so participants of different tolerance levels can find fitting games. Beginners must choose the ones with hit intervals of around 10 minutes or more.
  • Some enjoy canna-infused alcoholic beverages or use the two separately at the same time. This is not something we can recommend to first-timers, though, as it may cause adverse effects or, worse, you might pass out and miss all the fun!
  • Guarantee there is enough weed to go around. If you want your friends to contribute to the game stash, then you have to let them know in advance. Also inform them of the bud requirements mentioned above.

Without any further delay, let’s start Christmastide Cannabis Table Games Olympics 2019!

Never Have I Ever

This game is popular for three main reasons – people learn a lot about each other, it is fun and so simple to do. It is best played with at least five (5) high-minded participants. Gather everyone around and ready the cannabis products. The first player will announce something they have never done before. For instance, some may say, “Never have I ever been arrested.” The players have done or experienced that action takes a hit. Move to the next player in the circle (clockwise or counter-clockwise), and the game goes on from there.

Bong Races

For the Bong Race, there should be at least two participants. The bongs, bowls, and the amount of weed they will use must be around the same size for fairness sake. Someone must also act as a referee, so there’s a person who can commence the game and declare the winner. Whoever clears the entire bowl first wins. Because all players get to enjoy weed, there are no losers in this game.

Speed Rolling

As what its name indicates, this game is all about who gets to roll a joint, spliff, or blunt the fastest. There should be at least a few players, each one with the same rolling paper, and filter material, and an equal amount of ground cannabis bud. The referee with a stopwatch times the game and declares who finished first. As soon as he or she says, “Go,” the stopwatch starts running, and the participants start rolling like athletes on steroids.


This is preferably done while players are seated on a round table for visual accessibility. Everyone must look down at their feet or maybe just their lap. Then, on the count of three, everybody looks up and stares at someone, anyone! If that someone is not looking back at you, then you’re safe. On the other hand, if the other person is also looking at you, shout “Medusa!”, then light up your canna-product and have one drag.

Crazy Canna-Jenga

Jengga Game

The preparation for crazy canna-Jenga takes a while at first. As what probably everyone already knows, it consists of many identical, rectangular wooden blocks that are to be arranged to form a tall tower. Before stacking the blocks, though, you have to write various smoking-related instructions on the blocks itself. Common examples include “take a dab,” “add ice in the bong,” or “skip a turn.” All the marijuana products written must also be available, of course.

Once the tiny hardwood citadel is assembled, the players take turns removing a block at a time, doing the challenge written on it, then placing it on the top after. The person to cause the Jenga tower to collapse has to re-assemble it and pack the glass, joint, and prep the other materials, if there is to be another game.

Bong Pong

Christmas bong pong is almost just like beer pong except the beer. It is a one vs. one or two vs. two match, and the players attempt to bounce a ping pong ball into a red cup of water. If the tiny ball lands in the cup, the lucky player who made the shot gets to hit the bong while the unfortunate opponent has to drink the water. Some still use beer, but this game will become highly intoxicating, so it’s entirely up to you and your gang.


If getting stoned quickly and straightforwardly are something you like, Lungs is for you. It can be played in two ways, while seated around the table. The first requires taking a rip at the same time and holding it in for as long as possible — the last person to exhale wins. Similarly, the second is about who gets to pull a packed bong the longest. Whoever lets his or her breath out first has to pack the bowl for the strong-lunged winner.

Smokin’ Dice Game

So simple yet extremely exciting, a Christmas group sesh is sure to have endless laughs and a lot of buzz with a wacky tobacky dice game. You and your friends do not need to remember a long list of rules. Just purchase a set of Smokin’ Dice Game or any similar product that is exclusively for the high-minded.

A pack contains four dices, which will give different funny combinations of tasks like “You take a puff in slow motion and then do a dance.” To start the smoking fun, pack a big bowl of ground weed, and start rolling. Once the challenge fulfilled, the play continues with the next person to your left. If a player cannot finish the task, that person is out of the game, and so is his chances of getting a hit throughout the remainder of the game. The last remaining player wins.

Mexican Sweat/Chicago

As always, gather your Mary Jane club members around the table. Then, light up your joint and take a hit. After the first player takes a drag, they must hold in the smoke and pass it to the next person. To not get booted out of the game, you cannot exhale or cough until the weed makes its way back to you. The last player left is the winner, as simple as that.

Strip Choker

Poker Game

Designed for daring cannabis lovers, strip choker may sound similar to — you guessed it – strip poker. But, apart from the stripping part, they have nothing alike. No set of cards and chips are involved, just weed and the players. No sharing of joint, so everyone must have their own roll.  Once all soon to be naked participants are seated around the table, they have to take a hit at the same time and hold it in for as long as they can. The first player to let the smoke out, regardless if it’s through coughing or exhaling, takes off a piece of clothing.

Wheel Of Weed Game

If you can make a spinner board or have a Twister board game that is no longer in use, try the Wheel of Weed. All you have to do is label the boards with different tasks, such as smoke, pass the toke, truth, dare, spin again, and other things you and your friends might want to add. It may seem prep-heavy, but, other than the initial toil, the game is straightforward and fun. Plus, the wheel can be used for another Christmas game night.

Simply take turns in spinning, then perform the task specified. You can play until you’ve emptied the weed stash, or there’s just one player left standing. If you don’t want to overindulge, you can also specify the number of rounds to play.


This card game is perfect for blackjack enthusiasts that also live the high life. Greenjack is the same as the ultra-popular casino game, but, instead of chips, the prize is cannabis hit via bong or bowl. Rounds finish quickly, so players won’t be playing cards for too long.

The rules are simple. Two to seven people can play, each starting with two cards. The dealer has one card hidden until the end of the game. Say ‘hit’ to ask for another card or ‘stand’ to stay with your two cards and end your turn. “Bust” is when you have more than 21, in which case the dealer wins. The player closest to 21 in each hand gets a toke or two.

Rolled Solitaire

Frequent and semi-regular users have way more solo toking moments than group sessions. When the solitary feels a bit boring or lonely, you can spice up the experience by playing solitaire. First, prepare the rolled cannabis cigarette. It can be a joint, blunt, or spliff, whatever you prefer. Second, play any type of solitaire to completion. If you win, take a hit. However, if you lose, you have to play another game without taking a single toke. Some do the opposite, simply because losing happens more often than not, allowing them to get some more hits.

Smokin’ Table Games

If cannabis is so awesome, what is the point of playing these games? Well, honestly, you could very well do without doing anything different. In truth, as long as you have your favorite weed product on hand, you’ll be on your way to seventh heaven regardless. The purpose of table games is to make the experience ultra-fun and exciting, which are two elements people gathering during the Christmas season especially want. They turn group sessions into a fantastic bonding moment amongst high-minded friends. Apart from improved social interaction, they also provide a healthy dose of competition and create raw emotions.

Game while getting high

To ensure ultimate fun, choose a table game and cannabis products suitable to you and your friends. That way, nobody passes out halfway through the game or overdo it and feel awful. A shred of common sense, as always, benefits everyone and guarantees a good time.