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Cultivars with Character: Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman and Homegrown Present CWC
Author avatar By Kyle Kushman
November 23, 2020

The Collaboration Between Kyle Kushman and Homegrown.

When assembling a squad of legends, a team of 24-Carat OGs, it’s important to have a figurehead, a chief, a Captain America. This is how we see Kyle Kushman. A guy who’s been teaching for over thirty years, winning everything there is to win and maintaining a consistently high level of achievement throughout his entire career. A guy born to lead.

When searching for a master breeder and indoor growing expert, Kyle’s was every name on our list, and we are delighted, honored, and extremely happy to have him spearhead our team. Kyle and Homegrown is one of the most exciting partnerships since Bruce Banner x White Russian.

So, You Just Want The Facts? No Problem!

Fact: Kyle was born Adam Orenstein, taking the name Kyle Kushman when he first got involved with High Times ‘they were calling me The Kushman at the time because I was peddling Purple Kush, and I thought Kushman kinda sounded like a Jewish Orthopedic, and Kyle Kushman just rolled off the tongue.’ 

Fact: Kyle was the first to develop a wholly vegan range of nutrients: Vegamatrix, completely free from the destructive heavy metals found even in organic nutes.

Fact: Kyle’s collaborations have earned him 13 Cannabis Cups, 3 for Best Flower.

Fact: Kushman’s supercropping techniques changed the way people tend to their plants and maximize yields, single-handedly boosting global levels of flower production!

Fact: Kyle Kushman shows remarkable levels of innovation, both in and out of the grow room, and is the perfect fit for the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

The Journey Begins…

Kyle’s journey with cannabis began the exact same way as thousands of others: with Monty Python, Doritos, and Slim Jims. He grew his first plants in a closet with some very rudimentary equipment, but the buds he grew, as he tells it ‘were the size of soda cans…and I said to myself: your life is never going to be the same…’ He started selling to the staff at High Times Magazine and they were so impressed they made him their cultivation expert. He ended up writing for High Times, in one capacity or another, for over 20 years.

In 2004, Kyle left New York and headed to California, to enjoy being able to cultivate freely, without the fear of persecution and prosecution still prevalent in states with prohibition. We are glad he did! 

Thirteen Cannabis Cups later, Kyle continues to push cannabis cultivation into exciting new areas, by guiding novice growers with his Beginner’s Guide, and teaching growing techniques like Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) – but nothing has made us more excited than the launch of his Homegrown cultivars.

Kyle’s Sweet Island Feminized

Described by Kyle as ‘amazing from start to finish’, Sweet Island Feminized is an amazing cultivar in terms of its aroma, flavor and effect. As the name may suggest, consumers can expect bursts of tangy grapefruit, juicy pineapple and a tropical, sweet smell that delights the senses. Sweet Island is almost as much fun as Kyle himself, and has serious potential when it comes to relieving tension, stress and lighting up smiles all over the world.

Kyle’s Cherry AK Feminized

With a plethora of delicious flavors, Cherry AK Feminized is enough to entice any and all consumers. Cherry AK fills the grow room with the scent of sweet, caramelized cherries, taking on lemon, blueberry and sharp spice in the bowl.

And the high? Wow! What can we say? Cherry AK sparks creativity like no other, a pinball machine of transitory nodes of thought, perfect for those writers and artists out there. Clear your calendar, prepare some snacks and prepare to get in the zone.

Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized

Capping off Kyle’s Cultivars with Character is Skywalker OG Feminized, a heavy indica with pungent, chemmy aromas. These tantalizing smells transmute in the bowl, developing thick notes of honeyed spice and spun sugar.

The long-lasting high invariably ends in couch-lock (it starts there, sometimes) but always with an invigorating euphoria that keeps you smiling far beyond the cut off point of sleep.