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Is Weed Legal in Illinois?

July 23, 2021

Is weed legal in Illinois? It depends!

Illinois is known as the prairie state endowed with fertile soil, growing crops such as apples, soybeans, and corn. The State is a combination of the metropolitan Chicago lifestyle and the farming way of life. 

You might wonder if weed is legal in Illinois since it has the ideal environment to grow weed. Let us break it down for you.

Is Weed Legal in Illinois?

Illinois marijuana laws

Weed is legal in Illinois with some limitations. Marijuana’s benefits have been recognized and its use legalized since 2020. You can purchase good cannabis products from reputable companies such as Homegrown Cannabis Co.

  According to the Cannabis Regulation and Tax act:

  • You can smoke weed if you are an adult (over 21 years of age). 
  • There are restrictions on the quantities you can buy and use.
  • Only licensed dispensaries can sell legal weed.
  • You cannot transport legal marijuana in Illinois unless you have a license.

The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act allows the use of Weed by medical marijuana patients. You can grow a limited amount of weed at home if you're registered as a patient in need of such intervention. 

As a medical patient, you can buy Feminized seeds and autoflower seeds online at affordable prices. 

If you want to buy Cannabis seeds, be sure to purchase them from a good company. 


The answer is yes! Buying cannabis is permitted by law in Illinois with certain limitations. Weed is legal and available to residents of the State.

If you’re 21 years and above, you may purchase a total of 500mg of THC infused edible goods, 5 grams of concentrate, and 30 grams of cannabis flower. 

Are you wondering where to buy legal weed in Illinois? Be sure to purchase your cannabis from a licensed dispensary. As a licensed facility, cannabis seeds are great to cultivate. 

Non-residents or visitors 

As a non-resident visiting the State, ensure that you know the law before buying any cannabis.

You can purchase these products but with stricter restrictions than residents face. You can buy 250mg of THC-infused edible goods, 15 grams of cannabis, and 2.5g of concentrated cannabis.

Can I grow my own cannabis in Illinois?

If you think you can grow a small batch of weed in your backyard, think again. You could face jail time or a fine as this is an offense.

According to the amended House Bill 1438, the Adult Use Cultivation Centre License (Illinois General Assembly, 2019), you need to have a license to grow Cannabis. 

The Department of Agriculture will grant you a license upon successful application. There are also guidelines that you need to adhere to in terms of setup requirements.

Buy marijuana seeds online. Companies will provide reviews that will guide you on the products to purchase.

Under this Act, you can also advertise your products on all marketing platforms like television, internet, and radio. As a licensed dispensing organization, you could purchase your products from a marijuana seed bank

Looking for an additional income stream?

This is good news for you if you’re looking for a business opportunity. You can sell marijuana seeds legally and grow them at your facility as per license guidelines. 

It would be a good idea to harvest high CBD weed seeds for clients looking for THC-free products.

Cannabis is legal in Illinois. If you reside in Illinois or are visiting, you can consume cannabis legally. You have to follow the set restrictions according to the law. 

Public use restrictions

You may consume cannabis in your home or at certain approved establishments. You shouldn’t be surprised if you go to a restaurant and the owner prohibits you from smoking your weed. 

Businesses and landlords have the right by law to refuse the use of weed on their properties. Think twice and know the law before taking them on.

Penalties for illegal use

Penalties for using weed in prohibited places may vary by local ordinance. In Chicago, you could pay a proposed $50 fine for your first offense and $100 for subsequent violations (Chicago Tribune, 2020) within the following 30 days.

If caught growing weed seeds at home as a non-licensed entity or non-patient, you could also pay a fine.

Illinois medical marijuana laws

Illinois medical marijuana laws allow patients to use legal weed in Illinois in 2020. The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act (Illinois General Assembly, N.d) was extended until at least July 2020. 

Illinois’ medical program was also expanded, allowing medical patients to cultivate marijuana in their homes. Check out your best options online on all forms of weed seeds

To qualify to use medical marijuana, you must register and possess a valid ID card from the Department of Public Health. You can purchase a sufficient amount of cheap weed seeds to ease your symptoms. 

The standard measurement is 2.5 ounces per fortnight. If you require more than this, a physician needs to give you a  written and signed statement confirming your medical condition’s increased dosage.

Gorilla Glue #4 Seeds are ideal for any climate conditions. They are a great hybrid product that is highly effective for medical use.

Grow weed legally as a medical marijuana patient

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, you may cultivate five plants in your home in an enclosed and secured area. You can find cannabis seeds for sale on reputable websites. 

You can also find High THC seeds online if you want to grow plants that will provide more effective pain relief.

Illinois recreational marijuana laws

Marijuana is legal for recreational use in Illinois, with a cap at 30 grams per person for cannabis flower or the equivalent in other products. 

Smoking pot in public places like parks, schools, and government buildings isn’t permitted. Yes, this includes smoking on your front porch, in full public view. 

Marijuana is legal in Illinois (Illinois General Assembly, N.d), with a few restrictions attached. While you can stay on the right side of the law while partaking in your preferred method, ensure that you know the limitations before you do. 

Other factors to consider 

To avoid paying the penalty or facing jail time, familiarise yourself with the State of Illinois restrictions before you consume cannabis. Some of these restrictions include: 

  • Do not transport the product 
  • Ensure that you can smoke your weed products at the public places that you visit
  • Consume only the stipulated quantities of cannabis products
  • Do not start a weed garden at home unless you are a medical marijuana patient or you have a State cultivation license

Bottom line

The verdict is out. You can consume cannabis products within the law, unlike in other states in the country. Whether you have a medical concern or simply would like to let off some steam with some friends, you can enjoy your weed. Just do it in private. 

The USA is moving towards more liberal weed policies every day, just not yet.

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