Is Weed Legal in Maine?

September 15, 2021
Is Weed Legal in Maine

Maine is located in the northeastern part of the United States and is famous for its many lighthouses on the rocky coastline. Is weed legal in Maine, and can you light up when visiting Portland Head Light or Nubble Light? 

Let’s take a look at the marijuana laws in the Pine Tree State to understand if possessing pot, consuming marijuana, and growing cannabis seeds is allowed within the borders. 

Maine marijuana laws

Is weed legal in Maine? Yes, weed is legal in Maine. 

Let’s dive in deeper. 

Is medical marijuana legal in Maine? Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Maine.

In 1999, 61% of voters passed the Maine Medical Marijuana for Specific Illnesses, which legalized pot for severe medical conditions. 

Then, in 2009, residents passed the Maine Medical Marijuana Act. This law expanded the existing medicinal cannabis program to allow more conditions to qualify. 

Per Maine weed laws, the conditions that accept you into the medical pot program are as follows. 

  • Cancer
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Hepatitis C
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Cachexia 
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Nausea
  • Nail-patella syndrome

With a medical marijuana card, you’re allowed to possess up to two and a half ounces of pot in public from a licensed dispensary. In your private residence, you can have up to 8 pounds of dry herb. 

Is recreational marijuana legal in Maine? Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in Maine. 

In 2016, voters passed An Act to Legalize Marijuana, allowing adults 21 years or older to consume, possess, and cultivate cannabis for recreational purposes. 

Under the Maine weed laws, residents and visitors can possess up to two and a half ounces in public or at home. Having more than the legal amount will result in the following penalties. 

AmountChargeFineTime in Jail
More than 2.5 ounces to 8 ouncesCrime$1,0006 months
More than 8 ounces to 1 poundCrime$2,0001 year
More than 1 pound to 20 poundsCrime$5,0005 years
More than 20 poundsCrime$20,00010 years

Is it legal to buy weed in Maine? Yes, it’s legal to buy weed in Maine. 

Adults 21 years or older can purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary. There are curbside pick-up or delivery services for your pot purchases in bigger cities like Portland, Bangor, and Augusta. 

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online in Maine? Yes, it’s legal to buy marijuana seeds online in Maine. 

Look at Homegrown Cannabis Co. for a wide variety of high-quality cannabis seeds. We recommend buying OG Kush feminized seeds online as growing weed is legal in Maine. These seeds are one of the most popular among pot growers because of their secret lineage and rewarding harvest. 

The plant from these feminized seeds is mostly indica and contains 23% THC and 0.7% CBD levels. When consumed, the dry herb has an earthy pine evergreen taste with hints of lemon, ideal for smokers in the Pine Tree State. 

Can I grow my own cannabis in Maine? 

Is it legal to grow weed in Maine? Yes, it’s legal to grow weed in Maine.

According to Maine weed laws, registered medical marijuana patients can cultivate up to 6 mature cannabis plants, 12 immature crops, and an unlimited amount of seedlings.

Adults growing cannabis for recreational use can cultivate up to 3 mature pot plants, 12 immature marijuana crops, and an unlimited number of seedlings.

If an officer catches you growing more than the legal amount, the penalties are as follows. 

AmountChargeFineTime in Jail
4 to 99 plantsCrime$2,0001 year
100 to 499 plantsCrime$5,0005 years
Aggravated cultivation of 100 to 499 plantsCrime$20,000Mandatory 2 years and up to 10 years
500 or more plantsCrime$20,00010 years
Aggravated cultivation of 500 or more plantsCrime$50,000Mandatory 4 years and up to 30 years

We recommend abiding by Maine weed laws and only growing the legal amount to stay out of trouble. 

Now you know growing weed is legal in Maine, let’s take a look at quality marijuana seeds to cultivate. We suggest growingHaze autoflower seedsin the Pine Tree State. 

These seeds are pleasant to grow with indica nuggets with sticky resin. They’re fast-growing seeds with high yields, ideal when the amount of mature plants allowed is limited. 

The harvest from these high THC seeds contains 22% THC and 0.4% CBD levels. When you consume the cannabis herb, it’ll give you an intense cerebral buzz with euphoric relaxation.

Want to know more about the best cultivars for this state? Check out our article about “best strains to grow in Maine” to learn all about it.

Is marijuana legal in Maine for recreational use? Yes, marijuana is legal in Maine for recreational use and possession, along with medical use. 

Currently, you’re only legally allowed to consume cannabis in a private residence. 

Is it legal to smoke weed in public in Maine? No, it isn’t legal to smoke weed in public in Maine or consume edibles, oils, or use topicals. 

If an officer sees you consuming in public, you’ll receive a civil infraction with a $100 fine. 

Under Maine weed laws, cannabis social clubs will open by 2023, where adults can consume marijuana together. Until then, only use pot on private properties to avoid legal trouble. 

Is weed legal in Maine now? Yes, weed is legal in Maine now. 

You can legally possess, consume, and grow marijuana in the Pine Tree State within limits. We don’t predict any changes in the Maine weed laws, but we can’t say for sure. 

A final look at Maine weed laws

Is weed legal in Maine? Yes, weed is legal in Maine for medicinal and recreational purposes. 

Understanding the states where weed is legal can be a headache, so it’s vital to stay current as legislation changes. 

Recreational use is now legal in more than 15 US states, including Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York, with more likely to change their cannabis rules in the next couple of months. You can stay up to date on the US marijuana laws here at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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