Is Weed Legal in Mississippi?

Is Weed Legal in Mississipi
September 27, 2021

Mississippi, known for its warm southern comfort charm and food, is located in the southeastern part of the United States. Bluegrass music is popular in the Magnolia State, but is weed legal in Mississippi?

Continue reading to find out if you can consume, possess, and buy “grass” in Mississippi and the laws around growing cannabis seeds

Mississippi marijuana laws

Is weed legal in Mississippi? 

No, under Mississippi marijuana laws, recreational use is strictly illegal. 

Recreational pot has been decriminalized throughout the state when you possess 1 ounce or less. 

That brings us to the next question, is medical weed legal in Mississippi? Medicinal cannabis in the forms of dry herb, edibles, lotions, and some oils are illegal. 

Approved medical users may only use CBD oil with at least 15% CBD and less than 0.5% THC. 

The penalties for possession of marijuana are as follows: 

AmountChargeFineTime in Jail
1 ounce or less (first offense)N/A$250N/A
1 ounce or less (second offense)Misdemeanor$250Mandatory 5 days and up to 60 days
1 ounce of less (third offense)Misdemeanor$1,000Mandatory 5 day and up to 6 months
1 ounce to 8.8 ouncesFelony$1,0001 to 3 years
8.8 ounces to 17.6 ouncesFelony$50,000Mandatory 2 years and up to 8 years
17.6 ounces to 35.2 ouncesFelony$250,000Mandatory 4 year and up to 16 years
35.2 ounces to 176.3 ouncesFelony$500,000Mandatory 6 years and up to 24 years
176.3 ounces or moreFelony$1,000,000Mandatory 10 years and up to 30 years

If an official catches anyone with these amounts of cured weed, the charges apply—even if you’re a medicinal patient.

To receive your medical marijuana card in Mississippi, you must be diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. No other conditions qualify in the Magnolia State. 

There was a push for medical weed to be legal in Mississippi, with Initiative 65 on the 2020 presidential ballot. This law would open cannabis use for 22 medical conditions. 

Right before the election, Mississippi’s Supreme Court invalidated it so that residents couldn’t vote. 

You can buy ungerminated weed seeds as collector’s items because in this state they’re not considered a drug or illegal. 

It has some of the strictest cannabis laws in the country, and we don’t know if or when weed will be legal in Mississippi.

Is weed legal in Mississippi? Not for purchasing. 

Buying marijuana seeds is legal under federal law because they don’t contain any THC or CBD. According to Mississippi weed laws, adults can’t purchase any other form of cannabis legally

Approved medical patients can buy their CBD oil from the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Department of Pharmacy Services.

Look for products made from the flowers of CBD Harlequin seeds as they contain around 18% CBD. When consumed, the effects are calming and relaxed. The products from these high CBD weed seeds help with symptoms of epilepsy. 

Can I grow my own cannabis in Mississippi? 

Per Mississippi weed laws, growing marijuana is illegal. If an official catches you cultivating cannabis, you’ll face charges based on the weight of the plant. The penalties are the same as for possession. 

When growing weed is legal in Mississippi, look to grow CBD Blueberry feminized seeds. The characteristics are perfect for beginner growers

The plants from these feminized seeds are compact with bushy foliage and like a mild climate. They contain 16% CBD and are mostly indica. 

When it comes to consumption, is weed legal in Mississippi?

Recreational possession and consumption are illegal in this state. 

Medical marijuana patients can possess and consume oils in their homes, but consuming in public is illegal. 

When is weed going to be legal in Mississippi

We can’t say for sure, but it looks as if the Magnolia state has a long way to go before legalization. The push for a vote in 2020 was an excellent start to ease medical cannabis restrictions. 

We can’t promise anything, but we hope to see another attempt to change Mississippi weed laws in the next elections. Until then, residents and visitors should respect the rules and wait patiently for updates. 

Knowing the states where marijuana is legal can be difficult, so it’s vital to stay updated as legislation changes. 

Recreational use is now legal in more than 15 states, including Virginia, Illinois, South Dakota, and Michigan, which will likely change their rules in the coming months. You can find all the latest updates here at Homegrown Cannabis Co.