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Is Weed Legal In Connecticut? Connecticut Marijuana Laws [2023]

Is Weed Legal in CONNECTICUT

Is weed legal in Connecticut? The State of Steady Habits is steadily changing its outlook on the plant. Governor Ned Lamont fulfilled his promise to the public in 2021, making his state the 19th to legalize marijuana.

We’re happy to say 2022 has been a year of changes for Connecticut marijuana. Legislators are working to make weed accessible by introducing regulations and licensing dispensaries. Several shops are opening in early 2023, marking a new chapter for toker residents.

Things are looking up for Connecticuters, but there’s plenty of text to comb through to keep your activities above board. Our detailed overview of the Constitution State’s pot laws is here to assist. Join us to discuss medical and personal use, purchases, consumption, and cultivation.

Long story short: Is weed legal in Connecticut?

Marijuana is legal in Connecticut. You can buy, carry, and consume limited quantities of weed for medical and recreational use. Cannabis patients may already grow plants at home; personal use tokers will be able to do the same after June 2023.

This change is relatively young. It happened with Senate Bill 1201 in 2021, opening the doors for several new regulations.

Need a quick reference? The table below outlines the Connecticut marijuana laws after 2021.

GrowingLegal starting July 1st, 2023Adults 21 years or older; six plants per person or 12 per household
BuyingLegalAdults 21 years or older; quarter ounce per purchase
PossessingLegalAdults 21 years or older; up to 1.5 ounce
ConsumptionLegalAdults 21 years or older

Connecticut marijuana laws in detail

Growing, carrying, and smoking weed were criminal offenses in Connecticut before the early 2010s. The previous decade saw several steps toward a greener future.

Senate Bill 1014 came into effect in 2011, decriminalizing the possession of up to half an ounce of cannabis. The decision was popular among the public.

House Bill 5389 legalized medical marijuana in 2012. Three bills for recreational weed failed during the next nine years. Democratic Governor Lamont renewed the effort in 2021, this time successfully.

The modern Connecticut marijuana laws are still in the development stage. They’re relatively permissive and promising greater civil liberties, though. Let’s explore.

According to Connecticut medical marijuana laws, residents treated by licensed state physicians may acquire weed as treatment.

The qualifying conditions are comprehensive for adults and conservative for minors. Patients under 18 need a weed recommendation from two independent physicians before getting a card. Inmates in correctional facilities can’t acquire medical weed.

Patients can get five ounces of marijuana per month or more if their doctor approves. A Board of Physicians determines the qualifying conditions, and the public can request additional ailments to get added.

To become a cardholder, you:

  • Visit a licensed physician to get a certificate of a qualifying condition.
  • Fill out the information form and upload the requested documents.
  • Pay the $100 application fee. Caregivers pay $25 to register.

Government and private insurance don’t cover Connecticut legal weed for patients. Only residents can shop at medical dispensaries, too: you can’t buy products with a card from another state.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Connecticut. Adults can carry 1.5 ounces of bud, 7.5 grams of concentrate, or 750 milligrams of THC.

You can purchase more legal marijuana in Connecticut but not keep it on your person. Five ounces of buds, 25 grams of concentrate, or 2.5 grams of THC can legally stay in your car’s trunk or glove box. You may also safely keep this amount at home.

You may share or gift your buds but not sell them for money or services. Keeping higher amounts carries monetary fines and potential jail time.

Speaking of punishments, the legalization bill enabled the expungement of small-scale convictions. Folks found guilty of keeping four ounces of weed or growing six plants can have their records cleared in 2023.

Connecticut legal marijuana comes in flower, edible, concentrate, tincture, and topical form. You can get cannabis oil and related paraphernalia and carry them with you.

What about CBD oil with low THC content? Connecticut doesn’t have CBD possession laws. You can buy these products without a prescription if they contain under 0.3% THC. They’re not subject to any restrictions in terms of type or amount.

Weed is legal in Connecticut, and recreational sales will begin in January 2023.

The Department of Customer Protection is actively issuing two types of licenses. One is for retail dispensaries for the general public. The other is hybrid, letting medical shops qualify for selling personal use weed.

Recent updates show nine medical dispensaries will begin selling marijuana to adults on January 10th. They’re well-distributed throughout the state, making weed accessible to most people. Additional shops are still awaiting confirmation.

The new laws will generate considerable revenue. According to legislators, a portion of this money will go to social equity, combating the side effects of the Drug War.

Each sale is limited to a quarter ounce of cannabis or an equivalent in concentrate form. For instance, your purchase might consist of seven pre-rolled 1-gram joints or two 1mL cartridges. If combining products, have the budtender help you determine the appropriate amount.

You might also order weed online, but only from local dispensaries. Moving cannabis across state lines is still federally illegal. You can safely order cannabis seeds to grow at home, though.

According to marijuana laws in Connecticut, dispensaries must test all products in state labs for quality assurance. The cannabis for sale is clearly labeled and free of pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants. You can request proof of testing when you visit a shop.

Can you grow your own according to marijuana laws in Connecticut?

You can grow weed in The Constitution State as a cardholder. Recreational consumers can buy cannabis seeds in Connecticut and cultivate their own after July 1st, 2023. Are there limits to the placement and size of your garden?

You can have three mature and three immature cannabis plants at home. In grower lingo, three crops can be flowering at a time. The other three should stay vegging till you harvest the first batch. If more people use weed in the same household, you can raise 12 plants per home.

You can only grow Connecticut weed legally indoors behind locked doors. The plants must not be visible from public places without optical aids. So, if your grow room has a window overlooking the street, use blinds to keep it out of sight.

Starting July 2023, any amount of homegrown marijuana will be legal in Connecticut. The possession limit of five ounces doesn’t apply to your harvest.

Smoking weed is legal in Connecticut, as long as you’re in private. The law prohibits consumption in workplaces, school grounds, university properties, public places, and in the presence of minors. You also must not smoke in vehicles, whether a driver or passenger.

It’s legal to smoke weed in Connecticut, but several public safety laws apply. You can’t light up within 25 feet of a doorway or in public spaces. Larger cities might designate toking spots, like the Roses Mill Road in Milford.

Landlords may ban smoking and vaping, but they can’t prohibit you from storing cannabis in your home. Luckily, besides vapes, blunts, and bongs, you can consume edibles, use tinctures, and apply topicals.

Recreational weed is legal in Connecticut, and there’s a robust medical program. The new laws will improve the lives of patients, tokers, and entrepreneurs. We hope to see more states follow its lead in the coming years.

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