How To Impress With Cool Smoke Rings And Tricks

How to blow smoke rings and do cool tricks
October 10, 2019

For many users, smoking marijuana is a social activity. After all, a great way to enjoy the intoxicating fumes of cannabis is to share it with friends. Group sessions do not only offer users with a company, it is also an avenue to share new knowledge about weed.

Cloud of Smoke

While with other cannabis enthusiasts, smokers can show off by doing some cool smoke tricks. The breathtaking swirl of thick, white clouds as they float across the room can be as mesmerizing as the weed itself. Pulling off a few of these tricks can easily bump one into a “cool guy” status.

How To Blow Smoke Rings

There are a variety of tricks that smokers can try. Some, however, may be a little bit more complicated than the others. For starters, there are many equally amazing tricks almost anyone can do. With just a little patience and some practice, users can perform these mind-blowing tricks in no time.

How To

Things To Consider

Before learning how to create cool smoke rings, there are some factors users must first consider.

Risks. Smoking carries with it inherent risks. It is not advisable for those with lungs and throat problems to smoke as it may worsen their condition.

Non-smoking friends. Smoking does not only pose harm to smokers themselves, but also to those people around them. When doing or practicing tricks, smokers should respect the space of non-smoking friends by moving away from them and exhaling in their opposite direction.

Smoking method. Not all smoking methods are equal when it comes to doing tricks. The high vapor content of vape pens also makes them suitable for most smoke tricks. Blunts and joints may also be used as they produce thicker smokes due to the paper burning with the content. On the other hand, pipes and bongs provide lighter vapors which users may find harder to manipulate.

A place to practice. When practicing tricks, it is essential to find a good place with little air flow. Wind makes it hard to do tricks because it blows the smoke away from its intended position. For better results, make sure to stay away from fans and open windows.

Practice responsibly. Indeed, practice makes one proficient. However, smokers must keep in mind not to overconsume and to always observe proper pacing. Case in point, when using a very potent strain, even old hand users do not usually go for more than 2 to 3 tokes. Going slow and waiting for the high to hit is also prudent before going for another puff. Smokers who want more tries may opt for low THC variant for the sake of practice.

Basic Tricks

Everyone has to start somewhere. For the uninitiated, these are beginner tricks anyone can pull off with little practice.

1. Ghost Hit

Ghost Smoke Trick

Also known as the ghost inhale or snap inhale, this is one of the easiest tricks in the book. It involves letting the smoke out of the mouth and then quickly sucking it back in.

How to do the Ghost Hit:

  1. Take a long drag of smoke or vapor and keep it in the mouth. Be careful not to drag it all the way to the lungs as that would lessen the effect.
  2. Open the mouth halfway and exhale the smoke slowly for about 1-2 seconds.
  3. While the smoke is still floating in a cloud, quickly suck it back in. The smoker may also move his head towards the smoke to capture the smoke easier.

2. The Dragon

Dragon Smoke Trick

This trick produces one of the most impressive visual effects. As the name suggests, the Dragon allows the smoker to transform into a ferocious mythical beast looking for its next prey.

How to do the Dragon:

  1. Take a big puff of smoke or vapor. Make sure that it does not go all the way through the lungs.
  2. While keeping the lips pressed together, open a small gap on both sides.
  3. Exhale the smoke through the nose and the gaps of the lips. It will give the effect of a dragon blowing smoke in different directions.
  4. For added effect, the smoker may also sway his head while exhaling to produce a tail effect.

3. The Waterfall

Compared to the other tricks, the waterfall is a little bit special since it requires a prop. This trick entails pouring smoke from a bottle as if it is a majestic waterfall. The waterfall is best done with vaporizers as the high vapor content makes the smoke heavier, allowing it to fall down naturally.

How to do the Waterfall:

  1. Fill a small bottle with about 10-15 ml of water. Freeze for nearly an hour.
  2. Take a long drag of smoke or vapor and keep it in the mouth. Blow the smoke slowly into the bottle with frozen water. The smoker may continue taking drags and blowing into the bottle until it is full of smoke.
  3. Pour the contents of the bottle over a table and be mesmerized as the smoke come out like a thick, viscous waterfall.

Note: Doing this trick without the frozen water in the bottle is also possible. The resulting waterfall, however, would not be as thick as in the original method.

4. The Tornado

Tornado Smoke Trick

The tornado is another impressive trick which can either be done as a stand-alone trick or as a follow-up to the waterfall. It involves forcing the smoke upwards to mimic the motion of a tornado. Like the waterfall, the best way to do the trick is with vaporizers.

How to do the Tornado:

  1. Take a long drag of vapor and keep it in the mouth.
  2. If using a bottle, blow the vapor into the container and proceed by doing a waterfall. If not, the smoker must move his face into a flat surface and slowly exhale the smoke from his mouth.
  3. While the vapor lays as a thick layer on the surface, gently place a hand on the surface as if shaking hands with the vapor.
  4. The smoker must then flick his wrist inward while raising his hand as if scooping the air in one fluid motion. A stream of vapor will then follow the hand, creating the tornado effect.

Intermediate Tricks

These are for those who feel they have already mastered the easier tricks and are looking to step their games up. These tricks may appear simple at first, but they require additional patience and even more practice to do correctly.

1. Smoke Rings

Blowing smoke rings is the quintessential, and perhaps most iconic smoke trick. This trick is among the most commonly performed among smokers. Simple at it may seem, blowing “O” actually requires proper technique and adequate practice to get right.

