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Is Weed Legal In New Mexico? New Mexico Marijuana Laws [2023]

Is weed legal in New Mexico

Is weed legal in New Mexico? The Land of Enchantment dazzled us with its open-minded attitude toward the plant. In the summer of 2021, it became the 18th American state to legalize marijuana.

This region made history in the late 1970s when it made cannabis available to cancer patients. NM political leaders continued advocating for weed access over the next three decades. Their efforts finally came to fruition with large-scale legalization.

New Mexico has legal weed, but it’s not a free-for-all. Residents and visitors must follow the rules to stay on the right side of the law. We’re here to help.

Join us to learn about New Mexico’s cannabis laws. We discuss medical and recreational use policies, possession and cultivation limits, and where you can blaze your buds.

Long story short: Is weed legal in New Mexico?

Marijuana is legal in New Mexico. Adults and registered patients may purchase, carry, consume, and grow it.

Are you looking for quick facts? Here’s a brief overview of the New Mexico pot laws.

Growing LegalAdults 21 years or older and patients; six mature plants
BuyingLegalAdults 21 years or older and patients; two ounces of bud, 16 grams of concentrate, or 800mg of THC
PossessingLegalAdults 21 years or older and patients
ConsumptionLegalAdults 21 years or older and patients

New Mexico marijuana laws in detail

Marijuana legalization in New Mexico was a comprehensive process that started in 1978. This region was the first US state to legislate medical weed. This historic stand was partly due to Lynn Pierson, a cancer patient who advocated for cannabis as a relief.

In 2007, the state legislature passed SB 523. It legalized medical weed as a treatment for 28 conditions and established a supply and regulation system.

Albuquerque decriminalized small-scale possession in 2018. The decision went state-wide with the passing of SB 323 in 2019.

The next development in NM marijuana laws came in 2021. Governor Grisham signed the Cannabis Regulation Act and made it legal for adults to purchase, grow, and consume weed.

Another bill emerged in the same year to counter the harm of previously stringent drug policies. It cleared the records of offenders whose activities wouldn’t count as criminal under the new law.

Weed sales began in April 2021. Let’s look at the specific rules brought about by legalization.

Medical marijuana is legal in New Mexico for people who receive a physician’s certification for a qualifying condition. This law enables patients over 18 and minors with adult guardians to purchase and consume cannabis.

The Medical Cannabis Program of the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) issues cards to eligible patients. There are currently 28 qualifying conditions on the list, and doctors may petition for new ailments to get added.

New Mexico medical marijuana laws allow patients and caregivers to purchase eight ounces of cannabis every three months. They may also cultivate up to four mature plants at a time.

Applying for a card is a straightforward process. There are no fees, and all bureaucracy happens online:

  • Complete a registry application.
  • Acquire a written diagnosis from a qualified physician.
  • Provide a valid ID card or driver’s license.
  • Designate a caregiver if necessary.

New Mexico lets out-of-state patients purchase medical weed in its dispensaries. Visitors need only physician authorization and may get cannabis for conditions not listed as qualifying in NM.

Recreational weed is legal in New Mexico for adults 21 and older. They may buy, possess, consume, and give weed to other adults.

Purchases are limited to two ounces of flower, 16 grams of concentrate, or 800 milligrams of THC in edibles. The law doesn’t restrict how much weed you can have at home if it’s in a locked container. Adults can also grow six mature plants at a time and make edibles and extracts. 

New Mexico weed laws set monetary fines and jail timefor people carrying or growing more than the allowed amount.

The marijuana laws in New Mexico limit how much weed you can buy. The rules differ for medical and recreational users:

  • Personal use tokers may purchase two ounces of flower, 16 grams of concentrate, or 800 milligrams of THC in edibles.
  • Medical use tokers may purchase eight ounces of flower every three months.

In both cases, you can have as much weed as you want at home if it’s out of public view. The figures above only apply to purchasing and transporting your cannabis.

You can safely buy hemp oil in New Mexico. Hemp-derived products contain under 0.3% THC, so they’re legal at the federal level. Some states might recruit them, but NM doesn’t.

Hemp oil doesn’t count as medical or recreational marijuana in New Mexico. It’s not subject to purchase or possession limits and is available in various health stores and online shops.

Edibles are legal under the New Mexico marijuana law. Since cannabis-infused foodstuffs may vary in potency, the state restricts the amount of active substance in the products. You can get 800 milligrams of THC per transaction.

NM dispensaries sell brownies, cookies, gummies, and chocolates for people who prefer smoke-free ways to enjoy pot. You can also buy cannabis oil and make edibles in your kitchen.

You can legally buy weed from retail and medical marijuana dispensaries in New Mexico. They’re available to local and out-of-state adults and qualifying patients.

Dispensaries stock dried buds, oils, tinctures, vape cartridges, edibles, topicals, and pre-rolls. Most operate on a hybrid model, supplying patients and recreational users. Your status only determines how much you can buy.

What if you wanted to get weed without leaving your home? Stick to ordering from NM dispensaries while marijuana is federally illegal. You can freely buy cannabis seeds online, though: they’re licit while ungerminated.

Licensed dispensaries abide by New Mexico marijuana laws on product safety. Buds, concentrates, and edibles must have clear labels indicating chemical composition and potency. Third-party labs also check the weed for contaminants to protect the shoppers.

Can you grow your own according to New Mexico cannabis laws?

New Mexico’s marijuana legalization bill included a clause on home growing. Residents may cultivate cannabis for personal use. There are no special permits for weed gardening.

The limits are different for recreational and medical cultivators. Adult-use growers are allowed to raise six mature and six immature cannabis plants. Patients get to keep 16 plants, four of which can simultaneously flower.

A perpetual harvest schedule would let you make the most of this law. Germinate seeds when your six plants bloom, and place new seedlings in a separate room. Flip them to flowering once you harvest the previous batch and repeat for a continual bud supply.

New Mexico cannabis laws don’t limit where you raise your plants as long as the space is away from public view. Grow rooms with street views should have blinds on the windows to avoid drawing attention.

If you have a garden, you might take advantage of your climate and sow your cannabis seeds in New Mexico outdoors. Indica cultivars thrive in NM’s hot and dry conditions, remaining compact enough to stay under wraps.

Smoking pot is legal in New Mexico in private properties and designated public smoke spots.

Some NM cities have cannabis consumption areas, letting people light up outside their homes. They first emerged to cater to medical users in 2019, and several recreational “smoke lounges” have popped up after 2021.

Consuming weed in public transportation, school campuses, squares, public parks, rec centers, and workplaces is punishable by law. Drivers and passengers can’t blaze in cars, even parked. No-smoke zones apply to marijuana and tobacco alike.

Landlords, hotels, and Airbnbs may prohibit smoking, but they can’t disallow getting high. If you face such restrictions, opt for edibles, oils, or tinctures.

Key takeaways about New Mexico weed laws

New Mexico’s weed legalization is among the best-executed shifts we’ve seen. The medical program is robust, and the recreational rules allow safe yet unfettered consumption. The state’s 2021 law is a blueprint we’d like to see copied across the US.

Not all American areas are as progressive as NM, and it’s hard to follow the ever-changing marijuana laws. We keep track of states where weed is legal, so check the blog to follow the green revolution.

Why not take advantage of your liberties and grow medical or recreational weed in New Mexico? Visit our shop to buy the best cannabis seeds and set yourself up for cultivation success.

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