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Is Weed Legal In Maryland? Maryland Marijuana Laws [2023]

Is Weed Legal in MARYLAND

Is weed legal in Maryland? The Free State is finally pursuing its liberal spirit. Following the referendum in November 2022, it officially became the 20th US state to legalize cannabis.

Maryland has some cannabis infrastructure, but it’s undersized and exclusive to medical users. Now the government is expanding its market and making the plant available to all adult citizens. While they prepare, you can do the same by getting informed.

Marijuana is legal in Maryland, but it’s not a free-for-all. You must follow the rules to ensure you remain on the right side of the law, and we’re here to help.

Keep reading for a complete overview of cannabis law in Maryland. We discuss medical and recreational consumption, dispensaries, cultivation limits, and where you can smoke weed.

Long story short: Is weed legal in Maryland?

Recreational marijuana will be legal in Maryland from July 1, 2023.

According to the new law, adults may purchase weed from licensed dispensaries and grow it at home. Patients could already acquire cannabis, but cultivation also is a new right for them.

Are you looking for quick facts? Here’s a brief overview of the proposed MD marijuana laws.

Growing Legal starting July 1, 2023Adults 21 years or older; up to two cannabis plants
BuyingLegal starting July 1, 2023Adults 21 years or older
PossessingLegal starting July 1, 2023Adults 21 years or older; 1.5 ounces of flower or 12 grams of concentrate
ConsumptionLegal starting July 1, 2023Adults 21 years or older and patients

Maryland marijuana laws in detail

The Old Line State legalized medical weed in 2014 by passing House Bill 881. It decriminalized small-scale possession in the same year. Instead of incurring jail time, having up to 10 grams of marijuana would get you fined.

Despite these moves, adult use legalization stalled over the next eight years.

Delegate Luke Clippinger reintroduced the idea of changing Maryland weed laws in early 2022. It eventually passed the House and was sent to a referendum.

Unsurprisingly, voters approved the long-awaited Question 4, making weed legal in MD. The legislators are setting up a framework for safe and equitable access to cannabis.

Let’s see how medical laws might change and what’s in store for recreational Marylandians.

Medical marijuana laws in Maryland

Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland for patients over 18 and minors with caregivers.The law entered into force in 2014 and expanded in 2019, creating a robust system for MJJ users.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) establishes the regulation for medical-use cannabis. It also oversees licensing and runs a patient registry.

Who can qualify for a card under Maryland cannabis laws?

Medical marijuana is available to any resident with a qualifying condition whose doctor recommends it as treatment. Patients under 18 must have at least one adult caregiver at all times.

The definition of “qualifying” is somewhat loose. It includes several predetermined ailments and other severe chronic conditions for which traditional treatments have proven ineffective. Anyone may petition for further health issues to get added to the list.

You must get a card to acquire weed under Maryland marijuana laws. The process happens online:

  • Register with the MMMC as an adult, minor, or hospice patient. The legal guardian must register first if the applicant is underage.
  • Upload copies of an ID card, proof of residency (if there’s no address on the card), and a color photo.
  • Pay the application fee or provide a VA or Medical Assistance Program card to waive it.
  • Obtain a written certification from a registered physician and upload it onto the portal to get your printable card.

Patients can get four ounces of dried flower or an ounce of THC in infused products monthly. The physician can stipulate less or more as needed. Out-of-state medical users can’t purchase from local dispensaries.

Thanks to the November 2022 referendum, recreational marijuana is legal in Maryland. The state’s legislative arm is now preparing to supply it to citizens.

Personal use tokers face more restrictive possession limits than patients. They may get 1.5 ounces of dried buds or 12 grams of concentrated THC. This amount can stay on your person or your house (behind a lock if you live with minors).

Possessing 1.5–2.5 ounces is a civil offense with monetary punishments. Having higher quantities and selling your marijuana leads to pricier fines and jail time.

The marijuana law in Maryland treats processed forms of the plant the same as dried flowers. Patients (and soon, adults from the general public) may buy cannabis oil in dispensaries. Possession limits relate to how much THC it contains.

What about hemp-derived CBD oils? The 2014 Farm Bill legalized hemp products under 0.3% THC across the country. You can buy these products without a physician’s recommendation.

Recreational weed is legal in MD, and you’ll soon be able to buy it in licensed dispensaries. Patients and caregivers can already access 102 cannabis shops.

The existing dispensary network is too limited for recreational cannabis. Marijuana laws in Maryland will likely introduce additional stores to accommodate over 4.5 million potential customers.

Can you order from another state while waiting for the market to develop? No, as weed is still federally illegal. You could purchase cannabis seeds and prepare for cultivation, though: they’re legal while ungerminated.

According to Maryland weed law, dispensaries may offer cannabis flowers, oils, concentrates, ointments, tinctures, suppositories, salves, patches, waxes, and capsules. Edibles are available at some stores.

The MMCC requires dispensaries to test and clearly label their products. Everything you can buy is free of contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, and foreign matter. We expect the same safety standard to apply to retail cannabis.

When will dispensaries open in Maryland for recreational users? As a personal use toker, you can visit shops for your cannabis starting July 1, 2023.

Can you grow your own according to Maryland cannabis laws?

Growing cannabis will be legal in Maryland from July 2023. Medical and recreational users can cultivate up to two weed plants kept out of public view.

Outdoor weed farmers might use tall fences or raise tiny indica strains to abide by this rule. Those who keep plants indoors should use blinds to make their garden invisible from the street.

Maryland laws on weed include possession limits, but that figure doesn’t apply to your harvest. You can keep the whole yield as long as you don’t carry over 1.5 ounces on your person.

Two plants aren’t much, but they can produce 30+ ounces of bud if you get high-yielding cannabis seeds in Maryland. Be smart while choosing your strain to make the most of this permission.

Maryland marijuana law allows smoking weed on private properties and in designated public spots.

The General Assembly decriminalized public smoking in 2016, but doing so is a civil offense punishable by a fine. This rule applies to parks, school grounds, public facilities, streets, roads, squares, and beaches.

Smoking in parked or moving cars is also illegal, even if you’re in the passenger seat. Larger cities might designate smoking spots in public places.

Regarding private property, landlords might prohibit smoking but can’t ban weed possession. You can still consume it through alternative methods, like edibles and tinctures.

Driving motor vehicles and bicycles under the influence is prohibited. The medical marijuana laws in Maryland don’t protect patients if they get injured while performing tasks while high.

Key takeaways about Maryland weed laws

We’re stoked to see weed become legal in Maryland. The medical program is comprehensive and beneficial to patients. The recreational laws are somewhat restrictive, but they’re a step in the right direction for the Free State.

What the General Assembly comes up with remains to be seen, but things look great for tokers. We hope more states decide to listen to the people and follow in Maryland’s footsteps.

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