How to do Smoke Rings:

  1. Take a full mouth of smoke. Again, it is essential to keep as much smoke in the mouth as possible.
  2. Form an “O” shape with the lips. Do not pucker them out. Instead, keep them relaxed in a natural, round shape.
  3. Push the smoke out in quick bursts. This is the part that requires practice. There are several ways to do this.

Quick Exhalations. Exhale in short, quick bursts to push the smoke out. The smoker can also mimic small coughs or think of making the “uhh” sound repeatedly.

Tongue Flick. Instead of blowing air, the smoker can also use his tongue to push the smoke out. To do this, curl the tip of the tongue downward and pull it all the way to the back. In gentle bursts, flick the tongue to shoot rings out of the mouth.

Cheerios method. This method requires pucker the lips a little. The smoker then taps his cheeks rapidly, forcing some air out of the mouth. This method is useful in making a lot of rings quickly.

2. Pushing O’s

Pushing Os

Blowing smoke rings is a good foundation when learning smoke tricks as it can be modified to various more advanced methods. One particular example is Pushing O’s, which is basically just pushing the smoke ring in multiple directions.

How to do Pushing O’s:

  1. Drag a large amount of smoke or vapor.
  2. Form an “O” shape with the lips. Do not pucker them out. Instead, keep them relaxed in a natural, round shape.
  3. Place an open palm near your face, and then blow a quick O. The ring should shoot out fast for the smoker to be able to do this trick properly.
  4. Using the open palm, gently give the ring a push, allowing about two inches of space between the hand and the smoke ring.
  5. To move the ring in a different direction, move your hand to the opposite side. For example, when bending an O to the right, push the ring a little bit on its left side. It is vital to maintain the hand parallel to the smoke as it moves as not to disrupt the ring.

3. Double And Triple O’s

Another variation of the smoke ring trick is doing multiple O’s in a single blow. This trick is also known as spam O’s, as it can be used to fill a space with tons of little smoke rings.

How to do Double and Triple O’s:

  1. Take a long drag of smoke or vapor and keep it in the mouth.
  2. Place two fingers at the center of the lips. The tip of the fingers should rest just above the upper lip.
  3. The smoker must then open his mouth in the same manner when blowing single rings, but just a little bit wider to the sides.
  4. Cough a little bit, allowing smoke to rush out from both sides of the mouth. If done correctly, this should produce to O’s simultaneously. To make more rings, continue coughing until all the smoke or vapor in the mouth has been exhausted.
  5. To transition to triple O’s, slightly separate the two fingers on the lips. It will create three openings. Exhale slightly to create three O’s at the same time.

4. French Inhale

French Inhale Smoke Trick

This trick involves letting out smoke from the mouth and inhaling it back through the nose. It is also known as the Irish waterfall, presumably due to its flowing effect similar to that of upstream water.

How to do the French Inhale:

  1. Take a medium drag and hold it in the mouth.
  2. Open the mouth and let the smoke escape naturally. Do not exhale or blow.
  3. Guide the smoke upward by curling the lower lip upward and protruding the lower jaw. It should look like showing off a prominent underbite.
  4. As the smoke rises upwards, inhale it through the nose to complete the effect.

Advanced Tricks

These tricks are for those who are absolutely dedicated to the art of tricking. The techniques require a lot of time, patience, and dedication to master. But, the payoff is gratifying. In addition, they also need thicker clouds of smoke, making it more advisable to use a vape.

1. Triangles

Triangle Smoke Trick

Triangles are harder to make than smoke rings, simply because no one can shape their mouth into a triangle naturally. Making smoke triangles involves blowing an O and manually forming the ring as it floats. Having said that, a smoker must be able to blow and push thick O’s before trying this trick.

How to make Triangles:

  1. Blow a strong, thick O shooting relatively fast.
  2. Push the ring gently to a comfortable distance and position.
  3. Swipe down twice beside the ring as if tapping a drum. The force should be enough to “flatten” the walls of the ring but not too powerful to break it entirely. If done correctly, the ring should transform into a triangle for a short time before turning into an O again.

2. Love Hearts

Heart Smoke Trick

Like the triangle, there is no way to blow a heart. Instead, it needs to be shaped from an existing smoke ring. The effect may appear simple, but it takes a lot of practice to pull off.

How to do the Love Hearts:

  1. Start by blowing a strong, thick O with even walls.
  2. Push the ring gently to a comfortable distance and position.
  3. Flick just above the ring. It should make the top part of the ring sink, forming a heart shape. This may require several attempts to execute flawlessly, so feel free to experiment.

3. Jellyfish

Jellyfish Smoke Trick

Perhaps one of the most visually impressive tricks, the jellyfish involves blowing additional vapor at the center of an existing smoke ring. The effect resembles a magnificent sea creature floating peacefully across the room.

How to do the Jellyfish:

  1. Blow a big, solid smoke ring.
  2. Take a long drag of smoke and hold it in.
  3. Aim at the center of the O, then carefully blow the additional smoke.
  4. Back away slowly to not to disturb the smoke. The additional smoke at the center of the ring will then be sucked by the ring’s rotation, forming the jellyfish.

Smoke Rings Are A Great Way To Impress

There is no denying that smoke tricks, especially those performed flawlessly, are sights to marvel. Whether at a party or just hanging out with friends, these tricks are a surefire way to capture the attention of the crowd. What is even better is that anyone can perform these tricks. It just takes patience, time, and a lot of practice.

Smoke Rings

One thing to keep in mind: smoking has associated risks, not just for the smoker but also for the people around. When performing tricks, be mindful of others and respect their personal spaces.