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Is Weed Legal In Missouri? Missouri Marijuana Laws [2023]

Is Weed Legal in MISSOURI

Is weed legal in Missouri? As of November 2022, voters approved a constitutional amendment to legalize weed for adult use. It officially became the 21st state to allow the use of dried and processed marijuana for recreational purposes.

Missouri medical marijuana laws haven’t been affected much because using weed for health purposes was authorized in 2018. What does the new legalization mean regarding both recreational and medicinal marijuana?

Below we explain the nuances in the laws regarding growing, buying, possessing, and consuming weed in the Show-Me State.

Long story short: Is weed legal in Missouri?

As of December 2022, cannabis and related products are legal, based on the new Missouri marijuana laws for medical and recreational users. There are still restrictions, and retail is not yet in effect for casual consumers.

Growing LegalAdults 21 years and above
BuyingLegalAdults 21 years and above
PossessingLegalAdults 21 years and above. Not more than 3 ounces.
ConsumptionLegal Adults 21 years and above

Missouri marijuana laws in detail

Is cannabis legal in Missouri? Yes. Residents over the age of 21 are already showing up at state-licensed dispensaries to buy weed. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get recreational cannabis at these facilities, at least not immediately.

When asked how soon the dispensaries are likely to stock up, Andrew Mullins, the executive director of the Missouri Medical Trade Association (MMTA), put things into perspective.

He said that, fortunately, Missouri cannabis laws already approved a medical marijuana program, which has been operational for about two years. The MMTA has already served over 210,000 patients successfully, safely, and compliantly. 

The recreational aspect will create a significant market shift, marked by high demand. By 7th December, Amendment 3 will go into effect. The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), the governing body of cannabis in Missouri, will begin the regulatory process.

The primary task is to ensure the existing dispensaries move to comprehensive licenses.

According to the new marijuana laws in Missouri, the earliest you’ll likely be able to buy recreational weed from the dispensaries state-wide is February 2023.

The state is also planning to upscale the dispensaries to manage the high demand. They are hoping to add at least 144 licensed outlets. 

Consumption will still be private, and there are public spaces where marijuana will remain prohibited, like universities.

The amendment to legalize weed laws in Missouri also upholds two federal government prohibitions:

  • The drug-free workplace act
  • The drug-free schools and communities act

Since the state hasn’t revealed whether there’ll be designated smoking zones, it would be wise to avoid using weed in public. There’s a possible civil penalty and a $100 fine if you don’t confine toking to private areas.

Medical marijuana laws in Missouri

Now that recreational weed is permitted, citizens are posing another question: is medical marijuana legal in Missouri? Medical cannabis remains legalas has been since 2018.

The new law now extends medical marijuana card validity to three years instead of the initial one-year expiration term. This requirement takes effect as of 8th December 2022. You need to renew the card if you still want to maintain your patient status.

Under the new Missouri marijuana law, you require a patient card to grow weed at home for medicinal purposes. The three-year renewal fee is $22.76 each for caregivers and cardholders. 

The DHSS is anticipating an exponential increase in the number of new patient cultivators. You’ll be required to pay an initial application and renewal process fee of $110.99.

Is recreational weed legal in Missouri? Yes, as of November 2022, weed is legal. It’s imperative to remember that legal sales won’t start until later.

Is marijuana legal in Missouri and the entire US? There are 21 states where weed is legal, but it’s still prohibited at the federal level.

What’s the ripple effect of repealing marijuana laws in Missouri? Weed-related arrests may plummet from the over 20,000 yearly arrests, most of whom are black.

The amendment may also see most criminal records on marijuana charges expunged. Missouri joins in the widely advocated decriminalization of low-profile cannabis-related crimes. 

The federal law has dropped thousands of simple possession cases through President Joe Biden. Several jurisdictions, including St. Louis and Kansas, are no longer putting misdemeanor cases on trial.

The new marijuana legal Missouri directive expects cannabis purchases from non-residents. Of all the eight surrounding states, only Illinois has legalized recreational weed.

Is CBD legal in Missouri? Yes, but remember that CBD exists in various forms. For example, if you source it from industrially manufactured hemp, the THC content should be around 0.3%. You won’t get into trouble with the authorities over that amount. 

Cannabidiol is reportedly beneficial for several medicinal purposes, like inflammation, nausea, seizures, and pain.

Missouri CBD law is lenient enough to let people use cannabidiol in alcoholic beverages, foods, and drinks. These privileges are for those above 21 years of age. 

Remember, CBD has been legal according to the federal government since 2018 and is no longer classified as a controlled substance. The caveat is that legal CBD (and its products) must come from industrial hemp.

Since the state has legalized recreational cannabis, is hemp oil legal in Missouri too? 

Hemp oil is typically only used for medicinal purposes, specifically for patients who qualify for the Missouri Hemp Oil Program through the following conditions:

  • Terminal illness
  • Cancer
  • Intractable epilepsy

These situations still don’t guarantee approval for the program unless a certified neurologist backs it.

Is cannabis oil legal in Missouri? Yes. It’s legal once the new amendment takes effect, as long as you use it with the intention to consume and not distribute. 

Yes, you can possess, use, and buy legal weed in Missouri. As of February 2023, you’ll be able to walk into a licensed dispensary and purchase cannabis.

However, remember the catch:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • You must only possess three ounces of dried weed (or its equivalent) at most.

Can you grow your own according to Missouri cannabis laws? 

In 2018, Missouri legalized growing medicinal marijuana. All you need to do is register as a patient cultivator. Those rules still stand even in the current amendment.

Is recreational weed legal in Missouri? Now that we’ve established marijuana’s legality, it’s only natural that Missourians will want to know if they can grow it. 

If you want to grow weed for recreational use, apply to the DHSS. It’ll approve personal and noncommercial cultivation applications as early as February 2023.

Personal cultivation requirements include:

  • Growing in a locked and enclosed space at home.
  • Growers can only plant six flowering plants.
  • Pay a $150 license fee. The license is renewable after every three years.

You can now buy cannabis seeds in Missouri, whether you’re a patient or a recreational user.

Missourians overwhelmingly voted “yes” on legalizing recreational marijuana. You can now buy and smoke it in the state.

MO marijuana laws haven’t authorized public usage. While most people have consented to adults using weed, they still prefer private use. Remember, minors are in public places, and it won’t be wise to expose them to smoking. 

Key takeaways about Missouri weed laws

Is marijuana legal in Missouri? Medical and recreational weed is now legal in the Show-Me State after Amendment 3.

However, recreational users have to wait until February 2023 to walk into a dispensary and purchase weed in Missouri. There are still gray areas with the new law that lawmakers will clarify as time passes.

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